Student and Recent Graduate Views

Note: Additional insights from our students can be found under the link Career Perspectives.


James Hand


I am a part-time graduate student at Villanova, having begun my studies here in 2010 and expecting to attain my M.A. in Communication in the fall of 2013. I have worked full-time in professional television since graduating from Susquehanna University in 2000 with a B.A. in Broadcast Communications. After years of thinking about going back to school but being unsure of which direction to take, I finally realized that the perfect fit for me had been right down the road the whole time. I chose Villanova’s graduate program for its excellent reputation, its fresh and relevant curriculum, and its ideal course schedules. I have stayed with Villanova for the brilliant faculty, the friendships I’ve made, and the personal and professional growth I’ve enjoyed during my time here. I have no doubt that for the rest of my career and my life, Villanova will stay with me.





Kathryn Biehl

I am a master’s student in Communication, focusing on Public Relations & Advertising and Organization Communication & Leadership.  Graduating from Albright College with a dual major in Communication & Psychology, I started at Villanova in Fall 2011 and have loved every minute of my time here.  Working as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Communication I have been blessed to have a number of invaluable experiences related to my interests in the Communication field.  I have helped to plan successful events for Villanova in New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C.  I have also worked with the Alumni Association to coordinate events, public relations efforts, and help organize Reunion Weekend.  My experiences at Villanova also prepared me for a number of internships in the Philadelphia Community, including working as an intern at Gregory FCA Communication, Philadelphia’s largest PR Agency, and as an SEO intern at QVC (which resulted in a full-time position after graduation).  As a second year graduate student, I served as the President of CGSC (the Communication Graduate Student Council) and was able to work along with my peers to strengthen our program both academically and socially. The amount of personal and professional growth I have experience over the last two years is truly remarkable and  I would like to thank Villanova University for helping me become the professional and scholar I am today.


Shonna Kydd


I am a first year graduate student pursuing a Master’s of Arts degree in Communication.  I grew up in Jenkintown, PA and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Psychology.  I have always been fascinated by media production, and the elements that go into creating a broadcast, including research, writing, directing, and editing. I aspire to one day work in television production for major broadcasting network. My academic interests include race, identity, and representation, and children and television studies. Prior to beginning the graduate program at Villanova, I worked as a Research Coordinator managing media research projects at the Annenberg School for Communication and Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania. During my six years at Penn I managed a number of projects, including the research activities for a city-wide media campaign initiative to reduce obesity in Philadelphia (Get Healthy Philly), and the Annenberg Sex and Media Study. In addition to my background in research, I have years of experience in television and radio broadcasting, having worked at NBC-10 Philadelphia, and ClearChannel Communications (WUSL/WDAS FM). My passion for media and the desire to develop my critical thinking and writing skills has led me to further my education here at Villanova. From my very first encounter with Villanova faculty, I knew that I was entering a program full of warmth, support, and encouragement. I was also recently offered a Graduate Assistantship for Research, Diversity Programming, and Communication to begin in the Fall working with Dr. Brighid Dwyer. I am delighted to have this amazing opportunity to learn from some of the most distinguished scholars in the field of communication, and I look forward to an enriching academic experience while here at Villanova.