Major in Communication

In order to declare the COM major, you must:

  1. Have a minimum VU GPA of 2.5 or above;
  2. Have enrolled in OR completed both of the following:  COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies and COM 1100 - Public Speaking
  3. Fill out the major declaration form, which is available in the Communication Department office (Room 28, Garey Hall). Please note, if you use the form available online, we will ask you for additional information when you drop it by our office--but it will only take a couple of minutes.

    Below are the basic requirements for the COM degree at Villanova--to learn more about our Department's 8 specializations.

Basic Requirements for the COM Major

Thirty-six (36) credit hours, as follows:

  • Two (2) introductory courses:
    COM 1000 - Surv of Communication Studies
    COM 1100 - Public Speaking
  • Two (2) theory-level courses (2000-level).
    Note: these courses serve as prerequisites for our advanced topics courses--so you must take at least one of these PRIOR to taking a 3000-level course!
  • Five (5) advanced topics courses (3000-level), from at least three (3) specializations within the Department.
  • Two (2) advanced research courses.
    COM 4001 - Qualitative Research in COM
    COM 4002 - Quantitative Research in COM
    Note: one of these courses will also serve as your A&S sophomore research seminar.
  • One (1) integrative, capstone course (COM 5050 - Senior Project ; prereq: COM 4001 and COM 4002)
* Course Description Guide Spring 2016.docx
Check out the COM courses being offered for the Spring 2016 Semester in our Course Descriptions Guide.

Special Notes

COM 4001, 4002, and 5050 are restricted to Communication majors.

If you are a double major, or a transfer from another major, and have taken another department's sophomore research seminar course, this may be substituted one of the COM research requirements, with Chairperson's approval.

Communication majors who choose internships, or whose specializations require internships, will use them to fulfill their free elective requirements, NOT Communication major requirements.