Course Catalog

The following list shows all graduate-level Biology courses in the University Catalog, in numerical order. Not all courses in the Catalog are offered on a regular basis, because of staffing constraints. To plan course selections, students may estimate likely availability from patterns of offering over recent semesters, but for information about a specific semester, consult Villanova's online Master Schedule or contact the Biology graduate secretary.

The following courses offered at Villanova may be taken for graduate credit, and applied toward the Masters degree in Biology without specific approval from the Graduate Committee:


CHM 7693 - Advanced Biochemistry


MAT 7404 - Statistical Methods I

MAT 7405 - Statistical Methods II


PSY 8050 - Biopsychology

PSY 8100 - Stat & Experimental Des

Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 7701 - Aquatic Chem Environ EGR

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The Graduate Programs in Biology - built on the principle that science is a continuing human endeavor that encompasses research, learning and teaching - prepare students for lives of continuing inquiry.

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