All seminars take place on Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in Mendel Science Center 102 and are all are open to the public. We serve coffee, tea, and cookies in the seminar room just prior to the presentation, and we hold a wine and cheese reception after most seminars in Mendel 103 or, occasionally, in Mendel 175.

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Jan. 19 Dr. Aaron Haines
Millersville University
Current and future wildlife conservation challenges
Jan. 26 Dr. Gerd Blobel
University of Pennsylvania
Chromosome conformation: mechanisms and therapeutic applications
Feb. 2 Dr. Greg Lang
Lehigh University
Genome Evolution in Laboratory Populations of Yeast
Feb. 9 Dr. Talbot Trotter
US Forest Service               
 Invasive Forest Insects:  Assessing Population Dynamics and Risk with Limited
Feb. 16 TBA TBA
Feb. 23 Dr. Elizabeth Watson
Drexel University
Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Tidal Wetlands in the Northeastern U.S.
Mar. 2 Dr. Eric Klein
Rutgers University
What can we learn from odd-shaped bacteria?
Mar. 16 Dr. Tim Roth
Franklin & Marshall College
Outsmarting rapid habitat loss: the role of memory and critical learning periods in navigating changing landscapes
Mar. 23 Dr. Daniel Babcock
Lehigh University
Spreading of toxic protein aggregates in the Drosophila brain
Mar. 30 Dr. Andrea Townsend
Hamilton College
Ecological traps and inbreeding depression in urban crows
Apr. 6 Dr. Michael Autieri
Temple University
Molecular mechanisms of Anti-inflammatory cytokine reduction of vascular disease
Apr. 20 Dr. Scott Bailey
Johns Hopkins University
Mechanisms of CRISPR immunity in prokaryotes
Apr. 27 Dr. Lee Dugatkin
University of Louisville
Genes, culture and behavior: Mate-choice copying in humans and nonhumans
May 4 Dr. Jennifer Krumins
Montclair State University
Microbial Biodiversity and Functioning in Contaminated Soils