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Villanova University held an international conference, on April 1-4, 2009, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Center for Arab & Islamic Studies.

Conference Program

The conference program included the following special events:

April 1, Wednesday
6-9 pm - Caramel, a Cannes awarded film, presented by director, Nadine Labaki followed by a reception.

April 2, Thursday
4-7:00 pm. - Meet the Authors: Susan Abulhawa, Eric Sellin, Habib Tengour read their work. Moderated by Pierre Joris, followed by book signing and reception.

7:30- 9 pm. - My Name is Rachel Corrie, a stage performance  directed by Sean O'Donnell, actress: Courtney Day Nassar

April 3, Friday
5:30 - 7 pm. - Keynote address by;
Juan R. I. Cole Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan followed by

7 - 10 pm - Banquet dinner with tribute to Hafeez Malik.

April 2 and 3
12:15-2pm. - Luncheons with distinguished guests: Saad Eddin Ibrahim and James Zogby.

April 4, Saturday
4-6 pm. - Women take the Camera in the Middle East Mayada al-Hiraki, proiducer and director actress, Nadine Labaki.

April 2-4
Continuous film screenings

Topics of the Conference

  • Topics of the Conference included:
  • (Re)Focusing of Arab and Islamic Studies
  • Political conflicts / Human rights
  • Peace-building
  • Education in the Arab and Islamic World
  • Environmental issues / Globalization
  • Oil / resources / economy
  • Post/Coloniality / Post/Modernity
  • Questions of identity / Cultural pluralism
  • Women / gender and Islam
  • Authorship / literature
  • Representation / media
  • Arab arts and cinema
  • Historical Islam / contemporary Islam
  • Legal systems: religious and secular
  • Religious diversity in the Arab World