Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Biochemistry Option

Chemistry towards Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science

Chemistry provides a rigorous training in preparation for graduate study in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science. Each year, about 20% of our Chemistry graduates pursue postgraduate training in one of the above areas. The following prerequisites are required for admission to medical, dental, or veterinary school:

  • A Bachelor's degree in any area of specialization
  • One year of general biology
  • Two years of chemistry (general and organic chemistry)
  • One year of physics
  • One year of calculus

A common misconception is that you must have a BS degree in biology to be considered for medical school admission. Students from all disciplines continue on to study in the allied health sciences.

We recommend the Biochemistry option of the Chemistry degree for students considering a career in the allied health fields. Biochemistry is a required first year course in all allied health disciplines, and having a strong background in Biochemistry will ease the transition into the rigors of medical or dental school.

Villanova Chemistry at a Glance:

Degrees Offered: B.S., M.S.
Full Time Faculty: 25
Undergraduate Majors: 85
Graduate Students: 25
Equipment: an array of modern instrumentation for conducting research and instructional facilities
Building: Mendel Science Center houses research and instructional facilities for 6 scientific departments, including 17 chemistry research labs

Directions to Mendel Science Center

Software and Databases

ChemWatch is an MSDS database.
access ChemWatch (from campus)

access ChemWatch advanced functions page (login required)

Contact Eric Welsh for more information.

ChemTracker is a chemical inventory database.  Click here to obtain a username and password.  Your Villanova account login information is required.
Contact Dr. Kurchan for more information.

The Department of Chemistry has a site license for ChemDoodle, available for both Windows and Mac.
NOTE: You need to use your Villanova email address to start the process of obtaining the software.

Spartan P-Chem
The Department of Chemistry has a 15- concurrent user license for Spartan P-Chem. Please note this software is only available for Windows.
NOTE: You must be connected to the campus network in order to run the software.