Minor in Communication

In addition to our thriving undergraduate major, many students find that Communication makes an excellent minor field of study.

Minor for Arts & Sciences Students Only

For those students currently enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, minoring in Communication is very easy to fit in with most programs of study. Students within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences can minor in Communication by taking five (5) courses:

  • COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies 
  • At least one (1) COM 2000-level course (serves as a prerequisite for COM 3000-level courses)
  • Any three (3) other courses in Communication (one of which must be at the 3000-level, and one which could be a 3-credit internship focused on Communication)

This means that, after taking our introductory course, you are invited to take a look at all of our course offerings, all of our specializations, and design a minor that fits the specific interest that you have in the field of Communication. You might even choose to focus your minor in one of our 8 specializations, which would let you develop some depth in one area of our field.

Please note for any student studying abroad, only 1 courses may be transferred to count towards the COM minor.

If you have questions about a Communication minor, or want to learn more about our specializations, please contact us.

Minors for Students in Other Colleges

Students enrolled in the School of Business should look at our specially-designed minor for students interested in careers in business.

Students from the Schools of Engineering or Nursing should contact the Communication Department, to learn about minors that will complement their programs of study.