Sample Curriculum

We recommend the Biochemistry option of the Chemistry degree for students considering a career in the allied health fields. Biochemistry is a required first year course in all allied health disciplines, and having a strong background in Biochemistry will ease the transition into the rigors of medical or dental school.

The following tables outline the required courses for a BS with Biochemistry Option. Requirements are very similar to the BS degree, but the programs differ in the number of biochemistry and biology courses taken during the junior and senior years.

Freshmen Year

First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
CHM 1301 - Inorganic Chemistry Lab I 2 CHM 1502 - Quant Anal Lab 2
CHM 1311 - Inorganic Chemistry I 3 CHM 1512 - Quantitative Analysis 3
MAT 1500 - Calculus I 4 MAT 1505 - Calculus II 4
Foreign Language (intermediate) 3 Foreign Language (intermediate) 3
ACS 1000 - Ancients Humanities Seminar 3 ACS 1001 - Moderns Humanities Seminar 3
A&S Core Requirement (optional) (3) A&S Core Requirement 3
Total Credits 15 (18) Total Credits 18

Sophomore Year

First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
CHM 3201 - Organic Chemistry Lab I 2 CHM 3202 - Organic Chemistry Lab II 2
CHM 3211 - Organic Chemistry I 3 CHM 3212 - Organic Chemistry II 3
CHM 3501 - Instrumental Analysis Lab 2 PHY 2412 - Univ Physics: Elec & Mag 3
CHM 3511 - Instrumental Analysis 3 PHY 2413 - Lab: Elec & Magnetism 1
PHY 2410 - University Phy:Mechanics 3 A&S Core Requirements 6
PHY 2411 - Lab: Mechanics 1    
A&S Core Requirements 3    
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 15

Junior Year

First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
CHM 3301 - Inorganic Chem Lab II 2 CHM 1000 - Profesl Development Sem 1
CHM 3311 - Inorganic Chem II 3
CHM 3404 - Phy Chem Lab for Majors II 2
CHM 3411 - Physical Chemistry I 3 CHM 3412 - Physical Chemistry II 3
CHM 3403 - Physical Chem Lab for Majors 2
CHM 4621 - Biochemistry I
A&S Core Requirements 3 A&S Core Requirements 6
BIO 2105 - General Biology I 4 BIO 2106 - General Biology II 4
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 19 19

Senior Year

First Semester Credits Second Semester Credits
CHM 1000 - Profesl Development Sem 1 Elective Chemistry Lab Course * 3-5
CHM 4603 - Biochem Tech. and Pract. 2 A&S Core Requirements 9
CHM 4622 - Biochemistry II: Metabolism 3 Elective
Molecular Based Biology 3    
A&S Core Requirements 9    
Total Credits 18 18 Total Credits 15-17

* In order to fulfill the requirements for an ACS certified degree, enough laboratory work must be performed to bring the total amount of time in the laboratory for the four years to 500 hours. Therefore in addition to the biochemistry methods lab (2 credits, 6 hours per week) it is necessary to take an additional chemistry laboratory course or a semester of undergraduate research.

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