Why Villanova?

  • For more than a decade, Villanova University has been ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report in the Best Universities – Master’s category in the northern region.
  • Our program is concerned first and foremost with the languages of the Greco-Roman world, and thought, as expressed in literature (and art), from Homer in 800 BC to St. Augustine in 400 AD.

    We make it a point to provide courses relevant to students’ concerns in teaching, stressing the technical side of the Latin language and examining authors, like Catullus, Horace, Vergil, Ovid, and Cicero, that figure in the Advanced Placement Syllabus.

    In doing so we deal with a full range of literary genres: epic, tragedy, comedy, lyric, satire, elegy, epigram, oratory, rhetorical theory, history, philosophical dialogue (or treatise), didactic poetry and prose, bucolic poetry, epistolography, funerary (and other) inscriptions.
  • Special tuition rates are available for secondary school teachers in all liberal arts and sciences courses.
  • Villanova’s campus is located in suburban Philadelphia and is easily accessible by car or public transportation.
  • The Classics program represents the ultimate in multidisciplinary study. When you complete Villanova University’s Master’s Program in Classical Studies you will have built a foundation for the future.