Honors & Awards


There are a number of honors given by the University to students who excel academically. The two main classifications are college honors (i.e. Dean's List) and graduation honors.

Dean's List
Full-time students who complete the fall and spring semesters of the academic year with at least a 3.5 cumulative quality-point average in each semester with no non-passing or missing grades on the semester report will be honored by placing their names on the Dean's List. (See the Enchiridion).

Graduation Honors
At graduation students receive honors of three kinds - summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude - after being approved for such honors by the faculty and administration of the University. To be eligible for these honors, students must attain a minimum cumulative quality-point average of 3.90, 3.75, 3.50 respectively, and at least sixty credits of course work must have been taken here at Villanova University. (See the Enchiridion)

Medallion Award

James J. Markham Medallion - An honor usually awarded to one senior BSC major who has achieved academic excellence. Recent winners include:

  • Ashley Appel, 2012
  • Stephen Vitabile, 2011
  • Christopher Devlin, 2010
  • Leann M. Kania, 2009
  • Cassandra L. Jones, 2008
  • Griffin Boll, 2007
  • Jessica McGrattan, 2006
  • Oleg Vishnevsky, 2005
  • Lauren E. Geaney, 2004
  • Michelle M. Maresca, 2003
  • Michael W. Gluhanick, 2002
  • Benita M. Rice, 2001
  • Michael Lehner, 2000
  • Jigisha R. Patel, 1999
  • Kevin J. Klesh, 1998
  • Jennifer A. Majors, 1997
  • Mary C. Alexander, 1996
  • Daniel M. Griffith, 1995
  • John D. Giardino, 1994
  • Reagan McLoughlin, 1993

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