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Bolivia Lecture April 14, 2015 at 6:00 PM SAC 300.

Dr. Abel Lanza Antequera, Prof. of Economics, U. El Alto, Bolivia and Treasurer, Municipal Government, El Alto, Bolivia.

Dr. Josefa Salmón, Rev. Guy Lemieux Distinguished Professor of Latin American Studies. Loyola University, New Orleans, LA.

Linda Farthing, co‐author with Prof. Ben Kohl of Evo’s Bolivia. Continuity and Change. (University of Texas Press, 2014) in addition to other books.


Welcome from the Director

Silvia Nagy Zekmi

"[These new programs] will give our students an edge to compete in an increasingly tight market for graduate programs and other forms of intellectual engagements or employment."

Silvia Nagy-Zekmi
Director - Cultural Studies Department


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What is Cultural Studies

Stuart Hall

“What [do] cultural changes amount to? [Are] there new emergent cultural forces and tendencies? Above all, how [are] these historical processes to be qualitatively undestood and assessed?

Cultural Studies [is] a set of disciplines addressing relevant issues about contemporary society.”

Stuart Hall, cultural theorist, 
founding figure of British Cultural Studies.