Graduate Programs in Biology

The Department of Biology at Villanova University provides research training and advanced coursework in a broad range of the biological sciences. The graduate programs seek to build a diverse, intellectual community that enhances the scholarship of all members. The interactions at all levels between students, faculty, and staff enhance all aspects of inquiry in the Department, and we strongly promote the exchange of different ideas and perspectives as an essential part of scholarship.

The intellectual community requires of all its members a dedication to excellence in creative and critical thinking, in the analysis and interpretation of existing knowledge, in the execution of descriptive, experimental, and theoretical research, in teaching and in communication. Scholarship in the community is directed at improving our understanding of biological systems and processes in all their diversity, and communicating this understanding in the broadest possible ways. Thus, the programs provide intellectual experiences in a diversity of formats: laboratory and field study, seminar and independent study, and teaching. Each provides the student with advanced training to develop technical and problem solving skills that have broad application.

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The Graduate Programs in Biology - built on the principle that science is a continuing human endeavor that encompasses research, learning and teaching - prepare students for lives of continuing inquiry.

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