Requirements for Induction

Each Fall semester, the faculty advisor for the Alpha Rho chapter sends out an email to all Communication students, announcing a “callout” meeting for the honor society. If you want to be inducted into the society, first attend the callout meeting, so that you can be added to the list for potential inductees. Next, simply ensure that you meet all of the requirements for induction—which is typically held in March or April of each Spring semester.

Since Lambda Pi Eta is an honor society, students who are eligible for induction must meet the following high standards of excellence, set by the NCA parent organization:

  • Completion of at least 60 collegiate semester hours by the end of the fall semester of the induction year (generally five semesters);
  • Completion of at least 12 hours of communication study by the end of the fall semester of the induction year (generally four courses);
  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0;
  • Communication major grade point average of at least a 3.25;
  • Current enrollment as a student in good standing;
  • Displaying commitment to the field of communication through service to the Communication Department at Villanova University.

The final requirement, service to the discipline and Department, can take a variety of forms— and so opportunities frequently change from year to year and are announced via the group’s listserv. However, here are some of the service opportunities typically available to earn service credits, and thereby satisfy induction requirements:

  • Write articles for VCAN Connect, the Communication Alumni Newsletter;
  • Work at Lambda Pi Eta fundraisers (Fall and/or Spring);
  • Volunteer at Communication Major Information Night;
  • Help out with Communication Career Night;
  • Work at LPH’s Special Olympics Booth;
  • Promote the Cultural Film Series;
  • Volunteer with LPH’s Philanthropy;
  • Volunteer to help coordinate the initiation ceremony.

Opportunities for service are announced regularly. Watch your e-mail for updates!

Additional questions about induction? Want to be subscribed to the group’s listserv? Please contact the current Lambda Pi Eta faculty advisor, Dr. Stacey Wieland.

Lambda Pi Eta Leadership

Villanova’s Alpha Rho chapter of Lambda Pi Eta is a student-run organization, which means that our chapter relies on the strength and generosity of those students who are willing to serve in a variety of leadership capacities.

Lambda Pi Eta Leadership – 2012-2013

President - Catherine Butler

Career Development:
Executive Chair - Ali Carey

Communication Outreach:
Executive Chair - Jaqui Valent

Special Events:
Executive Chair - Tommy Zigo

VCAN Connect/Alumni Newsletter/PR:
Editor in Chief - Kelly Forst

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Amy Way

If you have questions about the honor society, or induction, please contact the faculty advisor, or any of the student leaders listed above.