Research might be the single most important activity undertaken by a student.  One not only experiences hands-on involvement in the research activity, but also becomes part of the process and culture of research. The discussions with lab members and faculty advisors devising experiments and solving problems prepare students for what may come in the ‘real world.’ Learning to work creatively and independently gives one a distinct advantage when entering the workforce or applying to graduate or professional school.

Chemistry department faculty maintain active research programs involving both undergraduate and graduate researchers in both laboratory and computational aspects of chemical research.  We strongly encourage all undergraduates to participate in research and also maintain an active M.S. research program.  Our faculty conduct research in diverse areas such as nanotechnology, natural product synthesis, atmospheric chemistry, catalysis, and computational chemistry.  All students work closely alongside their faculty mentor, gaining valuable experience that extends far beyond typical classroom learning.

The list below summarizes the research areas of each faculty member and includes a link to their website where further information about their current research programs can be found.

A list of publication and presentations conducted by the Chemistry faculty and students can be found here.

Analytical Chemistry

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Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry