Why Study Communication at Villanova?

Our Department does not aim to simply “train” students, as if Communication is a technical degree. We integrate the theory and practice of Communication, so that courses that teach skills build upon communication concepts, insights, and research techniques. In other words, we strive to provide students with an education in Communication, grounded in the Liberal Arts & Sciences, not a narrow, technical training. The study of communication in the liberal arts tradition focuses on the understanding and use of symbols that create meaning in multiple communicative contexts. The discipline is grounded in ancient rhetorical traditions and is influenced by contemporary intellectual, artistic and technological developments.

Our mission, then, is to produce well-rounded communicators who are capable of speaking and listening well, thinking critically, and writing clearly.

  • The Liberal Arts Focuswe ground the study of Communication in the humanities and social sciences. We feel this makes our graduates not just good professionals, but intelligent and articulate critical thinkers—who also have a strong conceptual and practical background in the field of Communication.
  • The Facultywe have a collection of some of the brightest, most motivated professors around. We bring our best to the classroom—whether it is professional experience, artistic vision, or cutting-edge scholarship. Plus, since our largest course is 35, we’ll get to know you personally. You won’t be a number in a crowd in our program!
  • The Curriculumour undergraduate curriculum prepares you for your specialized Communication courses with a strong background in theory and research—the abilities and insight which enrich and enhance your studies of particular Communication topics, and separate you from graduates of other programs! From this strong foundation, our 8 specializations allow you to really develop strong background in one or more areas of our field.
  • International Experienceour Department features a diverse, multicultural faculty, with a great deal of international experience (personally and professionally). This is reflected in our curriculum, and in the international opportunities available for our students. Not only does our Department run a 5-week summer study abroad program in Greece, but we also send the largest number of students abroad at Villanova. There are great opportunities for COM students across the world, from London and Galway to Beijing and Sydney! In this way, we prepare you for working and living in a global, multicultural society.
  • Internshipswe encourage (and, in some specializations, expect) students to gain professional experience through for-credit internships. Not only do our students have internship opportunities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, including a unique fully-endowed internship in journalism at Philly.com, but we also connect students to internship experiences across the globe. Students can complete COM internships in London, Sydney, and Auckland…or, through our Department, at the Vatican in Rome (we’re the only university in the world to offer this)! We also have an active and growing alumni network, which helps our current students find internships and, later, jobs!
  • Technologyand if you’re into journalism, media studies, or media production, we have assembled strong digital recording/editing equipment and facilities, and more are on the way. We also have an innovative multimedia portal, called the Zone, which features original work by our students, contributions from our faculty, and space for virtual communal interaction. Plus, Villanova ranks number one of the 25 top “Most Connected” campuses in the nation!
  • Alumni Connections...our graduates have such fond memories of (and such a good background from) our program that they keep in close contact with us. We've started a series of Villanova Communication Alumni Networks to help us stay in touch--and to create networking opportunities for current students and alums. We've already set up chapters in Philly, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., and (coming soon!) Chicago. If you major in COM @ VU, you'll quickly find that you're not alone—and that it's easier than ever to keep in touch with your fellow VU COM graduates!

Amazing Opportunities!

In short, we believe we’ve got some amazing opportunities here for students interested in Communication. Our students and alums seem to agree—we’re the largest major in the College of Arts & Sciences, and have been recognized by the National Communication Association for the quality and size of our program …so why don’t you join us?