Minor in Arab and Islamic Studies

Please note: If these courses are not available other courses will be substituted with an approval from the director.


(15 credits)

AIS 4100 AIS Seminar (3 credits) and

Two courses (6 credits) from this list: • HIS 4031 Islamic Civilization to 1800 • HIS 4041 History of the Modern Middle East • PSC 4900 The Arab States • PSC 5900 Middle East International Relations • THL 5150 Introduction to Islam Any of these courses not chosen as a required course may be used as an elective.

Two electives (6 credits) The six (6) elective credits for the minor must come from the list of approved electives courses on the Arab and Islamic Studies, including Arabic language courses. Certain topics courses listed under each Department (ARB, COM, GIS, HIS, HUM, PSC, THL, etc) with content relevant to AIS may qualify as electives with permission from the director of the Arab and Islamic Studies program. The list of possible electives, including topics courses, is posted on the AIS website every semester. Students minoring in AIS are encouraged to complete their College language requirement by taking Arabic language courses.

Additional Information

Study Abroad
The Center for Arab and Islamic Studies is developing its study abroad programs in the region and is currently offering program in Jordan, Egypt, and the Gulf States. We strongly encourage study abroad for at least a semester.

AIS is committed to student and faculty learning. So the Center organizes lectures, film series, conferences, discussions, and outreach programs for the University and the Greater Philadelphia communities, in addition to hosting academic seminars by well-known scholars.

All Welcomed
These programs are open to students in all colleges. They provide a background for advanced professional studies, for personal enrichment as well as for careers in government or business related to the Arab and Islamic worlds.