Graduate Program in Chemistry

The Graduate Program in Chemistry at Villanova is designed to accommodate both the working professional and the full time student. Chemists and biochemists employed in local industry can take advantage of our evening classes.

Graduate classes are taught by both full time Villanova faculty and adjuncts from local industries who are expert in their field. Working students can apply their work experience in lieu of a formal thesis.

The Masters program at Villanova also provides an excellent classroom and research experience to the full-time student who is looking for extensive research training. Students complete a thesis project under the direction of a full-time faculty member in the Chemistry Department. Students completing their thesis Masters at Villanova are very competitive for positions in the local chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Some students enter Ph.D. programs in Chemistry after completing the M.S. degree at Villanova.

For the part-time student, Villanova University is located 12 miles west of Philadelphia on the historic Main Line. By car, the University is located just off of I-476. The campus is also easily accessible by train, with stops on campus for both the R5 and R100 commuter lines from Philadelphia.

To learn more about the Graduate Program at Villanova University, check out the videos below.

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