Cultural Events Calendar

The events listed on this calendar are "ACS Approved." The list is not exhaustive, and there are other events that take place on campus that might satisfy the Cultural Event credit requirement. STUDENTS: If you are not sure if an event will count for Cultural Event credit, please consult with your professor.

Event Date Start Time Location Description of Event Sponsor(s)
Who Does Augustine Say That We Are? 11/1/17 7:00 PM Bartley Auditorium Dr. Ellen T. Charry, Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Systematic Theology Emerita at Princeton Theological Seminary, will give a talk on Augustine that centers around the Confessions and the theme of self-understanding. ACSP
Poetry Reading with Jena Osman 11/1/17 6:00 PM Falvey Library Speaker's Corner Poetry reading with Philadelphia poet Jena Osman, author of Public Figures, which explores war memorials in the Philadelphia area, and Corporate Relations, which explores the history of the Supreme Court. She is a wonderful presenter. Very accessible and engaging.  Falvey Library, English Department, Creative Writing Program
Lightness of Heart: The Space of Caritas 11/3/17 1:00 PM Villanova Room No Strings Productions will demonstrate how it is possible to care for the world while doing what you love (in their case, puppetry!).  Come be inspired by their life-saving work and enter into a playful space where you will get to create puppets and inspiration of your own.
Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
Breaking the Boundaries 11/3/17 1:30 PM International Students Office Let two groups of students- local students and International students- get to know each other and understand their similarities. Find something to bound over with and combat stereotypes of International students.
International Students Organization
Irish Language Night 11/6/17 6:00 PM Corr Classroom Want to pick up some fun words and phrases in Irish (Gaelic)? Come play word games and converse with Irish language learners. Pizza provided! Irish Cultural Society and Irish Studies
INTIMATE APPAREL 11/7/17 8:00 PM Vasey Theatre Travel back to 1900’s New York and meet Esther, a black seamstress with gifted hands and grand ambitions. By day, Esther sews intimate apparel for her clients — from socialites to prostitutes — while at night, she dreams of opening her own beauty parlor, where black and white women receive the same royal treatment. Villanova Theatre Department
Experience the Inner Life of Unity 11/8/17 2:30 PM Vasey Studio Join us to explore the areas of grace and tension between the celebration of self and the life-giving energy of community. This workshop will draw on embodied experience and creativity to reflect on the dynamics of community as a unity full of internal life. Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
Careers in International Development Day 11/8/17 1:30 PM Connelly Center, Villanova Room We've noticed a growing interest in the field of international development among students. This event gives students an opportunity to learn about in the field, meet professionals and get advice on the kind of education, skills, languages, and experience they'll need to access the opportunities in the sectors related to international development.
Villanova University Partnership with Catholic Relief Services College of Nursing Center for Global & Public Health • The Career Center • College of Engineering  Villanova School of Business Center for Global Leadership • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  Office of Mission and Ministry • Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education
Catholicism and the Morality of Markets 11/8/17 4:30 PM Connolly Cinema R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, and Rev. Robert A. Sirico, president of the Acton Institute will debate the moral and social merits of free market economics. Ryan Center, Center for Global Leadership, Ethics, VCLE
Award Winning Journalist on Gayborhood Racism  11/8/17 1:30 PM Driscoll 221 Ernest Owens writes for Philadelphia Magazine. His story, “Gayborhood Racism: Covering Acts of Racial Discrimination in Philadelphia’s LGBTQ Community,” won the 2017 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. He reveals how members of the LGBTQ Community who are people of color face racism in bars, nightclubs, businesses, and nonprofits. Writing and Rhetoric
Scholarship@Villanova featuring Alan Drew on "Shadow Man" 11/9/17 1:00 PM Speakers' Corner, Falvey Memorial Library  Please join us on Monday, October 30, at 12:30 p.m. in Falvey Memorial Library’s Speakers’ Corner for a Scholarship@Villanova talk featuring Alan Drew, MFA, Associate Professor of English, Director of the Minor in Creative Writing and the Villanova Literary Festival. Drew will read selections from his newly published novel, "Shadow Man." Falvey Memorial Library, the Department of English, the Creative Writing Program and the Writing Center
Open Mic Night: Poets and Storytellers 11/9/17 7:00 PM Belle Aire Terrace, Connelly Center We invite all members of the Villanova community to share an original story or poem on the theme of belonging in 5 minutes or less (time it!) and without notes.
The evening will be in the spirit of story or poetry slams but it won’t be a competition!  All are welcome to participate and/or to observe and support as audience.
Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
The Multicultural Business Assocation's Annual Career Conference 11/9/17 6:00 PM Bartley 1011 McBA is a student-led organization that organizes events throughout the academic year. Our events, including the Conference, are catered to the needs and demands of students of all backgrounds, majors, interests, etc. This Conference is a 2-part program, consisting of a speech from our guest speakers and a networking session with employers. VSB Clay Center
On Being Part of the Solution: An Interactive Workshop on Activism, Allyship, and Advocacy 11/10/17 1:00 PM Saint Augustine Center Room 300 This workshop is designed to allow members of the Villanova community to share with each other the tools of activism with a focus on the ever-growing importance of allyship. Billie Murray and Terry Nance of the Department of Communication will lead the group in bystander intervention training, organizing, messaging, and social media campaigns. Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
Cultural Films series: As It Is in Heaven (Kay Pollak, Sweden 2004) 11/13/17 7:00 PM Connelly Center, Cinema The Swedish film about a famous conductor who returns to his home town to take over as leader of the church choir tells a touching story about the search for community, truth and redemption. A surprise success, the film has enchanted audiences across the globe. Dr. Margaret Mell will introduce the film and lead a musical exercise with the audience. Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
MSU Presents Diversity in the Workplace 11/13/17 7:00 PM St. David's Radnor Room Come promote diversity and cultural awareness in all aspects of life to the students, faculty, and staff on the University campus through fun, active engagements of discussions on social issues and ideas.

Multicultural Student Union
The Mask You Live In Movie Screening & Discussion 11/14/17 7:00 PM Connelly Cinema The Nova Bro: Decoded is a program launched by the Interfraternity Council that tackles themes of masculinity within the Villanova experience. The Mask You Live In explores notions of masculinity in American culture. This event will not only screen the film but also engage participants in a facilitated discussion.  Interfraternity Council, Fraternity & Sorority life, Nova Bro: Decoded
A Joining Forces Event: A Story or Learning & Leadership, Within and Beyond War 11/14/17 7:00 PM Driscoll Hall 132 Lt. Col. (Ret.) Beth Ann Lumpkin served 21 years in the US Air Force. She is a 1990 graduate of the College of Nursing and currently serves as the 932nd AFJROTC Senior Aerospace Science Instructor at Washington Twp. HS in New Jersey. Lt. Col. Lumpkin will share her leadership story with our campus community, within and beyond war.  Athletics, SNAP, College of Nursing & the Joining Forces Task Force
Villanova Student Theatre presents: A Streetcar Named Desire 11/14/17 8:00 PM St. Mary's Theatre  A Streetcar Named Desire is the first Villanova Student Theater production of 2017. It will run from November 14-18 in St. Mary's theater.

Villanova Student Theater, Villanova Office of Music Activities
Think HBCU: The Importance of Historically Black Colleges  11/14/17 7:08 PM Driscoll 134 Informing the Villanova community about the importance and exposure of Historically Black Colleges across the country. We want to show that HBCUs are vital in the carrying out of African American traditions and ideals. We will have four panelists who attended an HBCU and having a discussion based on their experiences. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, the Exquisite Tau Xi Chapter
Thanksgiving Redux: What We Can Learn From Native Americans About Culture, Origin Stories, and the Future of America’s Greatest Holiday 11/14/17 7:00 PM Garey Hall 102A A multimedia event hosted by Dr. Timothy J. Horner  discussing how the cultural narratives around Thanksgiving were formed. It also attempts to look at the phenomenon of Thanksgiving from an indigenous perspective. This is designed to generate a discussion among students about how cultural identity is expressed in the Thanksgiving holiday. Multicultural Student Union
St. Augustine Lecture 11/15/17 7:30 PM Driscoll Auditorium Catherine Conybeare, initium ut esset: the Creation of Eve." This lecture will dwell on the moment between the creation of Eve and the fall. This moment of indeterminate length – for humans had not yet fallen into time – has been little studied. It proved an opportunity for Augustine to unleash his theological imagination – and, incidentally, to illustrate a perfect simultaneity of veritas, unitas, and caritas. Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
Climate Change and National Security:  People, not Polar Bears 11/15/17 6:00 PM Idea Accelerator, Favley The phrase “national security” conjures up images of nuclear bombs, hostile governments, and terrorism, but not all significant risks to our national security have a head of state. Learn how climate change is changing the strategy of national security and how civilians can support our men and women in uniform.  Office of Sustainability, College of Engineering
Bread and Soup Lunch 11/15/17 11:00 AM Dougherty East Lounge A free lunch of bread and delicious soup as an event to raise awareness about countries currently experiencing famine. Donations are accepted, but not required, and all proceeds will go to help fighting famine. Come and go as you please! Catholic Relief Services
Gerd Van Riel (St. Augustine Fellow), Augustine’s Truth 11/16/17 4:30 PM Falvey Library, Room 205 Augustine’s understanding of truth is more than a way to check on whether words correspond to facts. This lecture will refer to his theory of the internal word as a basis for his method of interpreting the Bible, showing what he means by ‘standing in the truth’ rather than possessing it. Office for Mission and Ministry: the Institute for Catholic Social Thought/Faith & Culture Forum, the Augustinian Institute, and the Center for Peace and Justice Education
Value Shape Nursing's Future 11/16/17 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium Participants will learn the importance of understanding how personal values play a role in providing care to a diverse patient population.  Continuined Education College of Nursing
"Faith-giving" Interfaith Dinner 11/16/17 7:00 PM Bartley 2044 An interfaith dinner at which students from diverse faith backgrounds will share texts, stories or experiences related to the theme of gratitude from the perspective of their tradition. Campus Ministry
Multicultural Student Union hosts Friendsgiving 11/16/17 7:00 PM Villanova Inn Come celebrate the cultures of the world and of the Villanova community with home-cooked meals and dishes from local restaurants provided by MSU and various cultural groups on campus. This dinner is open to ALL  to come together as a community for a night of games, dancing and delicious food from all over the world! All contributions are welcome! Multicultural Student Union
Student Protests and Promotions 11/16/17 6:00 PM Bartley 1001 Prof. John Kline (Georgetown Professor of International Business Diplomacy) and Isabelle Teare, student leader, will discuss Georgetown's win over Nike and work with Alta Gracia. Center for Peace and Justice
"From the Studia Humanitatis to the Contemporary Humanities: Curricular Change and the Impoverishment of the Liberal Arts”; lecture by Eric Adler, University of Maryland 11/17/17 2:30 PM Bartley 1010 In this lecture, Eric Adler explores the development of the classical curriculum, and its subsequent replacement tilted toward a free-market system. Classical Studies, Humanities, ACS
Kathryn Gines Talk: "Intersectionality, Intermeshedness, and Multiplicity: Critical Engagements with Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex" 11/17/17 4:00 PM Driscoll Auditorium This talk will focus on women of color scholarly engagements with Beauvoir and this classic text, taking into account their use of intersectionality, intermeshedness and multiplicity as more viable alternatives to Beauvoir's analogical approach. Department of Philosophy, Philosophy Graduate Student Union
Deaf Movie Night 11/17/17 6:00 PM CEER 001 Students will watch a feature film centered on deaf person/people. The students can then afterwards discuss the film while enjoying their food. American Sigh Language Club
Hunger Run 5K 11/17/17 5:00 PM Oreo The 5K wraps up Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week and supports fundraising for Back on My Feet. All funds from tickets go towards BoMF, an organization combating homelessness through running. Students will hear from our speaker, a member of BoMF leadership team, as well as run along side of members, volunteers, and alumni. Back on My Feet, HHAW 
CPJE Fall Film Series: Inside Job 11/20/17 4:30 PM Connelly Cinema This is a 2010 documentary film about the late-2000s financial crisis. The film concerns "the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry and the consequences of that systemic corruption.”  Inside Job explores how changes in the policy environment and banking practices helped create the financial crisis. Center for Peace and Justice Education
The Hunting Ground Documentary 11/27/17 8:00 PM Connelly Cinema We will be showing a documentary called The Hunting Ground which discusses sexual assault on college campuses. The event will be informational in order to educate students about how to bring an end to rape culture.  Dr. Katina Sawyer
Becoming a Freelance Journalist 11/29/17 1:30 PM Driscoll 221 Woodman won the Association of Alternative Newsmedia award for investigative journalism for “Incarcerated for Years Without Trial.”  He has also written for The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The Intercept, The Verge, Slate, The New Republic, The Nation, Vice Magazine, and The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund.
Writing & Rhetoric
Time to Choose Documentary Screening 11/29/17 7:00 PM Connelly Cinema Please join us for a screening of the documentary "Time to Choose" which depicts the problems of climate change as well as the solutions that need to be implemented now. It follows the stories of remarkable people working towards a more sustainable future and instills a sense of hope for change. We are the problem, but also the solution.  Catholic Relief Services
Defend the Dream: What the Recent Changes to DACA Mean for Us as Villanovans and Americans  11/30/17 7:00 PM Bartley 1001 This speaker panel will feature various perspectives on how the recent decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has changed the course of American immigration policy and what it means to be an American.  Department of Communication 
Write for Rights 11/30/17 6:00 PM Corr Hall room 103 Students can stop by Corr Hall room 103 on Thursday, November 30th
between 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM to join Amnesty International in demanding justice for human rights defenders! We will be writing letters to government officials on a variety of cases.
Peace and Justice Department
SAMOSA Show: Milenge 12/2/17 6:00 PM Villanova Room The annual SAMOSA show exhibits dancing, food, and drama. This year a play will be put on, along with Indian food. It is an exhibition of culture that brings together our Villanova community. Samosa
Villanova Dance Company and Ensemble Fall Showcase 12/2/17 5:00 PM St. Mary's Auditorium Dance showcased performed by Villanova's dance company and ensemble members, with over twelve performances of jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop pieces. Music Activities
One for the World Kick Off 12/5/17 8:00 PM Connelly Cinema One for the World is a new student organization that aims to raise awareness about extreme poverty in the developing world and the effect that strategic altruism can have.
Guest speaker Jennifer Wong, a OFTW Advisory Board member, will speak about epidemic suffering as a result of extreme poverty and the opportunity we all have to fight to end it.
One for the World, possibly the Philosophy Department 
Girl Rising Documentary Screening 12/7/17 6:00 PM Bartley 1001 We will be featuring the documentary Girl Rising. Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment. The film uses the power of storytelling to change the way the world sees and values girls.  She's the First, Feminova, Society of Women's Engineers
The Values, Virtues, and Challenges of a Liberal Arts Education 1/19/18 3:00 PM Villanova Room A discussion with Dr. Robert P. George and Dr. Cornel West. Matthew J. Ryan Center
One Love Escalation Workshop 2/21/18 6:00 PM Villanova Room This workshop is a powerful, emotionally-engaging 90-minute film based workshop that educates about relationship violence and empowers you to work for change.  Office of Health Promotion, Title IX, SARC Team, POWER
Caring for Incarcerated Women 2/22/18 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium Although the cause and contributors are many, examining the role of childhood physical and sexual trauma as a pathway to incarceration for women will be the focus of this compelling discussion. Continuing Education
A glimpse into the Future: The Role of Nursing Advocacy in a Multicultural World 4/12/18 5:30 PM Driscoll Hall Auditorium In a complicated and diverse world, nurses serve as healthcare provider, and more importantly, advocate, to assure that effective and culturally aware care is provided to patients Continuing Education