5-Year BS/MS Program

The BS/MS Program in Biology provides exceptional students with the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate bachelor's and a graduate master's degree in five years. The sample schedule includes both coursework and research experience, and is an excellent preparation for any student interested in pursuing further graduate or professional work. Students engage actively in research from early in the Program, beginning with lab rotations and culminating in an M.S. thesis research project conducted during the third, fourth, and fifth years.

Students completing the program acquire the discipline and rigor necessary for taking on an increasingly independent role in research. Extending the time available for completion of the research project, relative to the two years of a typical M.S. program, increases the likelihood of publishing a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

Students can also participate in extracurricular activities and international study programs during their undergraduate years. Discuss options with your advisor and thesis mentor.

Admission for the BS/MS Program is competitive. Applicants should have advanced placement credit in biology or college level introductory biology, and must complete some additional steps in the application process (please see admission requirements).

What We Offer

The undergraduate Major in Biology at Villanova

The undergraduate Minor in Biology

Villanova's affiliated programs in the Health Professions

Courses for the Core Curriculum in A&S and required courses for Nursing and VSB students Courses for non-biology majors

mentor research

The undergraduate program features advanced course work that provides exposure to the primary literature and research in diverse areas of faculty expertise. Qualified students are encouraged to undertake research with mentors who are teacher-scholars in a variety of biological subdisciplines.

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