5-Year BS/MS Program

It is possible to complete both the BS and MS degrees in Chemistry in five years through our newly approved BS/MS program in Chemistry. After completing this program, you may:

  • Gain an industrial or government chemistry position of greater responsibility and leadership in the chemical profession than would be achieved with the BS degree alone.
  • Mature further academically during your Villanova experience, improving your chances of gaining acceptance in doctoral, medical, or other degree programs.
  • Explore an extensive research experience to determine if you are really suited and interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry.


Students admitted to the BS/MS program are not formally admitted to the graduate program until the completion of the fourth year.  Courses taken during the fourth year are assigned the undergraduate tuition rate.  The Chemistry Department currently hires undergraduate students as teaching assistants in the general chemistry laboratories.  Students accepted into the BS/MS program will be given priority for these positions in both semesters of their fourth year of study.

During the Spring semester of the fourth year, students may apply for a Graduate assistantship for the fifth year.  The assistantship will include a tuition waiver for the fourth summer and the fifth year.   To be eligible for a Graduate assistantship, the student must earn at least a "B" grade in the three graduate courses taken during the fourth year, and meet all other admission requirements.


The application for the combined BS/MS program can be downloaded from this site as a PDF form.  You must complete the form and submit it to Dr. Scott Kassel in the Chemistry Department Office by March 20.  Three letters of recommendation are required; the recommendation form can also be downloaded from this site.  The graduate record examinations (GREs) are not required.  All application materials, including letters of recommendation, must be received by the deadline.  Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application no later than April 25.

* BS_MS_application.pdf
Application for the BS/MS
* BSMS_recommendation_form.pdf
Recommendation Form for the BS/MS