Program Requirements/Application Process

Given the small size of the Summer in Greece program, we accept no more than 20 students for each year's trip. This means that application for the program is competitive, so make sure you contact the program director as early as possible to get your application together! More information is available on the Office of International Studies Website.

Important Program Dates

Early- to mid-September: program itinerary announced; application begins

September through early December: program director accepts applications, conducts preliminary interviews

DECEMBER 15: EARLY ACTION APPLICATION DEADLINE (NB: program director will continue to accept applications after this date, until all program slots are filled)

Late December: program director notifies students who are accepted into the program; other students notified of their status on the program's waitlist

January-March: accepted students pay deposits (as per Office of International Studies' schedule), and begin orientation process for the trip!

May: departure for Greece!

Application Process

Students interested in the Summer in Greece program should contact the program director in early fall, for information on the itinerary and application process. Typically, application begins in September--and requires completed OIS form and one faculty recommendation (non-VU students must also provide transcripts and a 2nd letter of recommendation). This must be provided to the program director PRIOR to the early action deadline of December 15th; after receiving the application, the program director will schedule a brief preliminary interview with each applicant. No action will be taken on any applications until December 15th; on that date, the program director will accept up to 20 students for the program. Students not accepted into the program will be placed on a waitlist, and will be informed about their status every 2-3 weeks thereafter. In the event that the program is not filled by December 15th, the program director will continue to accept applications until all slots in the program are filled.

Minimum Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

  • GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale (non-Villanova students must submit a recent official university transcript of undergraduate work);
  • University student status without disciplinary probation;
  • Communication major or minor, or major/minor in a related area (such as Honors, Classics, etc.). Students not in Communication should contact the program director to discuss how their coursework provides a comparable background and preparation for this program of study.
  • Completed Villanova International Studies application, provided directly to the Summer in Greece program director;
  • Completed preliminary interview with Summer in Greece program director (after director's receipt of the completed application);
  • Attendance at all orientation sessions (non-VU students must make arrangements with program director if unable to attend on-campus sessions).

No language proficiency required; some exposure to modern Greek will be provided during the program orientation sessions.

Summer in Greece Brochure

summer in greece image

For more information, download the brochure for the Summer in Greece program!

* GreeceBrochure.pdf
Summer in Greece Brochure