All seminars take place on Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in Mendel Science Center 102 and are all are open to the public. We serve coffee, tea, and cookies in the seminar room just prior to the presentation, and we hold a wine and cheese reception after most seminars in Mendel 103 or, occasionally, in Mendel 175.

Date Presenter Topic Host
Aug 28 Dr. Michael Zimmerman Meet the 5,300 year old Iceman:  An inside view Russ Gardner
Sept 4
Dr. Justine Melo Haverford College
Survival in a Toxic World:  A Nematode's Field Guide Elaine Youngman
Sept 11

Dr. Margarita Metallinou

Villanova University

Systematics and biogeography of two gecko genera from the arid areas of North Africa and Arabia Aaron Bauer
Sept 18

Dr. Josh Shapiro

Bryn Mawr College

Little worm, big Broom: Chromosome-scale selective sweeps in C. elegans Dennis Wykoff
Sept 25

Dr. Erik Cordes

Temple University

How human impacts precede human presence: Oil spills and ocean acidification threaten deep-water coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico Mike Russell
Oct 2

Dr. Jason Kaye

Penn State University

Applying biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships to agriculture Sam Chapman
Oct 9

Dr. Sarah Dawson

Franklin & Marshall College

The problem with predators:  ecological relevance in a time of societal conflict Bob Curry
Oct  23

Dr. Karen Lipps

University of Maryland

Amphibian Population Declines: Complex Causes and Consequences for Global Amphibian Biodiversity Todd Jackman
Oct 30

Dr. Charles Scott

Thomas Jefferson University

Two-berculosis: Using enzyme kinetics to characterize antimycobacterial targets
Jim Wilson
Nov 6

Dr. Joey Pakes

Harvard University

Evolution in the dark: stories of cave crustaceans and their associated microbes Mike Russell
Nov 13

Dr. Rob Kulathinal

Temple University

Applying evolutionary and systems biology approaches:  From resolving sexual conflict in flies to understanding socio-digital innovation Todd Jackman
Nov 20

Dr. Mark Genung

Rutgers University

From genotypes to landscapes: Biodiversity and plant-pollinator interactions at multiple scales Sam Chapman
Dec 4

Dr. Aimee Eggler

Villanova University

Foor for thought: Studies on the mechanisms of activation of the cytoprotective Nrf2 pathway by phytochemicals Russ Gardner
Dec 11