Cultural Events Calendar

The events listed on this calendar are "ACS Approved." The list is not exhaustive, and there are other events that take place on campus that might satisfy the Cultural Event credit requirement. STUDENTS: If you are not sure if an event will count for Cultural Event credit, please consult with your professor.

Event Date Time Location Description of Event Sponsor(s)
MLK Keynote Address  1/24/17 5:30 PM Connelly Center, Villanova Room Ian Haney Lopez is one of the nation’s leading thinkers on racism’s evolution since the civil rights era. This lecture will explore the connection between the two central paradoxes of American politics today: the striking connection between race and party affiliation. Center for Peace and Justice Education
The Faces of Addiction: Crisis in America 1/26/17 5:30 PM Auditorium Driscoll Hall A pharmacist, law enforcement officer, addictions counselor and a parent will serve on a panel to discuss the current epidemic of heroin use and overdose.  College of Nursing
Tolle Lege discussion: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 1/26/17 7:45 AM Villanova Writing Center, Falvey Library We will meet for a literary discussion of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Tolle Lege Literary Club
The Freedom School 1/26/17 10:00 AM Connelly Center The Freedom School offers concurrent hour-long sessions that are hosted by various faculty members, staff, and students.  Sessions address some aspect of social justice that relates to and extends the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Center for Peace and Justice Education
Spring CPJE Film Series: Limbo  1/30/17 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema The latest film from Hezekiah Lewis’ social justice documentary class at Villanova University. It explores the overlooked plight of African immigrants.  Center for Peace and Justice Education
Philosophy Film Series 1/30/17 6:00 PM Falvey 415 The Philosophy Film Series will be screening "Ida" (Pawlikowski, 2013) for all members of the Villanova community. An open discussion of the film will follow. Philosophy
2017 Villanova University Literary Festival Event: Poet James Richardson 1/31/17 7:00 PM Radnor/St. David Room, Connelly Center Please join us for a reading and talk given by Poet James Richardson, one of the Literary Festival’s featured speakers. Richardson's newest collection, During, was awarded the Poetry Society of America’s Alice Fay Di Castagnola prize for the best manuscript in progress.  Falvey Library, Gender and Women's Studies, Africana Studies, Irish Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College and The Writing Center
Paul Ridder '00MBA, President of Tasty Baking Company Talks Mentoring: The Recipe for Creating SWEET Opportunities! 1/31/17 6:00 PM Bartley 1011 This event will be a presentation and interactive discussion with Villanova alumni and business leader Paul Ridder '00 MBA. He will share how mentors have impacted his career and our community. Tastykakes will be provided! VSB Mentor Program
"Before The Flood" Viewing 2/2/17 6:00 PM Connelly Cinema Viewing of the 2016 documentary "Before the Flood" focused on the science and current impacts of climate change around the world.  Sustainability Office
Spotlight on Leadership presents Carli Lloyd 2/2/17 5:15 PM Connelly Center-Villanova Room Ms. Lloyd will give a 45 minute talk about leadership. Ms Lloyd is the Co-captain of the Women's National Soccer team. Office of Student Involvement
Asian Expo presented by Villanova ASA 2/4/17 6:00 PM Connelly Center, Villanova Room Asian Expo is the largest multicultural event on campus, Asian Expo presented by the Villanova Asian Student Association, presents an opportunity for the Asian cultural groups on campus to show off their culture. We have performances from many Villanova groups such as Nova Nassa, and Vocal Minority. Asian Student Association 
LAGAN 2/7/17 8:00 PM Vasey Hall Ten lives act as tributaries feeding into a single river -- the Lagan, which flows through Northern Ireland. Here, specters abound, and each soul bears the weight of their nation’s violent past, producing a vivid, touching mosaic of humanity.  Theatre Department 
Lagan 2/7/17 8:00 PM Vasey Theater Written by Stacy Gregg; directed by Kathryn MacMillan. Lagan is an intimate, engrossing portrait of people who have witnessed the tumult of war and the sudden calm of peace. But can a country, or city, ever really escape its past? Vasey Theater
Integral Human Development and Sustainable Trade. 2/9/17 3:00 PM St. Davids/Radnor room Part of the 50th Anniversary of Popolorum Progressio- On The Development of People 1967. Mission and Ministry
2017 Villanova University Literary Festival Event: Novelist Brit Bennett  2/14/17 7:00 PM Falvey Memorial Library, Speakers' Corner Please join us for a reading and talk given by Novelist Brit Bennett, one of the Literary Festival’s featured speakers. Bennett is the author of the critically acclaimed debut novel The Mothers. Her work is featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review, and Jezebel.  Falvey Library, Gender and Women's Studies, Africana Studies, Irish Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College and The Writing Center
Seth Koven, Rutgers University, Lecture 2/15/17 5:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium “Queer Conscience, Straight State in World War I Britain” Gender & Women's Studies; History; English
#relationshipgoals 2/15/17 6:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium Join our panelists in talking about what makes a healthy relationship and how to recognize unhealthy and abusive relationships. Office of Health Promotion
Damned Good Music from C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters 2/15/17 7:00 PM Bartley 1001 An interactive workshop exploring the sounds and meanings of the both delightful and dark music specifically selected & produced for Anthony Lawton's theatrical performance of C. S. Lewis' *The Screwtape Letters.* Augustine & Culture Seminar Program, Office of Mission & Ministry
Who is the Naked Blogger of Cairo? 2/15/17 6:30 PM SAC 300 Kraidy’s account of the Arab Spring, features an engrossing cast of characters—self-immolators, puppets, superheroes, poets, street artists, digital videographers, satirists, and of course, the naked blogger—who confronted scorned dictators.  Cultural Studies, Arab & Islamic, Pol Science, Communication
Understanding Integral Human Development in Light of Integral Ecology 2/16/17 4:00 PM St.Davids/Radnor room Dr. Pfeil of Notre Dame is a theologian and will address the development global economies from the standpoint of a theological commitment to sustainable practices. Mission and Ministry
2017 Ward Lecture in Engineering 2/17/17 2:30 PM Villanova Room, Connelly Center Nicholas DeNichilo, PE, FASCE, NAC. Nicholas DeNichilo, president and CEO of global engineering, management and development firm Mott MacDonald will deliver a lecture titled, “Business and Professional Ethics—Managing with Integrity."   College of Engineering
C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters 2/20/17 8:00 PM Vasey Theater Performed by Anthony Lawton. Nail-biting suspense punctuated by humor, dance, music, and special effects makes this a  must-see event for readers and lovers of C.S. Lewis' classic story about the essay of Christianity: Love. ACSP, Office of Mission and Ministry, Vasey Theater
Philosophy Film Series 2/20/17 6:00 PM Falvey 415 The Philosophy Film Series will be screening "Husbands and Wives" (Allen, 1992) for all members of the Villanova community. An open discussion of the film will follow. Philosophy
Almost, Maine 2/21/17 8:00 PM St. Mary's Theater Almost, Maine is a play by John Cariani, comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine. Tales of love, loss, connections made and missed, intertwine and fall apart in this poignant dramatization of love in the contemporary world.  Villanova Student Theatre
Beyonce, Kendrick, Global Hip-Hop, Politics, and Justice 2/21/17 4:30 PM Bartley 1010 A critical examination of the social and political components of the music of Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and other artists relating to race and justice. Center for Peace and Justice Education
The Desire for Solitude: The Secret Poems of Irish Monks 2/22/17 4:30 PM St. Thomas of Villanova Church Medieval monks worked long hours in silence copying and illustrating manuscripts. But what happened when their minds began to wander? Composer Samuel Barber has se to music real marginalia from Irish monastic texts between the 8th and 13th centuries.  ACSP
"An Augustinian Proposes a Toast: A Reflection on C.S. Lewis' Sequel to The Screwtape Letters," 2/22/17 7:00 PM Bartley 1001 A talk by Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA, of the Augustinian Institute on the related, shorter work by C, S, Lewis published at the end of *The Screwtape Letters* about the state of public education. Augustine & Culture Seminar Program and The Augustinian Institute
Diversity Skit 2.0 2/22/17 6:00 PM Villanova Room Diversity Skit 2.0 is an program dedicated to providing the community with knowledge and education around social justice with the Villanova community. Association for Change & Transformation
Panel: Why I Live-Free 2/23/17 6:30 PM Conelly Cinema Students who have chosen recovery from alcohol and other drugs will share their stories, struggles and hope. Students will discuss differences in substance use versus abuse as well as discuss the process of recovery and what it means to be in recovery on a college campus. Questions welcome.  Recoveri, Live-Free, DOS
Vivian J. Lamb Lecture Series 2/23/17 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema Dr. Ilia Delio, The Connelly Chair in Christian Theology: "Catholicity, Cosmology, and Consciousness: Why Wholeness Matters."Through the lens of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin we will explore how a renewed integration of science and religion can impart a new sense of the whole. The Augustinian Institute
Mani Pedi Sketch Comedy: Philadelphia’s all gal comedy team presents “Careful Now”  2/27/17 8:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium Interactive comedy workshop exploring gender constructions and assumptions in the world of comedy, and in relation to society and humor more generally.   Gender & Women's Studies
Love the Skin You're In Fashion Show 2/27/17 7:00 PM Villanova Room Join us for the 16th annual Love the Skin You're In fashion show highlighting students of all shapes, sizes and identities celebrating positive body image and creating a healthy Villanova community. Office of Health Promotion
Spring CPJE Film Series: White Light/Black Rain  2/27/17 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema Film on experiences of survivors of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Center for Peace and Justice Education
The Drowsy Chaperone 3/14/17 8:00 PM St. Mary's Theatre With the houselights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical. The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins in his living room! Villanova Student Musical Theatre and the Office of Music Activities
St. Patrick's Day Showcase 3/15/17 7:00 PM Connelly Cinema The Irish Dance team will be putting on a show with a variety of traditional Irish dances and student choreographed dances with modern flare.  Music Activities
You're a Slave to Money, Then You Die:  Why Neoliberalism is So Insidious 3/15/17 4:30 PM Bartley 1010 Prof. Gene McCarraher will trace the history of neoliberalism from its inception in the 1940s -- with figures such as Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand -- to its stubborn predominance in the present; examine just how prevalent and insidious it is; and suggest more humane and generous alternatives. Center for Peace and Justice Education
Emerging Infectious Diseases, Global Migration and Bioterrorism: The Evolving Role of Local Health Departments in Protecting the Public in a Dynamic World 3/16/17 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium Doctor Alles, Manager at Philadelphia Department of Public Health, will discuss the role we play especially as diseases can travel across continents faster than ever creating a crises, and how the health department takes action each day to stay ahead of these threats and protect the communities. College of Nursing
Net Impact - Food Solutions Challenge 3/16/17 7:00 PM Driscoll 134 During this event, students will learn about the impact of and connections between important themes like food production, climate change and the need to feed a growing world. Then, they'll get to dream up a blueprint that will move us toward a carbon neutral food supply chain.
Net Impact
Glow Kids: What the Research Shows About Screen Effects on Children and Teens 3/16/17 7:00 PM Connelly Center Cinema Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D., LCSW-R will explain how technology has profoundly affected the brains of an entire generation, referencing brain imaging research and clinical research and exploring the sociological, psychological, cultural, and economic factors involved in the global tech epidemic. Education & Counseling
2017 Villanova University Literary Festival Event: Playwright Owen McCafferty  3/17/17 7:00 PM President's Lounge, Connelly Center Please join us for a reading and talk given by Playwright Owen McCafferty, one of the Literary Festival’s featured speakers. McCafferty’s play Quietly had its US premiere in New York in July 2016. It was first produced at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin in 2012 as part of their Great Irish Writers Season. Falvey Library, Gender and Women's Studies, Africana Studies, Irish Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College and The Writing Center
"Sharing Resentment, Rewriting Scripts: Alternative Responses to the Stanford Rape Trial." PGSU Conference Keynote Talk by Dr. Sarah Tyson  3/17/17 4:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium (Room 132)  Dominant responses to the Brock Turner trial were anger and dismay at the lenience of his sentence. Tyson examines Emily Doe’s victim impact statement, arguing this requires us to rethink the harm of sexual assault using the theoretical and practical resources of Community Accountability.  Philosophy Graduate Student Union, Ethics Department, 
National Shrine of St. John Neumann 3/18/17 1:00 PM Off Campus in Philadelphia We will be taking a tour of the National Shrine of St. John Neumann, which will showcase Neumann's life and miracles. Catholic Student Association
Research Ethics Villanova University (REVU): The Protection of Human Subjects in Research 3/20/17 9:00 AM Various This is a week-long event commemorating the history and ethics of the protection of human subjects in Research.   We will explore these principles, researchers’ responsibilities, the role of the Institutional Review Board, and how participants in research benefit from human subjects protections.    Office of Research Administration (and Provost's Office)
Philosophy Film Series 3/20/17 6:00 PM Falvey 415 The Philosophy Film Series will be screening "My American Uncle" (Resnais, 1980) for all members of the Villanova community. An open discussion of the film will follow. Philosophy
Tango, Pope Francis and Integral Ecology 3/20/17 6:00 PM Garey Cafe (10A) An ideal way to explore the wisdom of Catholic social teaching, especially in Pope Francis' Laudato Si, Close Embraces deftly blends compelling imagery, video, music and movement to spark new insights and inspire a joyful response to the gospel of mercy and justice. Ethics Program, Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies, Center for Peace & Justice Education, Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Latin American Studies
The Human Library 3/21/17 5:30 PM Falvey, Speakers' Corner You've never read a book like this before!  Check out a human "book" - VU faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds - for a conversation about their religious tradition: Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Baha'i, etc. Students will be paired with a different speaker for each of two half-hour sessions.
Campus Ministry, VIllanova Interfaith Coalition
Cowspiracy Documentary 3/21/17 6:00 PM Bartley 3041 The Villanova Environmental Group will be screening the documentary Cowspiracy to raise awareness of sustainability and animal agriculture. Villanova Environmental Group
I am Malala Book Discussion 3/21/17 7:30 PM Driscoll 246 She's the First will be hosting a book discussion on I am Malala. The event will include discussion questions and group activities centered around the text.   She's The First - Villanova
Shakespeare in Prague 3/22/17 4:00 PM Falvey 204 Shakespeare in Prague is an exhibition currently held at Museum of Art in Columbus Ohio that explores the ways stage designers in central Europe adapted Shakespeare’s plays. In this talk, Dr. Barbora Diego Rivera Prihodova will present some of the highlights of the exhibition. Augustine and Culture Seminar Program
Popolorum Progressio 50 years later as a revolution of Mercy 3/23/17 4:00 PM St. Davida/Radnor room Looking at the development of the Catholic Church's response to a global world as one of responding to the signs of the times and a work of Mercy. Misison and Ministry
Feast with the Friars 3/23/17 6:00 PM East Lounge, Dougherty Hall Come join the Mission and Social Justice Committee of the Student Government Association on March 23 for Feast with the Friars, a time for students to engage in fellowship and community with some of the Augustinian Friars on campus over delicious grub.  Student Government Association
The Grace of Playing: A Conversation on Sports and Their Role in Human Flourishing 3/24/17 2:00 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium From the Super Bowl to youth sports it is clear that sports are a key aspect of American culture. But, despite the popularity of sports, their philosophical and spiritual foundations remain largely unexamined. This panel will look at why we play sports and the role they play in human development. Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, Athletics, Theology and Religious Studies, Ethics Program, Gender and Women's Studies Program, Department of Philosophy
NOVAdance Marathon 2017 - Dare to Dream 3/25/17 10:00 AM Jake Nevin The NOVAdance Marathon is a celebration of life unlike any other. Every year over a thousand students come together to dance for 12 hours and raise money for the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation to fight childhood cancer! Come support our B+ Heroes and be a part of the most exciting event on campus!  NOVAdance
Wazobia African Dance Company Showcase: Kings and Queens 3/25/17 7:00 PM Villanova Room Wazobia African Dance Company invites everyone to attend a showcase displaying diverse dances and pieces from African diaspora. Dances range from traditional African style, to modern day fusions to Afrocentric dancing.   Music Activities, CAT
Little Women: The Musical 3/28/17 8:00 PM Vasey Hall With her father away at war, Jo March writes a coming of age story inspired by her family, including her three beloved sisters Meg, Beth, and Amy. This dazzling new musical has captured the hearts of a new generation with its buoyant, joyful melodies, memorable characters, and big-hearted message. Theatre Department 
Oscar Romero Solidarity Lecture: Jim Keady 3/29/17 7:00 PM Villanova Room Jim Keady is a nationally recognized educator and activist.  Drawing on both personal and professional experiences, he will speak about the issues of sweatshops, globalization, and social justice. CPJE and Villanovans Against Sweatshops
2016-2017 Mannella Lecture 3/29/17 1:30 PM Falvey Memorial Library, Speakers' Corner Fr. Michael Di Gregorio, OSA, Prior Provincial, will present “The Birth of a Mission to South Philadelphia Italians: A Friars’ Tale.” Refreshments will be served.

Falvey Memorial Library
2017 Villanova University Literary Festival Event: Poet Reginald Dwayne Betts  3/30/17 7:00 PM Falvey Memorial Library, Speakers' Corner Please join us for a reading and talk given by Poet Reginald Dwayne Betts, one of the Literary Festival’s featured speakers. Betts' memoir, A Question of Freedom: A Memoir of Learning, Survival, and Coming of Age in Prison, was awarded the 2010 NAACP Image Award for non-fiction. Falvey Library, Gender and Women's Studies, Africana Studies, Irish Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College and The Writing Center
Solidarity, Mercy and Hope: Essential Political Virtues in Troubled Times 3/30/17 4:00 PM SAC 300 Part of the 50th anniversary observance of Popolorum Progressio lecture series. Dr. Christopher Vogt of St. John's University. Mission and Ministry
Child Labor Trafficking in Third World and Developing Countries 3/30/17 5:30 PM Bartley Hall Room 1010 This interdisciplinary presentation focuses on child labor trafficking in third world and developing countries. Villanova University Chapter, Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania and interdisciplinary Human Trafficking Course, College of Nursing and Charles Wigder School of Law
Villanova Comic Con 3/31/17 6:00 PM Connelly Center Bringing the fun of conventions to Villanova, Nova Con will be an experience in nerd culture, featuring fun activities held by a number of the school's clubs, contests, tournaments, foreign film, and speakers who have worked professionally as authors, artists, voice actors, and more! Campus Activities Team and Villanova's Japanese Animation Club
Ablaze Showcase: Now That's What I Call Dance 4/1/17 2:00 PM St. Mary's Auditorium  Ablaze presents an afternoon of fun and diverse styles of dance. Follow us through the season of music and the feelings it incites as you see everything from Hip-Hop to African dance. So sit back and enjoy the music and fun to be had, through the chill of winter to the heat of summer! Campus Activities Team, Music Activities
Ablaze Annual Showcase 4/1/17 7:00 PM St. Mary's Auditorium Ablaze is Villanova's first dance team.  This is the fifth annual showcase and the theme is "Now That's What I Call Dance"- a spinoff of Now That's What I Call Music.  Always an amazing event, this showcase is not to be missed! Music Activities
Spring CPJE Film Series: The Cross of the Moment  4/3/17 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema Film lays out the personal behaviors and capitalist considerations that continue to drive the ongoing disintegration of our planet’s precious resources.
Center for Peace and Justice Education
I Am Jane Doe Movie Screening 4/4/17 6:30 PM Villanova Cinema A part of Human Trafficking Awareness Week. "I am Jane Doe" features the stories of mothers who are suing a website called is essentially a Craigslist for people. These mothers' young teenage daughters were sold into sex slavery on the website.  Catholic Relief Services
Climate Change and Its Impact on Health 4/6/17 5:30 AM Auditorium Driscoll Hall This Health and Human Values lecture will provide an opportunity to learn about the impact of climate on individuals and communities.  The scope of the worldwide issue and the relationship between health and the environment will be explained.  College of Nursing
Human Trafficking Awareness Week Speakers Panel 4/6/17 6:00 PM Dougherty Hall, East Lounge Come hear people who are well-education about human trafficking discuss how it is prevalent in the United States, specifically the Philadelphia area. This will be a panel of speakers talking about their experience with human trafficking, followed by a Q&A session.  Catholic Relief Services
Villanova Poetry Slam 4/6/17 7:30 PM Belle Aire All students are invited to participate in the Annual Villanova Poetry Slam. It will be hosted by Neil Hilborn and will include cash prizes for the top 3 winners of the slam. The slam will be held in Belle Aire Terrace on April 6-7 at 7:30 with sign ups at 7:00.
Valerie Steele, Director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “Chanel and Her Rivals?”   4/7/17 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema Keynote Lecture of the Gender & Women’s Studies Student Research Conference Gender & Women's Studies; Art History
2017 WFI Symposium: Just Transitions, Communicating Power in an Age of Climactic Change 4/7/17 2:30 PM Driscoll 134 We have 3 events: First, "Science, Expertise, & Environmental Injustice" April 7, 2:30-4pm. Second, an Environmental Justice Tour of Philadelphia April 8, 10am-3:30pm. Finally, keynote with the Presidents of the Sierra Club and of The Just Transition Alliance April 8, 4:30-6:00pm. Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication & Society
Dance Company & Ensemble Spring Showcase 4/8/17 5:00 PM St. Mary's Auditorium The Dance Company & Ensemble choreograph, stage, and perform a showcase at the end of every semester with pieces that range from ballet to lyrical, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop, choreographed by both students and their director, Melissa Salcedo. Music Activities
Trip to National Museum of African American History and Culture 4/8/17 9:30 AM Off-campus Students will travel to Washington D.C. to visit the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.  They will tour the museum for up to 5 hours.  During their tour, they will learn about the history of African Americans in the United States.   Office of Intercultural Affairs, Student Involvement and Black Cultural Society
Villanova Dance Company and Ensemble Showcase 4/8/17 5:00 PM St. Mary's Auditorium A truly spectacular showcase of hard work and dedication from the Dance Company and Ensemble . Enjoy performances in jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary styles. Most dances are student choreographed with a couple of dances choreographed by our adviser.  Office of Music Activities
Screening of "Gold Mettle" 4/10/17 7:00 PM Driscoll Hall 134 Screening of Gold Mettle, the Villanova student-made social justice documentary featuring the Delaware County Special Olympics Soccer Team. This screening will be for freshmen student-athletes, but all are welcome to join.  Athletics & Office of Disability Services
One Love Escalation Workshop 4/11/17 6:00 PM Villanova Room  One Love works to raise awareness about the warning signs of abuse and activate communities to change the statistics around relationship violence. Screen the film and participate in a small group discussion. Office of Health Promotion, POWER, SARC team, Title IX
2017 Open Mic Event 4/18/17 12:00 PM Speakers' Corner, Falvey Memorial Library  Whether you have a poem or a creative-writing excerpt you’d like to share or you just want to listen, the Department of English and Falvey Memorial Library invite you to enjoy this entertaining and memorable celebration of poetry and creative writing.  Falvey Memorial Library, Department of English
Campus Tree tour 4/18/17 11:30 AM Corr Hall Arch Participants will learn about the tree species on campus and walk away with a better understanding  of how our actions affect the trees on campus and around the world. at the end of the tour students will plant a tree on campus.  Earth Day Committee
La Fiesta 4/18/17 7:00 PM Garey Cafe La Fiesta is a night of dancing and food run by the Associate Members of Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc.; a gender inclusive Latinx interest fraternity.  A great way to celebrate Latin culture on Villanova's campus! Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
ACSP Spring Organ Recital 4/19/17 7:00 PM St. Thomas of Villanova Church Dr. Christopher Daly of the ACS Program will present an organ recital of German, French, and English music from the Baroque, Romantic, and Modern eras. Compositions of Bach, Tunder, Walther, Froberger, Vierne, Cocker, Rowley, and Alain will be featured. ACSP
Campus Tree Tour 4/19/17 10:00 AM Corr Hall Arch Participants will learn about the tree species on campus and walk away with a better understanding  of how our actions affect the trees on campus and around the world. at the end of the tour students will plant a tree on campus. Earth Day Committee
Earth Day Keynote Address 4/20/17 6:00 PM Driscoll 134 Outspoken advocate and internationally-recognized former elected official Dominic Frongillo will share his perspective as a delegate to UN climate talks on how young people around the world are leading social change through public service, social-responsible enterprises, and community action.  Earth Day
2017 Villanova University Literary Festival Event: Novelist Jennifer Haigh 4/20/17 7:00 PM Falvey Memorial Library, Room 205 Please join us for a reading and talk given by Novelist Jennifer Haigh. Haigh's newest novel, Heat and Light, looks at a community divided by the controversy over fracking. Haigh is the author of the short story collection News from Heaven and four other critically-acclaimed novels. Falvey Library, Gender and Women's Studies, Africana Studies, Irish Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College and The Writing Center
Parting Words: Augustine on Language and Loss 4/20/17 4:30 PM Driscoll 134 The Patricia H. Imbesi Fellow Public Lecture, delivered by Dr. Erika Kidd. Dr. Kidd will open up three moments in Augustine's writings where he most searchingly and movingly engages the question: "What kind of God weaves beauty and fragility together so closely?" TThe Augustinian Institute
Social Identity in the Workplace 4/20/17 4:30 PM West Lounge, Dougherty Hall To hear professionals share how they navigate gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, religion and other social identities in the workplace. CASA & Career Center
Villanova Orchestra Spring Concert 4/23/17 2:00 PM St. Mary's Chapel The Villanova Pops Orchestra's annual Spring Concert! Come out and enjoy a variety of music including Brahms, West Side Story, Lord of the Dance, and many more!  Office of Music Activities
Philosophy Film Series 4/24/17 6:00 PM Falvey 415 The Philosophy Film Series will be screening "Middle of Nowhere" (DuVernay, 2012) for all members of the Villanova community. An open discussion of the film will follow. Philosophy
2017 Outstanding Faculty Research Award Lecture 4/24/17 1:00 PM Idea Accelerator, Falvey Memorial Library Paul L. Danove, PhD, STL, MDiv, BS, professor of New Testament Studies, will highlight the extensive research that led him to win the coveted Outstanding Faculty Research Award at a public lecture on Monday, April 24, 1 p.m. in the Idea Accelerator, Falvey Memorial Library.  Falvey Memorial Library, Office of the Provost
Spring Research Expo 2017 4/24/17 12:00 PM Bartley, Connelly, Driscoll, other The Spring Research Expo is a week-long series of events that celebrates the scholarly achievements of Villanova's researchers. The 2017 Expo will showcase a year's worth of undergraduate research and student accomplishment in innovation and creativity. Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships
Feminist Movie Night 4/25/17 7:00 PM Connelly Cinema Feminist movie screening- movie is being voted on by club members right now - it'll most likely be Mad Max: Fury Road, Alien, Legally Blonde, Rogue One or Bend It Like Beckham, unless there are objections from the university over our final decision.  Feminova
Victor's Vision Presents: On the Way to School 4/25/17 8:00 PM Vasey 201A On the Way to School is a documentary showing the vast journeys some students must make just to have access to basic education. Victor's Vison, a non-profit fighting against education inequality is hosting, and after the video we will provide a short discussion about our organization. Victor's Vision, a non-profit organization that works with the Peace and Justice Department
Fight Like a Girl 4/26/17 6:30 PM Bartley PWC Auditorium (1011) Film: Fight like a Girl, about women in boxing; followed by skype conversation with director and VU alumna Jill Morley. Gender & Women's Studies, Title IX Coordinator, Office of Health Promotion, and Athletics
First Date: the Musical 4/27/17 8:00 PM St. Mary's Theatre When tightly wound Aaron is set up with cool girl Casey, a quick drink turns into a hilarious dinner served with sides of Google background checks, and fake emergency phone calls. Can this mismatched pair turn what could be a dining disaster into something special before the check arrives? Villanova Student Musical Theatre
Kilometers for Climate 4/27/17 4:30 PM Oreo/Ellipse  A 5k run or 3k walk that aims to educate students about the effects of climate change and the ways they may be contributing to it. The run/walk will simulate the journey of a climate refugee, and will allow students to consider how climate change affects the most vulnerable members of our society. CRS Ambassadors
2017 Falvey Scholars Awards Presentation and Reception Ceremony 4/28/17 9:00 AM Room 205, Falvey Memorial Library Please join us for the 2017 Falvey Scholars Awards Presentation and Reception Ceremony. This ceremony is one of the keynote events of EXPO ’17 week, which recognizes outstanding undergraduate research from across Villanova’s campus. Falvey Memorial Library, Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships
Holi 4/30/17 1:30 PM Sheehan Beach  Holi is a Hindu spring festival celebrated in India and throughout the world. Known as the "festival of colors," Villanova students come together to celebrate with colored powders and social interaction.  SAMOSA
Better Together: Stories of Faith and Life 5/1/17 7:00 PM St. Rita Community Room Five graduating students who have been active in the Interfaith Coalition will share perspectives on their diverse faith traditions, and how their relationship to their own faith has been enriched and stretched by their engagement in interfaith dialogue. Dinner provided. Campus Ministry, Interfaith Coalition
NEGATI+IVE: Understanding Our Ignorance 5/3/17 6:00 PM Driscoll Hall One Step Films presents “NEGA+IVE: Understanding Our Ignorance”. This interactive conference aims to open up discussion about self-identity while addressing the negative stigmas faced by individuals based on their HIV status, race, and gender. Visit for more information! Villanova Social Justice Documentary Program
POSI+IVE Villanova Premiere 5/7/17 7:00 PM Connelly Cinema One Step Films​ ​invites you to the ​premiere of “POSI+IVE​.​”​ This​ ​student-produced ​social justice documentary​ ​follows Mandisa Madikane, a black, lesbian, South African woman, as she uses her voice to inspire those battling the stigmas of HIV, race, and gender. Villanova Social Justice Documentary Program
The Pregnancy Experience: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Research, and Application 10/16/17 5:20 PM Driscoll Villanova faculty from Counseling, Nursing, and Theatre will share their research into the experience of pregnancy, and its intersections with both historical and contemporary issues of womanhood, medicine, and disability. Theatre, Counseling, and Nursing Research