Asian Studies Program

The program in Asian Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the diverse histories, political economies, cultures, religions, arts and literatures of Asia. Asia is a dynamic world region that is home to nearly half of humanity, housing some of the planet’s poorest countries as well as some of the world’s richest individuals. The peoples of Asia practice all the major world religions and the region’s traditions and cultures are a complex and transforming mix of the ancient and modern. Asia is rapidly changing, democratizing, and internationalizing in ways that present perils and possibilities for people across the globe in the twenty-first century. Respect for the differences among peoples and cultures flows naturally from engaged study of the wider world. Asian Studies offers students specialized knowledge and appreciation of a region that has had, and will undoubtedly continue exceedingly to have, a profound impact on the material and spiritual well being of human life.

Asian Studies Fall 2014 Events

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Japanese Studies Conference 
Saturday, Oct. 18th  10:00am – 5:00pm
Bartley Hall  #1010, Villanova University
"Japanese Pedagogy: Effective and Creative Approaches to Incorporating
Language and Culture into Curriculum Design for High School and College Teachers"

Guest Speaker:  Mr. Yo  Azama  (2012 Recipient of ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year Award)

GIS  Global Impact Series
Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of  Asian Studies and the 25th Anniversary of our Japanese Language & Cultural Studies

Thursday.  November 13th  4:30 – 6:30pm
Garey Hall Alumni Event Room,  Garey Hall, Villanova University

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Matthew C. Perry  (a descendant of Commodore Matthew Perry)
Japan Connections with "Commodore Matthew Perry: Then and Now"

Annual Cherry Blossom Festival
Sunday. April 12th,  2015
The Fairmount Park

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Director, Asian Studies
Dr. Elizabeth Kolsky
Villanova University
History Department
Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: 610-519-4682

Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Joyce Harden
Villanova University
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Office: SAC 277

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News and Events

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