Lifeguard employment positions at the Pavilion pool are available to qualified students and non-students. Candidates must hold valid Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid certificates. For more information about availability and hours please contact: Casmera.Wick@villanova.edu.

All qualified students looking for employment as lifeguards need to obtain a referral form from the Financial Aid Office first.

Villanova University Pavilion Swimming Pool

Contact Us


Phone: 610-955-7487

Pavilion Pool Schedule and Hours

Recreational Pool Hours for the week of 5/9-5/13:

Monday 5/9: 10AM-12PM
Tuesday 5/10: 8AM-10AM
Wednesday 5/11: 10AM-12PM
Thursday 5/12: 8AM-10AM
Friday 5/13: 9AM-11AM

Dates of Note

  • As of 10:45AM on 4/27, the pool schedule for next week (finals week) will be as follows:
  • Monday 5/2 - 8AM to 2PM
  • Tuesday 5/3 - 10AM to 1PM
  • Wednesday 5/4 - 8AM to 2PM
  • Thursday 5/5 - 8AM to 1PM
  • Friday 5/6 - 8AM to 12PM
  • Bolded times are different than the normal hours.
  • Please also note that hours ARE subject to change.