Policies & Procedures

For more policies, please refer to the College's formal policies for undergraduates and graduates. You may also view necessary forms that are available.


Prior to the next semester's registration you should make an appointment with your advisor, Dr. Styer, to discuss your course selection. During that meeting you will recieve your Registration PIN. You will then be able to go into Novasis to register for courses.

Contact Administrative Assistant, Jaime Haughton, or Dr. Robert Styer to set up an appointment.

More information about course registration can be found at the Registrar's Website.

Pass/Fail Option

Sophomores, juniors and seniors may take one elective course a semester on a pass/fail basis. The pass/fail option may not be used for courses that fulfill core, major or minor requirements. (See Enchiridion )


Changes may be made in your schedule only during the Drop/Add period which takes place during the first week of classes. Please meet with your advisor to discuss any change you wish to make. Fill out a Drop/Add form, have your advisor sign it and proceed to the Drop/Add area. (See Enchiridion )

Withdrawal From A Course

After the drop/add period students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty during the first 9 calendar weeks of the semester. A grade of WX will be issued. After this period, students may request an authorized withdrawal from any course up to and including the last day of the semester by providing to the Dean a written statement of justifiable cause as well as the written recommendation of the instructor and the student's chairperson. Withdrawal from the course is contingent upon the Dean's approval. A justifiable cause is an illness or some reason which is extrinsic to the nature or difficulty of a course. (See Enchiridion )

science collage

Summer Research

The various science departments maintain a notebook of announcements for summer research opportunities for science and SCI majors. The National Science Foundation, NASA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Louisiana State University, University of Tennessee, Oregon State University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology are just a few of the institutions who sponsor these programs.

These summer research programs offer outstanding opportunities for SCI majors to pursue their interest in science, begin to develop their skills in research, make contacts in the professional world and possibly open doors to future career prospects.