Who We Are

Our students and faculty are finding meaningful success through purposeful work and research, while cultivating high value skills, knowledge and understanding. Here are some of their stories. 


Emily Duffner

Emily Duffner ’17 CLAS, Cancer Researcher and Cheerleader

Emily Duffner ’17 CLAS, a senior Biology major with Biochemistry and Spanish minors, has been involved in cancer research since her sophomore year at Villanova, working with Janice Knepper, PhD, on breast cancer research.

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Vince Thomas '17

Vince Thomas ’17 CLAS is Going Hollywood 

Imagine the opportunity to get a sneak peek of a major Hollywood movie and an inside look at what ends up on the cutting-room floor—that’s exactly what Vince Thomas ’17 CLAS got to do last summer.

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Katie Stepanek ’17 CLAS Explores Vocation in Contemporary Literature

English and Humanities major Katie Stepanek ’17 CLAS, this juxtaposes her theory against well-known philosopher Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age—using Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter and Jesus Christ to prove her point.

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William Manolarakis ’18

Mary Kathleen Smith ’19 CLAS Interns at International Organization

Mary Kathleen Smith '19 is pursuing a double major in Arab and Islamic Studies and Political Science, and this summer she had the unparalleled opportunity to gain hands-on, real-world learning on the international stage.

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Meaningful Success

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