Graduate Programs in Computing Sciences

Graduate Programs

Villanova's graduate programs in Computing Science are integrally involved with the larger Department of Computing Sciences. Students can choose either between graduate certificates or a MS degree programs in Software Engineering or Computer Science.

The majority of our students have a wide range of backgrounds and work in the high-tech field near Villanova, an area some have named "the 2nd Silicone Valley.".  Approximately 20% of our students choose to attend full-time.

More information about our department can be found on our website, which was initially created before the University had a comprehensive website and it is maintained by our students.

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MS in Computer Science

This graduate program lprovides expertise in applied and basic computing through its course offerings in computer systems, theory, languages, and algorithms. It is designed to prepare students for a career as a computing professional, although some students go on to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

MSCS Program Requirements

MS in Software Engineering

This degree program provides the practical knowledge and experience needed to specify, design, develop, and maintain today's software systems. The program prepares students for either a career in software engineering or for advanced study in the field.

MSSE Program Requirements

BS/MS Integrated Programs

While pursuing their undergraduate work at Villanova, qualified students can enroll in the BS/MS Integrated programs, which allows a Computer Science major to earn a Master of Science (MS) degree in either Computer Science or in Software Engineering with only one additional year of study.

BS/MS Integrated programs

BIS/MS Integrated Program

Part time students who are working on a BIS (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies) in Information Systems can extend their studies to earn a Masters in Software Engineering.

BIS with a MS in Software Engineering




Department Web Site

Because web site technology and design is an important part of our discipline, the Department of Computing Sciences has created and separately maintains its own web site to 1)  provide a unique public face for the Department,  2) more in-depth information on academic, research and service projects and 3)  to be a valuable source for student study, experience, and projects.