All seminars take place on Thursdays from 5:15 to 6:15 PM in Mendel Science Center 102 and are all are open to the public. We serve coffee, tea, and cookies in the seminar room just prior to the presentation, and we hold a wine and cheese reception after most seminars in Mendel 103 or, occasionally, in Mendel 175.

Date Presenter Topic Host
Jan 22

Dr. Doug Blackiston

Tufts University

Exploring the brain-body interface: how animals with ectopic eyes help us understand CNS plasticity and development Russ Gardner
Jan 29

Dr. Thomas Sanger

University of Florida

Uncovering the development origins of anatomical variation from the head down to the toes Russ Gardner
Feb 5

Dr. Patrick Ferree

Claremont McKenna College

Clash of a tiny wasp and a colossal chromosome: investigating the cellular basis of genome conflict during early insect development Russ Gardner
Feb 12

Dr. Matthew Miller

Villanova University

Neotropical bird diversity and emerging diseases Bob Curry
Feb 19
Feb 26

Dr. Matthew Helmus

Vrije University, Amsterdam

Biodiversity Science in the Anthropocene Matt Miller
Mar 12

Dr. John Murray

University of Pennsylvania

Decoding animal development
Matt Youngman
Mar 19

Dr. Nicole Donofrio

University of Delaware

Coping with stress: insights into how the rice blast fungus manages reactive oxygen species Dennis Wykoff
Mar 26

Dr. Massimo Delfino

University of Torino, Italy

The fossil record of the human-turtle relationships
Aaron Bauer
Apr 9

Dr. Nicholas Crawford

University of Pennsylvania

Phylogenomics and population genetics in turtles, lizards, and humans
Todd Jackman
Apr 16

Dr. Vince Formica

Swarthmore College

Looking-glass or Jabberwocky?:  Explorations into animal social networks
Todd Jackman
Apr 23

Dr. Pablo Jenik

Franklin and Marshall College

How do plants make seeds? A genetic analysis Dennis Wykoff
Apr 30

Dr. Kay Etheridge

Gettysburg College

Art and Science Intertwined

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Aaron Bauer