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Villanova University established the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies in 1983 in recognition of the critical importance of Arab and Islamic cultures, which have had a profound impact on the arts and sciences for centuries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Today, international politics and economics are deeply affected by the dynamics in the Arab and Islamic world. Government officials, members of Congress, corporations, banks, the media and researchers stress the need for professionals who have the specialized knowledge essential for comprehending the geostrategic, socioeconomic, religious and intellectual dimensions of the region.

AIS entails an interdisciplinary approach that reflects the complexity of the Arab and Islamic world, offers a basic grounding in Arabic language, and provides a background for advanced professional studies, as well as careers in government or business in the field.

The Center's interdisciplinary program serves undergraduates who wish to emphasize Arab and Islamic studies in their education. The course of studies enables students to focus on an Arab and Islamic dimension to their understanding of international issues and world cultures. The program also prepares students for work in government or business related to the region and for advanced graduate studies.

Please contact any of the faculty in the program for more information; applications for becoming a major or minor are available in SAC 277.

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Highlighted Students


Hannah Egan has studied and interned in Jordon. She spent last fall there and will be working in Jordon this summer for a non-govermental human rights organization.

For full story click pdf below


Congratulations! to our student, Savannah Trifiro, for her article on Tunisia.

Please click link below to read the full article.

Highlighted Student Intern

Daniel Sacerio








Daniel Andres Sacerio has been working as an intern for the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies for Summer 2012.

For more information about Daniel, Click pdf below.

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Major or Minor

Major or Minor

Students are encouraged to enter the program no later than the first semester of their junior year in order to complete the requirements. A semester studying in an Arabic speaking country is strongly encouraged for all AIS students. Apply for the major in SAC 277.

Villanova University Group visit to Tunisia withTunisUSA

Villanova University from Villanova, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) is currently in Tunisia as part of a program through their Center for Arab and Islamic Studies. The program was designed and coordinated by Villanova Professor Marwan Kreidie and Lowell Gustafson, Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences in conjunction with TunisUSA's academic programming specialist. As part of this 3 credit course, students are meeting with people who have been involved with Tunisia's Revolution and the democratization process taking place. Leading the program is Hatem Bourial, one of Tunisia's noted writers and a specialist in culture, history, and the political scene


Michael Slackman; Deputy Foreign Editor, of the New York Times."The Arab Spring and the Fate of Egypt's Christians"

Brain Katulis and David Nasser "From Tolentine to Tahrir Square-- Villanovans and the Arab Awakening"

Brian Katulis, Villainova Alumni graduated in '94 majoring in History with a concentration in Arab and Islamic Studies

David Nasser, Villanova Alumni graduated in'91 majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Arab and Islamic Studies