New Core Curriculum - Class of 2015 and beyond

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Miscellaneous Requirements

Writing Requirement for Biology Majors (only!)

To fulfill the College of Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum writing requirements, all Biology Majors must complete:

At least two (2) Biology courses numbered 3000 or higher that have been designated as Writing Enriched and

Senior Seminar (BIO 5100)

Other Science Requirements

Two semesters of inorganic chemistry (CHM 1151/CHM 1152) with laboratory (CHM 1103/CHM 1104)

Two semesters of organic chemistry (CHM 2211/CHM 2212) with laboratory (CHM 2201/CHM 2202).

Two semesters of calculus (MAT 1310/MAT 1315).
Though currently not required for the Biology major, statistics is also highly recommended, and is a prerequisite for some graduate and professional programs (e.g., Physical Therapy). Confer with your advisor for additional information and course recommendations.

Two semesters of physics (PHY 1100 /PHY 1102) with laboratory ( PHY 1101/PHY 1103).