Aquatics Department at Villanova University

Villanova Pavillion pool

The Aquatics Department currently operates one competition-size swimming pool:

Pavilion Pool

The Pavilion Pool

The Pavilion facility features a 10 lane, 25 yard swimming pool.  It also includes a diving well and facilities for the diving team.

The pool is accessible to all Wildcard holders: students, graduate students, employees, alumni, and Friends of Villanova

Please note that: You must leave your Wildcard I.D. with the lifeguard on duty.




Contact Us


Phone: 610-955-7487

Pavilion Pool Schedule and Hours

Recreational Pool Hours:

Mon, Weds, Fri : 8am - 2pm

Tues, Thurs : 8am - 1pm

Dates of Note

  • The pool will be closing this Friday, 4/29, at 12:00PM.

  • As of 10:45AM on 4/27, the pool schedule for next week (finals week) will be as follows:
  • Monday 5/2 - 8AM to 2PM
  • Tuesday 5/3 - 10AM to 1PM
  • Wednesday 5/4 - 8AM to 2PM
  • Thursday 5/5 - 8AM to 1PM
  • Friday 5/6 - 8AM to 12PM
  • Bolded times are different than the normal hours.
  • Please also note that hours ARE subject to change.