st. augustine center stairs

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences seeks to promote intellectual curiosity and rigor within the University; to instill the fundamentals of critical insight, mature judgment, and independent thinking; and to strengthen our students’ sense of their moral responsibility for others and for the betterment of society.

Committed to providing a Christian intellectual and moral environment, Villanova has always openly and proudly declared that it is a Catholic institution of higher learning. In keeping with its central place in a Catholic University, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a special commitment to the Christian belief that creation is an expression of divine truth through the redemptive life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God.  At the same time, the University maintains a strong respect for the beliefs of all the members of its diverse community. We believe that it is the common right of each individual to participate in creation, to seek truth, and to apply such truth to protect and enrich personal and communal life.

Villanova's special Augustinian heritage enables the College to draw upon the dynamic legacy of St. Augustine, whose passionate pursuit of wisdom, understood through the metaphor of one heart and one mind, inspires its own quest for knowledge in open, intelligent, responsible and mutually respectful interaction of points of view. This legacy is exemplified by the Augustinian Order's influence on the medieval universities, its cultivation of Renaissance art, and its fostering of the scientific discoveries of Gregor Mendel

This Augustinian heritage lies at the heart of the College’s core curriculum, which equips students to be wise critics of the society in which they live, and builds the moral foundation and social consciousness necessary for them to develop into responsible leaders in a challenging world. It inspires our conviction that all authentic human wisdom is ultimately in harmony with Divine Wisdom, and encourages our collaboration with people of all traditions.