Artist: Lampo Leong

February 22 (Friday, 5PM)
Art Exhibit Opening: Calligraphic Inspiration: The Art of
Lampo Leong's
Villanova University Art Gallery, Connelly Center
Exhibit of 30 art works, including abstract paintings (oil/acrylic and mixed media on canvas), and wild cursive chinese calligraphy (ink on rice paper),and video animation.
Artist: Lampo Leong, University of Missouri

Exhibit runs: February 22 -April 18, 2013

Artist/Speaker: Lampo Leong. Ph.D., Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia


February 22 (Friday, 3PM)
Artistic Talk and Calligraphy Demo: Synthesizing Artistic Traditions, East & West
Connelly Center, Cinema
Artistic/Speaker: Lampo Leong, Ph.D., Professor, University of Missouri- Columbia.