Tool Kit for DE

* AdviceToNewIntergroupDialogueFacilitators.DOC
Advice To New Intergroup Dialogue Facilitators
* AgentsResponsestoBeingCalledonOppressiveBehavior.doc
Agents Responses to Being Called on Oppressive Behavior
* BecomeanAlly.doc
Become an Ally
* CycleofLiberation.doc
Cycle of Liberation
* CycleofSocialization.doc
Cycle of Socialization
* DebateVsDialogueYankelovich.doc
Dialogue vs. Debate & Discussion
* DialogueExperienceFacilitationFormat.doc
Dialogue Experience Facilitation Format
* DialogueVSDebateDiscussion.doc
Comparison of Dialogue and Debate
* EducationalBenefitsofDialogue.ppt
Educational Benefits of Dialogue
* FacilitationTips.doc
Facilitation Tips
* GeneralConceptsAboutRaceII.doc
General Concepts About Race II
* GeneralConceptsAboutRacism.doc
General Concepts About Racism
* HandoutforLevelsandTypesofOppression.doc
Handout for Levels and Types of Oppression
* IntergroupDialogueModel.doc
Intergroup Dialogue Model
* IntragroupDialogue_agent_Model.doc
Intragroup Dialogue (agent) Model
* IntragroupDialogue_target_Model.doc
Intragroup Dialogue (target) Model
* LearningEdgeHandout.doc
Learning Edge Handout
* MakingtheReadingAssignment.doc
Making the Reading Assignment
* MulticulturalGroundrulesforDiscussion.doc
Multicultural Groundrules for Discussion
* PersonalFacilitatorAssestmentChart.doc
Facilitator Personal Assessment Chart
* ResistancetoAcknowledgingPrivilege.doc
Resistance to Acknowledging Privilege
* ResistancetoEmotionalityandTakingRisk.doc
Resistance to Emotionality and Taking Risk
* RespondtoTriggersHandout.doc
Respond to Triggers Handout
* RubrictoOralPresentation09.doc
Rubric to Oral Presentation
* TheRoleofFacilitators.doc
The Role of Facilitators
Scalaro and Clausen

Congratulations to Emilia Scalaro, first ACS winner of the Summer Research Grant.  She will be mentored by Dr. Ian Clausen.