Thinking Towards the Future

Now that you have entered the Comprehensive Science Program, you should begin to think about your career after leaving Villanova. Whether you are planning to go on to graduate school or enter the job market, it is never too early to start preparing for this transition. Not only does this preparation include getting good grades, but also distinguishing yourself in some way to the professors who will be writing letters of recommendation for you.

Get to know the faculty; it is very difficult for professors to write a detailed, supportive letter of recommendation when all they know is your name and final grade. The faculty within the sciences are friendly and accessible people who want to help you make the most of your college career. Become an active student — seek help when you need it, ask questions when you have them, get to know your advisor.

You should feel free to approach any faculty member in the Sciences and especially members of the BSC Advisory Committee whenever you have questions, or please give your ideas to the program secretary, Jaime Haughton.


Why do Comprehensive Science majors get jobs?

Employers want to hire the smartest students

As a BSC major, you take the most rigorous versions of physics, chemistry, computing, calculus, statistics, biology; in your job interview you list all these and they will declare that you must be smart! 

Employers want to hire the most flexible employees, who can interact effectively with anyone else in the company: 

As a BSC major, you have taken the same physics and chemistry and calculus as the engineers, so you can relate to them.  You know the same basics of programming and data structures as the IT people, so you can interact effectively with them.  You took the same calculus and statistics as the Quants so you can communicate with them.  You can communicate with a diverse team, precisely the skills needed by a project manager. 

Employers want to hire students who have outstanding social skills and a good work ethic:

You are a Villanovan!  You have great social skills and you have helped with numerous charities and community outreaches.  You have learned ethics both in the classroom and through your social activities. 


Here are some things you can do with a major in Comprehensive Science:

Accounting Manager
Adjunct Professor
Application Consultant
Associate Attorney
Associate Professor
Associate Scientist
Bank Coordinator
Business Analyst
Cardiac Safety Specialist
Case Manager
Cell Culturist
Chemistry Teacher
Clinical Research Associate
Clinical Trial Manager
Commodities Trader
Computer Scientist
Dental School
Dental Technician
Emergency Medicine Physician
ENT/Facial Plastic Surgeon
Executive Chef
Family Physician
Fellow/Grad Student
Forensic Pathology Assistant
Graduate Student
Grants Administrator
Health Policy Analyst
High School Spanish Teacher

Immunology Research
Implementation Manager
IT Manager
Kindergarten Teacher
Landscape Architect
Legislative Aide
Lieutenant, US Navy
Manager, Accounts/Finance
Marketing Manager
Mathematics Teacher
Maxillofacial Prosthodontist
Medical Student
Nurse Practitioner Student
Operations Research Analyst
Optometry Student
Orthopedic Surgeon
Pediatrician-Cardiology Fellow
PhD Student Biomedical Engineer
Pharmaceutical Sales
Pharmacy Manager
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant
Physician, Internal Medicine

Postdoctoral Fellow
Power Dispatcher
Project Coordinator/Team Leader
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Prosthetics & Orthotics
Relationship Manager
Research Scientist
Research Virologist
Research Assistant
Sales Representative
Senior Consultant
Software Designer/Business Owner
Special Assistant
Sponsor Services
Sr. Environmental Scientist
Sr. Physical Therapist
Student Naval Aviator
Supply Chain Logistics
Vice President

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