Classical Studies Program

The Classical Studies Program at Villanova explores the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, from the beginnings of Greek civilization to the fall of the Roman empire in all their richness, diversity and relevance. Our program is interdisciplinary, embracing the study of classical languages, literature, history, art and archaeology, philosophy and religion.

Our Undergraduate Program consists of a major and minor in Classical Studies in a variety of concentrations (Latin, Classical Languages, and Classical Civilization). Undergraduates who are not Classical Studies majors may also fulfill their core language requirement with Latin or ancient Greek, and a number of classical civilization courses may satisfy other core requirements (see Undergraduate Program page for more information on these courses).

Our Graduate Program offers an M.A. in Classical Studies (with tracks in Latin or Greek and Latin), as well as the opportunity to obtain a combination Five-Year B.A./M.A. in Classical Studies.

News & Events

Seven graduate students in Classical Studies just passed their MA Comprehensive Examinations. Congratulations to them all!

Dr. Valentina DeNardis will speak at the Popular Culture Association annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, April 20-23, on “Stereotyping Sword and Sandal: Male and Female Roles in the MST3K Hercules Films.”

The Honors Pompeii & Herculaneum class took a trip on March 11th to New York City to view the Pompeii exhibit at the Discovery Exhibit Center in Times Square.

Villanova Classics Society students visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art on February 6th to view classically themed works of art. For more information on the Villanova Classics Society and its events, please contact Dr. DeNardis.

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Io Saturnalia! Come join the Villanova Classics Society in its celebration of Saturnalia, the Roman holiday in honor of the god Saturn! There will be food, ancient music, and Roman games. Event is Thursday, December 8th, 5:30-6:30 in Bartley 23A.

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The Benefits of Studying the Classics

Apart from the intrinsic value of studying the classical world, the benefits of pursuing this field are many. To read about these benefits and learn more about the paths the study of the Classics can lead to, please click here.

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