Meet our Students and Grads

Scott Goodwin '13

Scott Goodwin '14
Intern, Goldman Sachs
Majors: Political Science and Spanish

Scott is interested in how government and business intersect internationally. “My liberal arts education was invaluable because it enabled me to learn both inside and outside the classroom,” he says.  He took advantage of multiple opportunities in his areas of interest, including traveling to Japan as part of a course which examined changes in Japanese society, politics and economics.  He also held internships in the City Hall of Valparaiso, Chile and the Washington, D.C. Office of Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.  Scott accepted a job offer from Goldman Sachs following a summer 2013 internship in its Operations Division.

Erin Weaver Bright

Erin Weaver '13
Staff Reporter, Montgomery Media
Major: English

Working as a summer intern at Sports Illustrated, majoring in English with a Writing and Rhetoric concentration and joining the staff of the University newspaper, The Villanovan, all helped Erin land a a full-time job in journalism upon graduation. She also interned at Philadelphia magazine during her junior year of college and tutored at the University Writing Center. “I landed both of my editorial internships through Villanova networking opportunities,” Erin says. “My current position as a multimedia journalist with Montgomery Media is the direct result of networking and being active in organizations on Villanova's campus.”  

JJ Outlaw

JJ Outlaw '06
Video Coordinator, Los Angeles Lakers
Major: Communication

For JJ Outlaw, a typical day on the job includes everything from video editing to advance scouting to working out with players on the basketball court.  Before landing with the LA Lakers, he was an assistant coach for Marist University.  "When I chose Communication as my major, I didn't realize how broad a spectrum it would be," he says. "The coursework was challenging and forced me to grow.  The ability to communicate effectively is so important in my business."  His ultimate goal is to be an NBA head coach or general manager.


Jon Hartley

Jonathan Hartley '12
Brokerage Investment Professional, Vanguard
Major: Economics;  Minor: English

When it comes to succeeding in today's financial world, a background in liberal arts is extremely valuable, says Jonathan Hartley. He was hired by Vanguard, one of the world's largest investment management companies, right after graduation. "Economics serves as a great foundation for finance, and I rely on the skills I learned in my English and Public Speaking courses to convey complex financial information to my clients." He feels his liberal arts education made him the flexible, well-rounded employee Vanguard was looking for. "The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences prepared me very well for the job I have today."