Study Abroad Programs

Our International Programs offers study abroad opportunities in various locations for our students who are interested in culture and travel.

Studying abroad complements our strong education in the study and practice of Communication--by helping you to acquire international skills and global understanding. Your ability to look at things from different points of view will be a valuable asset in your life beyond Villanova, whether as a global citizen, as a participant in an international post-graduate program (Peace Corps, Fulbright Scholarships, work with an international NGO), or as an employee in an increasingly interconnected world.

Summer in Greece

The basic idea is this: two of our faculty in Rhetorical Studies and/or Performance Studies lead a group of 15-20 undergraduate students, from Villanova and other universities. We travel through the country of Greece, and typically stay in cities such as Athens, Delphi, Olympia, and Tolo—and most years also include trips to the Greek islands of Crete and Santorini! Throughout the trip, we stay in three- and four-star hotels—never dorms or hostels—and travel by air conditioned motor coach (read: tour bus, probably just like Jovi’s). more!

The WFI Internships at the Vatican and U.N.

Since 2004, Villanova’s Communication Department has offered its students the opportunity to take part in an absolutely unforgettable program: our WFI Internships in Rome. This program, which includes internships at various Vatican-related offices and the United Nations, provides students with the opportunity to combine international study with an invaluable (and truly unique) internship experience. more!

Critical Reflections on Communication in Cape Coast, Ghana

This 6-week, 6-credit program gives students an opportunity to both create and study in one of the world's most culturally enriched countries in the world - Ghana. The program's students enroll in two Villanova courses for a total of 6 credits. Time will be spent in traditional lecture and discussion, before during and upon the program's return from Ghana. In addition to classroom time, students tour Accra and Cape Coast, visit the slave castles, and experience other regions of Ghana (primarily Kumasi). To enhance the immersion experience we have developed a relationship with the Heritage Academy. Heritage Academy is a private school in the village of Essiam located in the Central Region of Ghana. As part of this course, we will visit Heritage Academy and work with the teachers and students on projects most relevant to their expressed needs and desire. This experience will be a first class cultural exchange.

Summer Internship in Shanghai, China

With the globalization trend, competent communication in diversified environments has become one of the most important qualities at workplaces as well as in social lives. This 6-week, 6-credit internship program gives Communication majors and minors and honors students an opportunity to study and intern in one of the most economically important and culturally enriched city in the world—Shanghai, more!