All seminars take place on Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Mendel Science Center 101 and are all are open to the public. We serve coffee, tea, and cookies in the seminar room just prior to the presentation, and we hold a wine and cheese reception after most seminars in Mendel 103 or, occasionally, in Mendel 175.

Date Presenter Topic Host
Sept. 1
Sept. 8

Dr. Sujith Ravi

Temple University

Biophysical feedbacks in desertification Dr. Samatha Chapman
Sept. 15

Dr. Brian DeHaven

LaSalle University

Molecular battles:  infection and the immune response to poxviruses Dr. Jim Wilson
Sept. 22 Dr. Elizabeth Kolbert The Sixth Extinction - Time and Location TBA VILLANOVA ONE BOOK
Sept. 29

Dr. Roberto Bonasio

University of Pennsylvania

Epigenetic regulation of a behavioral switch in ants Dr. Angela DiBenedetto
Oct. 6

Dr Cagla Tukel

Temple University

Bacterial amyloids: friend or foe? Dr. Jim Wilson
Oct. 20 Dr. Adam Langley TBA Dr. John Olson
Oct. 21

Dr. Orestis Kalogirou

Aristotle U of Thessaloniki, Greece

Biomedical Applicaiton of Magnetic NanoParticles Depts. of Physics & Biology (Dr. Papaefthymiou-Davis)
Oct. 27 Integrative Organismal Candidate #1 TBA
Dr. John Olson
Nov. 3 Integrative Organismal Candidate #2 TBA Dr. John Olson
Nov. 10 Integrative Organismal Candidate #3 TBA Dr. John Olson
Nov. 17

Dr. Shawn Little

University of Pennsylvania

Producing precise patterns:  Gene expression dynamics in early embryogenesis Dr. Angela DiBenedetto
Dec. 1

Dr. Bin He   

Harvard University

Evolution of gene regulatory network in response to phosphate starvation in a commensal yeast
Dr. Dennis Wykoff
Dec. 8

Dr. Michael Autieri

Temple University  

TBA Dr. Jim Wilson