Bioengineering Minor

The minor in Bioengineering bridges the Colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences and Nursing to provide students with an interdisciplinary experience.  It is the most broad of the bio-related engineering minors.

Described as the blending of engineering and biology to produce new knowledge, processes, procedures, systems and products for the benefit of society, the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health have identified bioengineering as “an essential underpinning field for the 21st century.”

A detailed outline of the Bioengineering minor requirements is available here.

Contact Information

For complete details, please contact the representative from your department whose name is listed below.

Dr. Theresa Capriotti, NUR
Dr. Metin Duran, CEE
Dr. John Olson, Professor and Chair, BIO
Dr. Philip Stephens, BIO
Dr. Jared Paul, CHM
Dr. William J. Kelly, ChE
Dr. Edward Kresch, ECE
Dr. Qianhong Wu, ME
Dr. Andrea Welker, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Engineering
Dr. Joseph Orkwiszewski, Associate Dean, Baccalaureate Studies

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