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Asian Studies

The Asian region is culturally diverse, politically and socially multifaceted and vitally important to American interests. The region’s cultures, traditions and societies are a complex mix of both ancient traditions and modern imaginings. It is the fastest growing economic region in the world, home to one economic superpower, Japan, and two potential, emergent economic and military superpowers, China and India. It is the birthplace of many of our new technologies and the locus of rapid change in labor and capital markets. It is both a bulwark of American security and a source of potential instability. Asia is increasingly influential in shaping the global economic, social and political agendas.

The Asian Studies Minor provides Villanova undergraduates with basic competence in the history, politics, philosophies, languages, and cultures of the region, while also emphasizing:

  • an interdisciplinary approach that addresses complex and connective understanding of the major issues and appreciation of the region’s diversity;
  • and acquisition of basic research skills toward a deeper understanding of a particular problem, idea, or event of the region.