Cultural Events Calendar

The events listed on this calendar are "ACS Approved." The list is not exhaustive, and there are other events that take place on campus that might satisfy the Cultural Event credit requirement. STUDENTS: If you are not sure if an event will count for Cultural Event credit, please consult with your professor.

Title of Event Date Start Time Location of Event Brief Description of Event Sponsor(s)
Our Awakening: 2015 8/28/15 1:30 PM Awakening Statue ("The Oreo") The 28th is the Feast Day of St. Augustine and the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. We commemorate these events by calling the Villanova community to become informed about current issues of social justice that warrant our attention and action. CPJE
"A Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim Walk into a Coffee Shop..." 9/3/15 7:00 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium Mr. Iftekhar Hussain, chairperson of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Pennsylvania, joins Dr. Ely Levine, and Dr. Rachel Baard, who both teach the ACS Global Learning Community sections, for a conversation about faith. ACSP & Global Learning Community
One Book Villanova Author Visit & Book Signing 9/10/15 4:30 PM Speakers' Corner, Falvey Memorial Library Reyna Grande, author of the 2015-2016 One Book Villanova selection The Distance Between Us, will be coming to Villanova’s campus and will be signing books in Falvey. Falvey Memorial Library & The One Book Villanova Committee
Changing Landscapes: People and Place in the Mill Creek Valley, Lower Merion c.1870-c.1920 9/14/15 3:00 PM Room 204, Falvey Memorial Library Dr. Craig Bailey will detail how students were able to construct an interactive website to communicate their research on how the farms and mills of the Mill Creek Valley transformed into the familiar residential properties of today. Falvey Memorial Library
Arthur Cola: The Silent Chime of the Bell, Immigrants, Riots and Old St. Augustine 9/15/15 4:00 PM Room 204, Falvey Memorial Library Arthur Cola will describe his new book, Pure and Tarnished Hearts. Cola’s seventh novel, Pure and Tarnished Hearts, is a tale of 3 teens under the leadership of The Rev. Thomas O’Malley, OSA who came to America from Ireland during the famine era.  Falvey Memorial Library, American Catholic Historical Society
Laudato Si: First Impressions 9/16/15 6:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium Five faculty from Political Science, Philosophy, Theology & Religious Studies, Economics and Environmental Science will offer their "first impressions" on Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment, released earlier this year. Ethics, Theology & Religious Studies, Philosophy, Geography & the Environment, CE3, Office of Mission & Ministry, CPJE 
Religious Diversity Day: Talk by Daniel Mark, PhD 9/16/15 3:00 PM Speakers' Corner, Falvey Memorial Library Daniel Mark, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Political Science, will be presenting a talk in Falvey titled, “Home Improvement: Forgiveness and Family Life: An Orthodox Jew in Conversation with the Roman Catholic Church.” Falvey Memorial Library, Campus Ministry, Villanova Interfaith Coalition
Faith, Forgiveness and Family Life:  An Orthodox Jew in Conversation with the Catholic Church 9/16/15 3:00 PM Falvey, Speakers' Corner As part of the events for Religious Diversity Day, Dr. Mark, Assistant Professor of Political Science, will speak on forgiveness in family life, a topic about which he will address the World Meeting of Families; a faculty panel will respond. Campus Ministry, IGR, CPJE, Dept. of Theology, Falvey Library,
Yoga Therapy for Stress and Anxiety 9/18/15 3:00 PM West Lounge Our perspective on life greatly impacts stress and anxiety responses. Learn how to create a holistic plan to balance your life. This signature Healthy Nova Week 2015 event is led by Dr. Bob Butera of Yoga Life Institute. Office of Health Promotion
How Dante Can Save Your Life 9/23/15 7:30 PM Bartley B1011 The Department of Humanities' annual Faith and Culture Lecture. The opening lines of "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri launched Rod Dreher on a journey that rescued him from exile and saved his life.  Humanities
The Annual Ethics Lecture 9/28/15 4:30 PM Driscoll Auditorium Barbara Herman, Ph.D., Philosopher from UCLA, will speak under the title: Love and Moral Agency. Ethics, Philosophy
Medication Safety: Empowering Nurses beyond the Five Rights 9/29/15 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium The Institute for Safe Medication Practices works closely with healthcare practitioners and institutions, regulatory agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry to provide education about adverse drug events and their prevention.  College of Nursing 
Queer Families 9/29/15 7:00 PM TBD Dr. Melissa Hodges will speak about queer families, her research, and how that connects to the recent Papal visit to Philadelphia.  VUPride
Straight Talk About Being Out 9/30/15 7:00 PM TBD LGBTQ students will be part of a panel to discuss their experiences at Villanova.  VUPride
Kephart Distinguished Historians Lecture: "The Late Great Environmental Crisis of the Gilded Age: A Success Story."  10/1/15 7:00 PM Villanova Room, Connelly Center Dr. Richard White, Margaret Bryne Professor of American History at Stanford University, will deliver the 2015 Lore Kephart '86 Distinguished Historians Lecture, entitled: "The Late Great Environmental Crisis of the Gilded Age: A Success Story."  History, CLAS Dean's Office
Keep it Real with Erin Giles, Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day 10/1/15 5:00 PM Connelly Cinema Erin Giles raises awareness about Sex Trafficking and discusses what students can do to address it.  Gender and Women's Studies, NovaSVA, POWER, Peace and Justice
Reading Villanova: The Global and the Interdisciplinary ‘Education and Privilege’ 10/1/15 4:30 PM Speakers' Corner, Falvey Memorial Library  Villanova scholars will present: “The Global and the Interdisciplinary ‘Education and Privilege’” as part of the Reading Villanova series. Speakers will include Jerusha Conner, Carol Anthony, Jill McCorkle, & Bryan Crable.

Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies and Falvey Memorial Library
TEDxVillanovaU: Let's Imagine 10/1/15 1:00 PM Driscoll Hall auditorium  The third TEDx event at Villanova will feature live speakers from the Villanova community sharing their creative, innovative, and inspirational ideas based on the "Let's Imagine" theme, an appropriate theme for a conference devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading."  Villanova University 
Alcohol Policy, Process & Resources Panel: A Review of Villanova's Approach 10/2/15 4:00 PM Bartley 1011 Join our panelists to discuss Villanova's policy and approach to alcohol: Ryan Rost, Assistant Dean of Students; Kristy Sillay, Coordinator of Community Standards; Galeet Farrow, Assistant Dean for Alcohol & Drug Intervention; VEMS student representative Office of Health Promotion & Dean of Students
Towards a Theory of the Commons: Historical Trends, Ethical and Political Perspectives 10/2/15 4:00 PM Mendel 101 Renowned feminist philosopher Silivia Federici will be giving a lecture on the commons. This event is sponsored by the philosophy department and philosophy graduate student union. Philosophy Department
"The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation" Documentary 10/5/15 4:30 PM Bartley 1011 This hour-long episode interweaves the latest discoveries from neuroscience with the stories of families and communities struggling to provide the nurturing environments all babies and young children need to thrive.  Center for Peace and Justice Education
Sustainable Careers Panel  10/7/15 5:00 PM Driscoll 376 Hear how Villanova alumns have integrated sustainability into their profession.
Daniel Weeden: President of Environmental Solutions
Ryan Krill: Co-Founder of Cape May Brewing
Kevin Flynn: Technical Director at AKRF
Matthew Rusk: Corporate Responsibility Manger at Swarovski
Office of Sustainability, More TBA
Wildcat in the Rye 10/7/15 7:00 PM Good Counsel Hall, 2nd Floor Lounge Professor Kamran Javadizadeh and students from the Villanova English Department will perform a brief reading and discussion of J.D. Salinger's novel, The Catcher in the Rye. All are welcome. No prior knowledge of the novel is required. Pizza and cookies will be served. English
“Caring for Our Common Home”: 2015 Feast of St. Francis Event 10/7/15 3:00 PM West Lounge, Dougherty Hall Join us for the Catholic Climate Covenant’s 2015 Feast of Francis program, “Caring for Our Common Home,” which explores how to understand and apply Pope Francis’s encyclical on ecology and climate change.
Office of Sustainability, Villanova Center for Energy and Environmental Education (VCE3) and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
Campus Tree Tours 10/7-8/2015 12:30 PM in front of SAC Tour Villanova's many trees, learn about the campus landscape history, and fun tree facts! You won't look at campus the same way again.  Office of Sustainability, and Grounds 
Remembering Student Movements in Mexico: From 1968 to Ayotzinapa 10/8/15 3:00 PM SAC 300 A review of social movements (mostly by students) in Mexico since 1968 up to Ayotzinapa, where 43 students of a Teachers College  disappeared one year ago (Sept 26). RLL, Campus MInistry, Diversity, CST, PJ, LAS, EDU, HIS
From Big Bang to Humankind 10/20/15 4:30 PM Connelly Center Cinema The epic of evolution from the Big Bang to us today and how this narrative, substantiated with evidence, frames our current challenges. 2015-2016 Special Grant for Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning from the Villanova Institute of Teaching and Learning (VITAL), the Villanova Center for Liberal Education, the Departments of Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences, History, Physics, the Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Honors Program
The Syrian & Iraqi Refugee Crisis 10/21/15 7:00 PM Driscoll Hall, Auditorium An expert panel will address:  the push factors driving people to flee their countries, what it's like to be a refugee,  the impact of refugees on the region, the voice of a UNHCR refugee officer, laws governing refugee protection and what we can do.  Villanova/Catholic Relief Services  Partnership & the Law School Clinic for Asylum, Refugees & Emigrant Services
"The Individual, Nation, and God: Liberty and the Old Testament" 10/22/15 4:00 PM TBA Dr. Steven Grosby, Professor of Religion at Clemson University, will be giving a lecture on, "The Individual, Nation, and God: Liberty and the Old Testament."  The lecture is being organized by the Ryan Center, the Freedom and Virtue Learning Community, and Professor Christopher Daly.     The Ryan Center, Freedom and Virtue Learning Community
Intercollegiate Irish Dance Festival 10/24/15 6:00 PM Jake Nevin Event bringing together Irish Culture through music and dance, both traditional and modern, in conjunction with the Irish Studies Department. Music Activities, Irish Studies
Villanova Pops Orchestra Daniel Pearl Concert 10/24/15 1:00 PM St. Mary's Chapel This Villanova Pops Orchestra performance is in honor of Daniel Pearl, a talented musician and journalist who was murdered in Pakistan in 2002. In his memory, the Daniel Pearl World Music Days concert series was created to celebrate humanity through music. Villanova Pops Orchestra
Defamation - The Play 10/28/15 6:00 PM Cinema, Connelly Center When race, class, religion, and gender collide, a conversation begins about the most important social issues of our day. DEFAMATION is a courtroom drama where the Villanova audience serves as the jury. See the conversation unfold as audiences deliberate.

Center for Multicultural Affairs
Alzheimer's Awareness Program  10/29/15 7:38 PM Driscoll 248 This event is held by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, and will   inform the students, faculty, and staff about Alzheimer's Awareness and the impact it has on our society today. The event will be an informational session and include a game of Jeopardy to keep the audience engaged.  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
The Unbearable Whiteness of the Women's World Cup, 2015 11/2/15 5:30 PM Driscoll Auditorium (132) Dr. Brenda Elsey (Hofstra University) discusses gender and race in relation to soccer and this summer's Women's World Cup, through the lens of interconnected problems with global South participation and minorities in US soccer. This talk is organized by Gender and Women's Studies. Gender and Women's Studies, History, Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Honors, Romance Languages and Literatures, Athletics Department
"The Hands That Feeds" Documentary 11/4/15 4:30 PM Bartley 1011  Mild-mannered sandwich maker Mahoma López has never been interested in politics, but in January 2012, he convinced a small group of his co-workers to fight back to abusive managers.   Center for Peace and Justice Education
Military Appreciation: Joining Forces Event 11/11/15 7:00 PM Driscoll Hall, Room 134 Justin Kashner, retired Army Captain, current Client Account Executive at Athenahealth & student in the VSB MBA Program speak about life at West Point, being a Division I student-athlete; his active duty & deployment, leadership positions within the military and life now in the private sector.  Athletics & The College of Nursing
Careers in International Development Day 11/16/15 1:30 PM Connelly Center, Villanova Room Students will get an overview of the wide-ranging scope of International Development; meet with professionals in a variety of fields from microfinance to global health who will share how they are creatively and effectively addressing global poverty; and get advice on how to get started now. Office of Mission & Ministry, Career Center, VSB Center for Global Leadership
21st Century Nursing Ethics:  Preserving Integrity and Building Moral Resilience 11/17/15 7:30 PM Villanova Room Connelly Center Dr. Rushton is an internationally recognized expert in bioethics and palliative care.    College of Nursing 
"The Pillowman" by Martin McDonagh 11/17/15 8:00 PM St. Mary's Auditorium This is a play that takes place in a totalitarian, dystopian society. It centers on a storyteller that writes stories influenced by dark events that occurred in his childhood.  Villanova Student Theatre, Office of Music Activities
The Vivian J. Lamb Lecture 11/19/15 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema Ever newer developments in neuroscience (brain stimulation, new drugs, etc.) affect human cognition, emotion, and behavior. Dr. James Giordano will address the promise, and problems, of brain science and the need for neuroethical guidance.  Augustinian Institute
Sexual Violence Policy, Process & Resources: A Review of Villanova's Approach 11/20/15 4:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium Join our panelists to discuss Villanova's policy and approach to sexual violence: Elisa Lopez, Public Safety; Ryan Rost, Assistant Dean of Students; Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator (SARC) team member Office of Health Promotion, Dean of Students & SARC Team
"The True Cost": A Documentary on the Global Fashion Industry's Impact 11/30/15 4:30 PM Bartley 1011 For many consumers, the tragedy of the Rana factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 people inspired a new consciousness about the ugly truth of the clothing industry that had rarely been exposed so powerfully.  Center for Peace and Justice Education
Dosti 12/5/15 6:00 PM Jake Nevin, Auditorium  Villanova's largest student-run show returns with Dosti. Experience South Asian culture like never before through spectacular dances, drama, comedy, and mouth-watering Indian food. SAMOSA (South Asian Multicultural Organized Students Association)
Adela Dwyer/St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award 2/15/16 5:00 PM Connelly Center, Villanova Room The Center for Peace and Justice Education is pleased to announce the 2015 Peace Award recipient is General Romeo Dallaire. We are deeply grateful for General Dallaire’s continued service to peace and justice around the globe and look forward to celebrating and learning from his great work.
From Market to Misinformation: Addressing the Science and Facts of Vaccines 3/10/16 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium In spite of ground-breaking, scientific advances in the development of vaccines, some people still elect not to be vaccinated and / or have their children vaccinated.  So what does this mean for the society’s health?    College of Nursing & the Center for Global and Public Health
Cherish the Ladies: A Cervical Cancer Screening Program in Southeast Haiti 4/7/16 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall auditorium Cancer screening is not available in most third world countries.  Find out about the journey taken by a nurse practitioner in an effort to bring screening opportunities to women in rural Haiti.  College of Nursing and Center for Global and Public Health