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Philly Voice
Jefferson Health firing underscores workplace challenges in a social-media world
Gordon Coonfield, PhD (Communication)

Fast Company
Four Signs Someone Is About to Quit (And What to do to Get Them to Stay)
Katina Sawyer, PhD (Psychology)

'Orange Dwarfs' Most Likely to Harbor Intelligent Life, Say Astronomers
Edward Guinan, PhD (Astrophysics and Planetary Science)

Professor Matt Kervel Discusses Voter Impact of FBI Announcement
Matt Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

The New York Times
After Orlando Shooting, 'False Flag' and 'Crisis Actor' Conspirary Theories Surface
Derek Arnold, PhD

News 8 analysis: Arlington could give away millions in stadium deal
Rick Eckstein, PhD (Sociology and Criminology)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Psst: Trump, Orlando - time for a good conspirary
Derek Arnold, PhD (Communication)

The Washington Post
150 experts say Olympics must be moved or postponed because of Zika
Rev. James McCartney, OSA, PhD (Philosophy)

US News & World Report
The Other School Bathroom Issue
Jerusha Conner, PhD (Education and Counseling); Kelly Welch, PhD (Sociology and Criminology)

Psychology Today Online
When Your Relationship Ends, How to Find the Silver Lining
Erica Slotter, PhD (Psychology)

The Philadelphia Tribune
Villanova students document plight of African Immigrants

Social Justice Documentary Class

Chesnut Hill Local Online
Hill artist: stunning brushwork, house full of awards

Mark Sullivan, PhD (Art History)

Professor David Barrett Explains Possibility of a Republican Contested Convention

David Barrett, PhD (Political Science)

Marion Times
'Earth Day' is opportunity to take ownership

Nathaniel Weston, PhD (Geography and the Environment)

Ecology: Change is in the air

Robert Curry, PhD (Biology)

San Fransico Chronicle
Warriors' exit won't leave Oracle Arena bereft, officials pledge

Rick Eckstein, PhD (Sociology)

Catholic News Service
Sanders says his invitation to Vatican wasn't political endorsement

Mary Hirschfeld, PhD (Economics and Theology)
Commentary: Greek residents put up 'Walls of Kindness' to feed needy
Theodore Arapis, PhD (Public Administration)

U.S. News & World Report
Help Teachers Help Students

Jerusha Conner, PhD (Education)

The Christian Science Monitor Online
What Ted Cruz's victory in Wisconsin really tells us

Mattew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

The Washington Post Online
What Obama gets wrong about the media echo chamber

Tom Ksiazek, PhD (Communication)

Fast Company
6 Signs That You're Management Material

Katina Sawyer, PhD (Psychology)

Media consumption isn't as polarized as you think, new studies conclude

Tom Ksiazek, PhD (Communication)

WHYY-FM Online
Villanova astronomer on a mission to get a much closer look at red giants

Edward Guinan, PhD (Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Superior Catholic Herald
After 50 years, rumors of God's death still greatly exaggerated

Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA (Augustinian Institute)

Associated Press
Whether or not his steaks for sale, Trump's brand thrives
Mattew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

Mid-Cretaceous amber fossils illuminate the past diversity of tropical lizards

Aaron Bauer, PhD (Biology)

Organic synthesis in the Smith Group: a personal selection of a dozen lessons learned at the University of Pennsylvania

Kevin P.C. Minbiole, PhD (Chemistry)

Villanova's Dr. Matt Kerbel Recaps Super Tuesday Results

Mattew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

Taking the Temperature of 2016: Super Tuesday Election Results & What they Mean

Mattew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Villanova filmmaker focuses on unsung successes of area African Americans

Hezekiah Lewis, MFA (Communication)

Laboratory Equipment Online
Q&A: Kevin Minbiole and Superbug-killing Disinfectants

Kevin P.C. Minibiole, PhD (Chemistry)

U.S. News & World Report
Researcher's Own Cancer Prompted a Personal Quest

Todd Jackman, PhD (Biology)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Worldview: As 'honor killings' go on, Afghan couple's story resonates

Catherine Warrick, PhD (Political Science)

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Apple bites back.

William Fleischman (Computer Science)

Donald Trump Spars with Pope Francis Over Immigration

Kevin Hughes, PhD (Theology)

Philadelphia Inquirer Online
Experts: On Trump and Zika, pope said what church teaches
Kevin Hughes, PhD (Theology)

SRC plan to privatize 3 Philly schools a gross overreach, inconsistent

Jerusha Conner, PhD (Education and Counseling)

Chemistry team is developing superbug-killing disinfectants

Kevin P.C. Minbiole, PhD (Chemistry)

The Rams' Inglewood Stadium Could Be a Game Changer in Planning

Rick Eckstein, PhD (Sociology)

QMed Medical Device Link
How Cryopreserving Organs Is Closer to Reality

Marc Gallicchio, PhD (History)
How The Iowa Caucus Works, In 2 Minutes (Starring Legos)

Mattew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)
Do billionaire NFL owners deserve subsidies from taxpayers?

Rick Eckstein, PhD (Sociology)

WPVI-TV Online
Rick Williams in Iowa: How the caucus works

Mattew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)

Fast Company
How to Handle Heated Political Discussions in the Office

Katina Sawyer, PhD (Psychology)

Deseret News
Finding hope in religious conflict around the world

Daniel Mark, PhD (Politial Science)

The Boston Globe
How much activity is too much activity?

Jerusha Conner, PhD (Education)

San Diego Union-Tribune Online
Inglewood headed toward NFL fleecing?

Rick Eckstein, PhD (Sociology)

The Huffington Post
Catholic Teaching Says Support Labor Unions. Catholic Colleges Are Fighting Them.

Gerald Beyer, PhD (Theology and Religious Studies)

Obama's final State of the Union address

Matthew Kerbel, PhD (Political Science)
Death throes of giant star puzzle researchers

Edward Guinan, PhD (Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Forbes Online
Sun Still Capable Of Monstrous Super-Flares, Say Astronomers

Edward Guinan, PhD (Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Human Resource Executive
A New Approach to Diversity

Katina Sawer, PhD (Psychology)

The Philadelphia Tribune
Media program turns students into cinematic storytellers

Hezekiah Lewis, MFA (Communications)

Xploration Outer Space
Scott Engle, PhD (Astrophysics)



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