Awards and Recognition

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences presents awards to recognize the accomplishments of its alumni, students, and faculty. Each award winner receives the College Award Medallion inscribed with the date and recognition received by the award winner.


student medallion
College Award Medallion

Alumni Medallion

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Medallion is an annual award given to recognize the accomplishments of select graduates  who have excelled in their professional endeavors. The Alumni Medallion also honors College graduates who have demonstrated service to their communities and to the University. Awards are given both to graduates who completed an undergraduate degree and to graduates who have received a graduate degree at Villanova. Both senior and recent alumni are recognized through Alumni Awards.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences invites all faculty, staff, and alumni – undergraduate and graduate – to submit nominations for Alumni Medallions. The call for nominations is made in the late Spring of each year, with an application deadline of July 1. Recent award winners are highlighted on the Alumni section of this website.


Student Medallion

The top graduating senior in each academic major, as determined by faculty from the student’s discipline, is honored during graduation weekend by the Student Medallion. Each Medallion is named in honor of an individual who has made an important contribution to the discipline. More information about the Student Medallions can be found at the Student section of this website.


Faculty Medallions

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are recognized each year for their expertise and accomplishments in the areas of Teaching and Research.

The Tolle Lege teaching award is presented annually to acknowledge excellence in teaching in the areas of Science and Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Humanities. In addition, a part-time faculty member is recognized for their excellent contributions in teaching Villanova students.  Additional information can be found on the Faculty teaching section of this website.

The Veritas research award recognizes a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with demonstrated accomplishments in the area of scholarship. Additional information about the Veritas award can be found on the Faculty research section of this website.