Counseling & Study Skills Center

Personal/Psychological Counseling

The Counseling Center helps students deal with a variety of personal concerns and decisions in a private and confidential setting. Unlike some high schools there is no mandatory counseling session. The decision to seek counseling is completely up to you.

Some of the concerns that draw students to the Center can be confusions, anxiety, depression, or loneliness adjusting to living away from home, romantic concerns — commitment, jealousy, etc. family concerns — including parental divorce, self-destructive use of alcohol or drugs, eating disorders. Counseling is provided on a voluntary basis.

All contacts are completely confidential and are not recorded on the student's university records. Information is not released to anyone without the student's permission.

Study Skills Center

Located within the Counseling Center, 106 Corr Hall, this service is staffed by a study skills counselor who can help you make the adjustment to the academic demands of college, improve your study skills and help develop a better approach to time management and self-motivation.

science collage

Summer Research

The various science departments maintain a notebook of announcements for summer research opportunities for science and SCI majors. The National Science Foundation, NASA, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Louisiana State University, University of Tennessee, Oregon State University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology are just a few of the institutions who sponsor these programs.

These summer research programs offer outstanding opportunities for SCI majors to pursue their interest in science, begin to develop their skills in research, make contacts in the professional world and possibly open doors to future career prospects.