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Dr. Heidi Rose


“Do this in your next job interview to sound more intelligent and project confidence”

Susan-Mackey-Kallis, PhD  


"Villanova University’s Communication Professor William Cowen, EdD to be Inducted into the Philadelphia Public Relations Association Hall of Fame"

William Cowen, EdD

Main Line News

“Villanova students’ film shows stories behind the Special Olympics”

Stephen McWilliams  


How Donald Trump Changed the Way College Students Learn About Conspiracy Theories

Derek Arnold, MA  

“Dr. Billie Murray Discusses Inauguration Day Protests”
Billie Murray, PhD

CBS Philly

“Can Trump walk back on some of divisive rhetoric spewed on the campaign trail?”

Maurice Hall, PhD

CBS Philly

“Anti-Trump protests break out while social justice academics in Philly”

Bryan Crable, PhD  

US News & World Report

Coping with Creepy Clown Scares and Other Threats

Derek Arnold, MA 

New York Times

How to Get People to Evacuate? Try Fear

Derek Arnold, MA

The Christian Science Monitor

Can Facebook campaign push users to the polls?

Thomas Ksiazek, PhD 

USA Today

Find Francis in your feed

Bryan Crable, PhD

The Christian Science Monitor

Will Twitter, Facebook bring new viewers by livestreaming debates?

Thomas Ksiazek, PhD

The New York Times

After Orlando Shooting, ‘False Flag’ and ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theories Surface

Derek Arnold, MA

Voice of America

Professor Gordon Coonfield Discusses Symbolism of Black Lives Matter

Gordon Coonfield, PhD


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Upcoming Events

Tom Ksiazek published two articles over the summer: “Commenting on the News: Explaining the Degree and Quality of User Comments on News Websites” in Journalism Studies, and “Partisan Audience Polarization: Beyond Selective Exposure” in Atlantic Journal of Communication. He was also quoted in Weston Williams’ September 21, 2016 Christian Science Monitor piece entitled, “Will Twitter, Facebook Bring New Viewers by Livestreaming Debates?” (September 21, 2016). To read the piece, click here.

Billie Murray published two articles since our last newsletter: “Words that Wound, Bodies that Shield: Corporeal Responses to Westboro Baptist Church’s Hate speech” was published in First Amendment Studies, while “The Sphere, the Screen, and the Square: ‘Locating’ Occupy in the Public Sphere” has been published inCommunication Theory.

Amy Way has two new articles in press. The first, to be published in Management Learning, is co-authored by department alumni (Sam Marinelli, Kasia Jaforski, Ashley Diment, Kaitlyn Buterbaugh, and Vincent Ventura).  The paper, entitled “Professionalism as Proxy for Business Education: Considering Arts & Science Majors Pursuing Business Minors,” grew out of the co-authors’ spring 2015 Capstone project. The second piece, co-authored by Shawna Malvini Redden (Sacramento State), is titled “‘Adults Don’t Understand’: Exploring how Teens use Dialectical Frameworks to Navigate Webs of Tensions in Online Life” and will appear in Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Susan Mackey-Kallis appeared on CBS Channel 3 on Monday, September 26, 2016, speaking in an interview with Greg Argos about the dynamics of nonverbal communication and its impact on the first Presidential Debate of the season. You can watch the clip here!

Dr. Bryan Crable has published an essay entitled, “Invisible Man in the Age of Obama: Ellison on (Color)blindness, Visibility, and the Hopes for a ‘Post-racial’ America” in The New Territory: Ralph Ellison and the Twenty-First Century. The book, published by the University Press of Mississippi (2016), was edited by Marc Conner & Lucas Morel. In addition, a previously published book chapter: “Camus, Sartre, and the Rhetorical Nature of Myth” from Creating Albert Camus: Foundations and Explorations of his Philosophy of Communication (ed. Brent C. Sleasman), was positively reviewed in H-France Review Vol. 16 (August 2016), No. 170.

On Friday Dec. 4 students and faculty gathered to celebrate the end of the semester with a range of performances highlighting the power of storytelling and culture. Students performed pieces from undergraduate and graduate performance studies classes, and faculty shared personal narratives as well as performance of poetry. 

Naette Lee

We are thrilled to announce that second-year MA student Naette Lee has been admitted to the doctoral program in the Department of Communication at University of Maryland and, in addition to a graduate assistantship, has been awarded a Flagship Fellowship from the Maryland Graduate School, the most distinguished honor bestowed upon an incoming student. Congratulations to Naette for this well-deserved recognition of excellence!

Dr. Cowen

The Public Relations Society of America has named Dr. Bill Cowen as the recipient of the DeAnn White Award for Excellence in Community Service for his longtime, exceptional, dedicated PR work in animal welfare. This is the third major individual PRSA Award Dr. Cowen has garnered, having previously won both educator and practitioner of the year.

Media Ecology Conference

Students Ashlee Douglas and Anthony Saraceno with Dr. Lance Strate (2015 Harron Chair) At the annual meeting of the Media Ecology Conference, Bologna, Italy, June 2016.

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