All seminars take place on Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:00 PM in Mendel Science Center 102 and are all are open to the public. We serve coffee, tea, and cookies in the seminar room just prior to the presentation, and we hold a wine and cheese reception after most seminars in Mendel 103 or, occasionally, in Mendel 175.

Date Presenter Topic Host
Sept 5

Dr. Sean O'Donnell  

Drexel University

Army ants: a study of the ecology of symbiosis across an elevational gradient Bob Curry
Sept 12

Dr. Avinash Bhandoola

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Building T cells in the thymus Anil Bamezai
Sept 19 TBD
Sept 26

Dr. Rocky Tuan

University of Pittsburgh, McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Application of Adult Stem Cells and Biomimetic Scaffolds in Skeletal Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Mary Desmond
Oct 3

Dr. Matthias Schnell

Thomas Jefferson University

Viral Pathogenesis and Vaccine Development
Louise Russo
Oct 10

Dr. James Wilson

Villanova University

Salmonella Stories: Genes, Survival, and Unexpected Phenotypes Russ Gardner
Oct  24

Dr. Jonathan Allen

College of William & Mary

Developmental plasticity in variable environments: lessons from nearshore marine invertebrates Mike Russell
Oct 31
Nov 7

Dr. Janice Knepper

Villanova University

Breast Cancer in the Mouse: Using a Retrovirus to Identify Potential Oncogenes Russ Gardner
Nov 14

Dr Hazel Sive

Whitehead Institute, MIT

Development and Function of the Brain Ventricular System Mary Desmond
Nov 21

Dr. Duncan Irschick

University of Massachusetts

Of Gecko toes and sharks teeth: innovation and imperfection in evolution Aaron Bauer
Dec 5

Dr. Jody Hey

Temple University

Cycling of Natural and Anthropogenic Carbon Compounds in Oil Spills
Adam Langley
Dec 22

Dr. Janice Voltzow

University of Scranton

TBA Todd Jackman