VU to Host 2016 Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference June 2-5, 2016

This Year’s Conference to Examine Timely Issues of Policing, Violence, and Racism

We are proud to announce that the Cultural Studies Association’s annual conference will take place at Villanova June 2-5, 2016.  This international conference is expected to bring 300 national and international scholars, activists, and artists to campus.  Villanova faculty and students are welcome to attend and participate. Keynote plenary speakers will include Bernadine Evaristo, the award-winning British writer.  The theme of this year’s conference, Policing Crises Now, provides a unique opportunity to engage in a comprehensive, critical conversation on the timely issues of policing, violence, and racism in the US and beyond.  Many other cultural topics will be analyzed in terms of the most recent theoretical and activist approaches.

For more information about the conference, please go to the conference website below. The CSA Conference at Villanova is sponsored by the Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies, the Cultural Studies Program, and the Africana Studies Program.


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Welcome from the Director

Dr. Karyn Hollis

"[This new program] will give our students an edge to compete in an increasingly tight market for graduate programs and other forms of intellectual engagement or employment."

Karyn Hollis, Ph.D
Director - Cultural Studies Program


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What is Cultural Studies

Stuart Hall

“What [do] cultural changes amount to? [Are] there new emergent cultural forces and tendencies? Above all, how [are] these historical processes to be qualitatively undestood and assessed?

Cultural Studies [is] a set of disciplines addressing relevant issues about contemporary society.”

Stuart Hall, cultural theorist, 
founding figure of British Cultural Studies.