Senior Class Gift

We are thrilled to announce that the Senior Class Gift exceeded 61% participation—a new University record!!

Thank you to the 920+ seniors who contributed to their favorite areas of campus, leaving a lasting legacy for future Villanovans.

In addition, the Class of 2016 helped secure more than $92,000 for Villanova through the May Family Match. We are extremely grateful to David '75, Patti '77, Meaghan '08, Kaitlyn '10, '14 and Erinn '13 for their support!

Congratulations on graduation, and remember—Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat!


Senior Class Gift Committee

The Senior Class Gift is a sub-committee of Villanova's Advancement Ambassadors Program. Committee members are dedicated leaders who believe in the power of Villanovans helping Villanovans. This group of students will be around campus and at events encouraging the Class of 2016 to reach 61% Senior Class Gift participation, so look for them during the year!


Why support the Senior Class Gift Program?

  • It Has Impacted You: The Senior Class Gift touches every area of campus. No matter your major or extracurricular activities, your time at Villanova was made better by previous seniors' gifts.

  • You Can Make a Difference: By making your gift, you have the special opportunity to ensure that future students can create their own unique Villanova experiences, just like you did.

  • You Can Show Your School Pride: Your participation shows your confidence in Villanova's mission and the education you received, setting a powerful example for underclassmen.
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The May Family Match

We are excited to announce the May Family Match, the largest Senior Class Gift match program in Villanova history! An alumni family of five, the Mays have generously pledged to donate $100 in honor of each senior who makes a gift of any size to any area of Villanova.

61% participation goal = 920 seniors
920 senior donors = $92,000 in additional funds for the University

About the May Family

May Family Match Infographic

Each Villanovan has a distinct student experience, even if they all come from the same family. That was the case for the Mays, including parents David ’75 COE and Patti ’77 CON, and daughters Meaghan ’08 COE, Kaitlyn ’10 CON, ’14 MS, and Erinn ’13 CLAS. They studied in different facilities, participated in separate activities and made friendships all their own. One thing they do have in common? A commitment to make the Villanova experience even greater for current and future students.

Since their respective graduations, members of the May family have supported the University through volunteer opportunities—Meaghan and Kaitlyn served as committee co-chairs for their  five-year reunions—and personal philanthropy efforts—Patti and David are members of the President’s Club, and their daughters are in the Young Alumni Circle. After learning that the Class of 2015 set a new University record for the Senior Class Gift (60% participation), they wanted to do something to keep the positive momentum going.

This year, the Mays partnered with the Senior Class Gift Committee to create the May Family Match. The Mays want to work together with you—the Class of 2016—to foster a strong culture of philanthropy on campus and make a difference for generations to come. 

You can make your Senior Class Gift using whichever of the below methods is easiest for you!

  • Online, any day and any time
  • In person during one of our SAA or SCG events
  • By phone at 1-800-486-5244 (M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST)


SCG Incentives

Senior Class Gift Incentives

To show our appreciation for your support, you will receive the following benefits for making a gift at a certain level, including all preceding incentives.


Why I Support the Senior Class Gift

Jacalyn Reed '15

"I was motivated to donate to Senior Class Gift because I wanted to give back to the university that has given me so much. As a young adult, it was important for me to find a philanthropic cause that I was passionate about, and one that I could support. The Senior Class Gift program was a great way for me to begin my own philanthropy by giving back to an area on campus."
- Jacalyn Reed '15

Elliot Williams '16

"I believe that the generous donations made by the students and alumni of Villanova truly benefit the entire student body. As a junior, I've seen so many positive changes happen because of these donations, and I wanted to help facilitate even more improvements on campus. Through Senior Class Gift Committee, I've gained another perspective of Villanova, and appreciate this community even more."

- Elliot Williams ‘16


2016 Senior Class Gift Committee Members

Chris Abood Claire Kimilu
Kyra Adams Re' Kleinbard
Rhea Barghash Jacquelyn Korka
Alexa Basso Jill Labetti
Sabrina Bernadel Pat Long
Casey Berner Kyle Lubiejewski
Anne Brady Shant Marootian
Marion Brady Amy McCarthy
Adam Butchy Allison Meade
Nicholas Carney Catherine Poppe
Caitlin Cavanagh Melanie Preve
Karlie Crispin Jane Richter
Rachel Diehl Frank Scicchitano
Jeanette Ding Kathryn Scully
Reilly Esposito Margaret Shull
Dan Gatti Colleen Topper
Megan Hazel Terri Walton
Jacob Holman Elliot Williams
Gabrielle Irvin Elinore Wright


2016 Honor Roll of Donors

(as of 6/2/16)

Abel, Nicholas E. Korka, Jacquelyn E.
Abood, Christopher S. Krause, Liesl A.
Acito, Ryan C. Krier, Colin P.
Adams, Elizabeth A. Kuharich, Megan A.
Adams, Kyra A. Kumin, Joshua D.
Adams, Michelle K. Kuna, Michael V.
Adipietro, Christina . Kuphal, Anne M.
Afonso, Steven J. Kurda, Christine M.
Ajayi, Adetola . Kuse, Allison R.
Akins, Rachel E. Kuteyi, Temidayo A.
Albert, Christine C. Kvochak, Natalie P.
Alexander, Erica L. Lakis, Andrew .
Alexander, Tyler J. Lam, Kayla K.
Aliaj, Kaltra . Lamb, Joseph D.
Allen, William B. Lamb, Margaret C.
Almonte, Enmanuel . Lamb, Michael S.
Alpin, Eugene J. Lampron, Joshua E.
Amspacher, Tyler J. Landis, William P.
Anarumo, Danielle M. Lassiter, Grace M.
Anczarski, Jamie A. Lau, Natalie S.
Anderson, Susan L. Lavine, Lauren N.
Andon, John D. Lawson, Georgette E.
Andreacchi, Christian A. Leary, Hannah D.
Andriani, Danielle N. LeBlanc, Jennifer M.
Antypas, Michael . Lee, Hyeonji .
Appea, Akosua A. Lee, Katie H.
Arafa, Omar M. Lee, Richard .
Aran, Jacqueline A. Lee, Sylvie .
Arcidiacono, Ryan C. Leen, Kristen L.
Arpa, Michael V. Lemmer, Shannon C.
Arterburn, Kirsten L. Leskin, Daniel S.
Ashcroft, Matthew J. Leslie, Kayla M.
Asher, Kathryn L. Lewis, Gavin D.
Asmussen, Claire M. Lewis, Margaret M.
Attridge, Elizabeth A. Lewis, Mary J.
Auslander, Michael D. Lewis, Melanie .
Austin, James C. Leyden, Timothy P.
Ayers, Aleshia R. Likos, Paulina G.
Ayudant, Kimberly N. Lin, Kevin .
Backenstoe, Sarah T. Lin, Rebecca .
Bai, Tina X. Linka, Haven A.
Baisden, Sage A. Linn, Alexandra N.
Baker, Helen M. Linnehan, Shannon R.
Baker, Kevin T. Lipske, Vallena T.
Banecker, Teresa A. Lisboa, Frank .
Baran, Kellie N. Loftus, Brendan M.
Barclay, Grace D. Loftus, Sarah O.
Barghash, Rhea H. Logan, Alexandra T.
Barker, Meghan M. Logan, Charmey J.
Barr, Mary A. Lonergan, Meghan E.
Barrett, Mathew E. Long, Meghan N.
Barufkin, Alexander L. Long, Michael J.
Basso, Alexa T. Long, Patrick .
Batistic, Luka P. Loor, Karen M.
Bayern, Matthew R. Lordi, Christina R.
Bayliss, Margaret L. Louis, Da'Vion T.
Beaudette, Danielle M. Lowe, Douglas W.
Becerra Taschetti, Ana . Lowe, Henry L.
Becker, Jack . Lubiejewski, Kyle E.
Becker, Sara B. Lucido, Christopher J.
Beglane, Rory F. Luo, Jessica J.
Beltran, Joshua A. Lynch, Cian B.
Benakis, George A. Lynch, Meaghan A.
Benedict, Julie A. MacDonald, Daniel J.
Benjamin, Paige M. MacGuidwin, Elise M.
Benton, Briana B. Mack, Kenya M.
Bernadel, Sabrina E. Madden, Sarah K.
Bernard, Alexis L. Magnone, Taylor R.
Bettuzzi, Lauren M. Maguire, Rachael M.
Betz, Jaclyn C. Mahan, Amanda Y.
Beyma, Haley E. Maher, Megan .
Bianca, Kristin M. Mai, Adley .
Biancamano, Christina M. Mair, Maria .
Biesiada, Nicholas F. Makoski, Mary Rose .
Bila, Courtney E. Makrygiannis, Evangelia J.
Black, Bridget M. Malanga, Tara A.
Blakley, Holly S. Malone, Samuel M.
Blazoski, Andrew C. Manta, Michael P.
Bleck, Jennifer I. Marchiafava, Brandon C.
Bleier, Rachel L. Marino, Reanna M.
Blemker, Samantha R. Markey, Gabrielle .
Blubello, James J. Markowski, Jordyn C.
Boe, Lillian A. Marks, Katrina A.
Bordelon, Casey C. Marootian, Shant V.
Borsheim, Allison J. Marques, Daniel .
Bowles, Kyle J. Marra, Halle N.
Boyd, Karim S. Martin, Andrew C.
Boylan, Caroline E. Martin, Colin P.
Brasel, James M. Martinez, Begona .
Braun, Allison M. Martinez, Keith A.
Brawley, Thomas G. Marwitz, Leah N.
Brede, Ashley T. Mastrocola, Alexis L.
Brence, John K. Mastrogiannis, Dimitrios N.
Brennan, Kieran J. Mattis, Eon D.
Brennan, Michael C. Mayoral, Jose J.
Brennan, Murphy J. Mazzara, Cali A.
Brennan, Tyler M. Mazzari, Melanie A.
Brizzi, Matthew J. Mazzeo, Lawrence S.
Brooks, Caroline C. McAleer, Shannon M.
Brouillard, Joseph R. McAllister, Jacqueline M.
Brown, Briana K. McAlvin, Kaitlyn M.
Brown, Kaylin M. McAnally, Matthew R.
Brown, Zachary T. McAssey, Kathleen V.
Bruce, Jacqueline S. McCabe, Caitlin S.
Brunson, Indigo E. McCafferty, Kyle A.
Bryan, Kenna C. McCarraher, Gabrielle D.
Bryant, Seth P. McCarter, Katherine H.
Buckenheimer, Abigail G. McCarthy, Amy K.
Budenholzer, Rachel N. McCaughey, Caroline M.
Bumgardner, Hayden S. McConaughy, Joseph O.
Buonomo, Steven M. McCurry, Cameron S.
Burd, Robert . McDaneld, Aaron M.
Burley, Christopher T. McDonald, Michael L.
Butchy, Adam A. McFadden, Molly M.
Butera, Alexandra G. McGrath, Alexa N.
Butler, Stephanie A. McGrath, Meghan M.
Byrnes, Christopher M. McGuinness, Molly A.
Caballero, Olga B. McGuire, Sean P.
Cabello, Beatriz C. McHugh, Morgan T.
Cabot, Elisabeth P. McIntire, Samuel D.
Cacace, Robert W. McKigney, Jillian L.
Cacchione, Margaret C. McLaughlin, Mary M.
Cacela, Carl T. McMahon, Laura A.
Cadge, William P. McMahon, Ryan P.
Cadmus, Alexander B. McMahon, Sarah A.
Caggiano, Jonathan A. McNulty, Ryan J.
Cahill, Clare T. McNulty, Samantha K.
Calabrese, Nicholas T. McReynolds, Keileigh A.
Camara, Fatoumata H. Meade, Allison K.
Camassa, Christina M. Meagher, Jennifer K.
Cameron, Andrew C. Mecsas-Faxon, Benjamin D.
Campbell, Sean D. Meehan, Genevieve A.
Cannon, John N. Melesius, Andrea L.
Cannone, Teresa A. Merritt, Emily C.
Capolarello, Nicole L. Messick, Joseph S.
Caporrino, Alea . Miller, Anthony .
Carbone, Vincent J. Miller, Linnea S.
Carden, Joseph B. Miller, Nicholas D.
Cardenas, Sebastian . Milo, Stephen C.
Carey, Connor P. Milone, Marla R.
Carillo, Jennifer L. Moffa, Andrew P.
Carney, Hannah B. Mohammed, Abubakar S.
Carney, Nicholas M. Montes, Erika .
Carpenter, Lauren M. Morelli, Priscilla R.
Carreras-Ortiz, Lourdes P. Morgan, Brianna D.
Casagrand, Sara M. Morgan, Georgina F.
Catalano, Sean J. Morley, Bailey M.
Cavanagh, Caitlin A. Morris, Emmanuel .
Cecere, Catherine M. Morris, Ryan J.
Center, Daniel . Morris, William W.
Ceron Bardales, Diego F. Morrison, Anne B.
Cerone, Anthony J. Mortezavi, Lela .
Cesareo, Marianna F. Moschella, Millieanne .
Ceste, Tyler . Mulford, Hunter C.
Chain, Amir . Muran, Alexander J.
Chan, Elidi W. Muratore, Paul B.
Chandeck Chen, Karl L. Murphy, Amanda K.
Chang, Jessica A. Murphy, Jessica L.
Chapey, Alex F. Murphy, Matthew R.
Chapey, Brendan M. Murray, Tatum E.
Charidah, Talia J. Murtha, Ryan T.
Cheatham, Kenyn E. Myers, Matthew M.
Cheng, Kenny . Narayanan, Kailash L.
Cheng, Kira . Nardone, Bryan R.
Chillemi, Erica P. Natale, Gabrielle R.
Chin, Amanda D. Naveira, Isabel C.
Chiu, Kevin . Neill, Morgan D.
Chmara, Cheyenne J. Nelson, Claire E.
Choi, Annie M. Nerlino, Katie C.
Chorlian, Andrew P. Nespral, Frank J.
Christian, Kevin P. Nesser, Eric A.
Church, Kial B. Neumann, Stephanie M.
Cialino, Amanda E. Newman, Elizabeth A.
Ciapciak, Patrick T. Nguyen, Vi .
Cipiti, Anne E. Nichols, Matthew C.
Clarke, Julie A. Nolte, Abigail S.
Clarke, Megan A. Nordeen, Elke R.
Clay, Julia C. Oaks, Abigail G.
Clay, Luke C. O'Boyle, Ryan J.
Cluskey, Daniel . Ochefu, Daniel H.
Coelho, Jacklyn S. Ock, Jimmin .
Cohen, Caroline A. O'Connor, Brendan .
Colleluori, Kaitlyn M. O'Dea, Michael P.
Cometz, Lindsay E. O'Donnell, Andrew .
Comfort, Spencer M. O'Donnell, Nicholas .
Conley, Daniel J. O'Donnell, Nicole M.
Conners, Christine W. O'Donoghue, Kathryn A.
Connolly, Caroline E. O'Hara, Michael J.
Connolly, Melissa A. O'Hern, Catherine M.
Connors, Alexandra F. O'Leary, Colleen P.
Considine, Madeleine A. O'Leary, Megan E.
Constantine, Nicole L. Oleksak, Matthew .
Conway, Nicole . Olsen, Kelly S.
Coombs, Tikim . Olson, Jaclyn S.
Coonan, Andrew J. Oltmans, Connor G.
Cooney, Dennis A. O'Malley, Shannon A.
Corbusier, Kevin J. Oneslager, Richard D.
Cordasco, Jessica A. O'Reilly, Jessica F.
Cordova-Mustafa, Jaime . Orlando, Andrew P.
Cortez, Jeffrey D. Orlando, Michael A.
Cosentino, Lindsay N. Otero, Jorge .
Cote, Christopher R. O'Toole, Patrick S.
Crenny, Grace Ann P. O'Toole, Shannon N.
Critelli, Cara M. Ouyang, Shunen .
Cronin, Alyse R. Pabst, Mackenzie A.
Cronin, Marie-Elena . Palen, Annette M.
Crusco, Deanna M. Palmer, Shea N.
Cucinotta, Marissa R. Pandit, Anika .
Cullen, Gabriel E. Pantelopoulos, Athena .
Cullen, Ryan M. Paparella, Alexander S.
Cunningham, Jessica A. Parsloe, Caitria M.
Cunningham, Kai . Parsons, Katrina A.
Cunningham, Valerie D. Pash, Kevin J.
Cunnion, Brigid R. Pastena, Stephanie L.
Dahlke, Scott A. Patel, Anish H.
Dai, Victoria . Patel, Neil .
Daly, Carolyn S. Patel, Sahil P.
Damstrom, Emily J. Patil, Neil R.
Danek, Carly J. Patrick, Ariana M.
Danneker, Alexandra M. Pawlak, Meghan K.
Dannemiller, Steven J. Pearson, Casey E.
Dantos, Stephanie E. Pellerano, Cesar G.
D'Ariano, Matthew P. Perez, Alyson N.
DaRos, Dana A. Pergolizzi, Paul J.
Davis, Marguerite A. Perito, Robert J.
Davison, Karen L. Perrella, Anthony M.
Dawley, Maeve E. Perry, Michael T.
De Simone, Nicoletta M. Persicketti, Emily A.
DeAngelis, Alyssa K. Peterpaul, Margaret A.
DeAngelo, Adam S. Pethokoukis, Gabriella .
DeCamillo, Anthony M. Petrera, Matteo V.
DeEntremont, Chloe M. Pettit, Emma J.
Del Grippo, Noelle C. Pham, Celia L.
Delaney, Brendan H. Pheng, Brian A.
DeLorenzo, Gabriella I. Phipps, Sara A.
Delserone, Abigail M. Pica, Elizabeth S.
DeMatteis, Catherine R. Piccirilli, Anna F.
Dembowski, Erica L. Pieper, Jordan T.
DeSimone, Nicholas M. Pillert, Gabrielle A.
Devine, Miles P. Pitek, Rachel J.
Diaz, Brenna E. Pittman, Cody L.
DiBari, Emily A. Plourde, Cody R.
DiBenedetto, Lindsay R. Polk, Brian T.
Diehl, Rachel S. Pollack, Ann K.
DiFazio, Thomas A. Polman, David J.
DiFrancesco, Lauren R. Polomski, Matthew C.
DiGiacomo, Nicholas D. Pompili, Maria S.
Dillon, Kelly J. Ponge, Charles A.
DiNardi, Stephanie D. Pontrelli, Lawrence R.
Ding, Jeanette . Poppe, Catherine A.
Dinsmore, Julianne T. Pousley, Sean M.
DiRe, William M. Power, Hannah .
DiScola, Nicholas J. Press, Lindsey M.
Dixon, Catherine M. Preve, Melanie M.
Diziki, Alyssa V. Price, Grace C.
Doelling, Curtis M. Pringle, Oliver R.
Doherty, Sean M. Puglisi, Elizabeth B.
Doke, Raquel N. Purnell, Molly C.
Doll, John M. Putt, Jordan L.
Dombroski, Allison E. Quigley, Robert T.
Donnelly, Brian R. Quinn, Catriona J.
Donnelly, Maura K. Quinn, Hanna M.
Donnelly, Stephen C. Quinn, Sean F.
D'Orazio, Celeste M. Raborn, Alexander J.
Doris, Daniel J. Radecki, James F.
Doumbia, Fatima A. Radomile, Danielle M.
Dowdell, Andrew W. Rafferty, Kevin M.
Doyle, James P. Ragone, Eric T.
Duan, Nancy . Rahn, Zachary W.
Duarte, Kristina M. Raio, Gianna M.
Dugan, Erika L. Ralph, Patrick V.
Dugan, Lauren A. Ramos, Keleigh E.
Duggan, Caitlin E. Ramusevic, Brendan .
Dunne, Meghan E. Randazzo, Christine M.
Dwyer, Anna K. Raymond, Merlyn .
Dziedzic, Christina M. Reaves, Stephanie A.
Eaton, Vincent P. Reber, Alexander .
Edghill, Brandon C. Reeves, Megan A.
Einig, Elizabeth R. Regan, Paul A.
Ekroth, Hollis A. Reichlen, Jeffrey D.
Ellenwood, Michael J. Reiff, Robert C.
Ellerthorpe, Lindsay A. Reilly, John P.
Engelhart, Brian F. Reimers, Corinne P.
English, Gregory J. Reinoso, Kirk R.
Enright, Julia M. Rembert, Brittany A.
Errico, Kevin F. Reynolds, Maria C.
Ervey, Benjamin R. Rhodes, Shannon E.
Escobar, Lincoln D. Ribaudo, Nicholas J.
Esposito, Reilly C. Richard, Marsha C.
Essis, Frederick J. Richardson, Kagan C.
Fabrizio, Daniel J. Richey, Emily .
Fairfield, Carina R. Richter, Jane E.
Fallon, Thomas P. Rinchiera, Christopher A.
Falvo, Daniela R. Rippe, Robert H.
Fan, Kristie . Rivera, Alejandro J.
Faraby, Noor A. Rivera, Rodrigo .
Faragasso, Gabrielle . Riverso, Danielle .
Farinella, Kaitlin N. Rizk, Christina N.
Farrell, Kylie K. Rizzo, Caroline T.
Farrell, Patrick E. Roberts, Cameron A.
Farrell, Samantha R. Roberts, Drew F.
Farris, Samuel J. Robertson, Nia C.
Fazzio, Ann M. Rodriguez, Rodrigo A.
Fedele, Zachary V. Rodriguez, Thomas D.
Felczak, Rebecca L. Roffina, Kyle C.
Fenniman, Blaire A. Rogers, Charrae B.
Fenton, Taylor E. Rogers, Nicole E.
Fera, Lena A. Rohrer, Katherine E.
Filippello, Jennie E. Romanowski, Ann M.
Fiorillo, Julianna M. Romanzo, Massimo E.
Fiske, Lizandra E. Romeo, William E.
Flores, Matthew D. Romiyo, Prasanth .
Florin, Caitlin M. Roop, Julia C.
Flynn-Rozanski, Kaleigh C. Rorke, Rachel C.
Focht, Samantha E. Rosado-Perez, Marisol A.
Foley, Megan E. Rosen, Jeremy B.
Fonzo, Nicholas M. Rosenberg, Erin A.
Fossaceca, Christine . Rossiello, Nina M.
Foster, Caroline F. Roth, Mary Frances .
Foti, Alissa C. Roughley, Dara C.
Franchino, Caroline M. Rowen, James S.
Frangos, Patrick H. Rozanitis, Ryan C.
Franko, Cecilia M. Ruiz, Alexandra L.
Frattaroli, Lauren C. Ruiz, Sara C.
Fraum, Jaclyn T. Russell, Margaret M.
Frazier, Erin M. Russo, Anna M.
Freitas, Alexandra M. Rustemeyer, Connor J.
Friel, Rose W. Rutenbar, Evan R.
Fufidio, Andrea L. Ryan, Rebecca A.
Fullenweider, William C. Sabanos, Christopher J.
Fulton, Rachel L. Saccoman, Ryan M.
Gagis, Abigail J. Sagliocca, Marco .
Gaines, Jordyn D. Salimi, Sean B.
Gallagher, Brendan E. Salmeron, Karen M.
Gallagher, Brigid M. Samolsky, Kevin J.
Gallagher, Katie M. Sandifer, Aaron C.
Gallaway, John W. Santiago, Celina N.
Gallucci, Amanda N. Saporito, Richard L.
Galvin, Shannon L. Sauvigne, Marielle C.
Gambino, Nicole M. Savas, Lauren E.
Gannon, Katharine M. Sbarra, Alyssa N.
Gantt, Alexandra M. Scatterday, Timothy R.
Garcia, Mona L. Schanne, Luke T.
Garrison, Elizabeth A. Schilbach, Isabelle S.
Garvin, Breana S. Schneider, Olivia R.
Garza, Juan P. Schneider, Rachael L.
Gaston, Corey A. Schroeder, Patrick C.
Gatti, Casey M. Schumacher, Jeffrey D.
Gaule, Joseph R. Schwabe, Jennifer E.
Geib, Ryan T. Scicchitano, Frank N.
Genereux, Olivia M. Scopetta, Michael J.
Genovese, Joseph J. Scott, Blair N.
George, Lea C. Scott, Kara J.
Gerstman, Ethan P. Scrivo, Thomas J.
Ghandor, Nicole . Scully, Kathryn J.
Ghicondey, Brittany D. Scully, Morgan E.
Gibson, Gray T. Sebastiao, Alexander G.
Gilbert, Sarah N. Sebastiao, Christina G.
Gill, Thomas M. Sedia, Michael A.
Gillett, Alexander P. Seebert, Krystian R.
Gilligan, John P. Seitz, Christopher T.
Giromini, Elizabeth M. Serrano, Alexa J.
Goetzman, Emma . Shah, Amit .
Goldberg, Jessica L. Shah, Priya .
Gomez, Alejandra . Shea, Daniel B.
Gonzalez, Alejandra . Shea, Thomas M.
Gonzalez, Eugene E. Sheahan, Carly R.
Gonzalez, Fabian . Shepis, Alexandra M.
Good, Devin C. Shockley, Nicole E.
Gorman, Ian T. Shull, Margaret E.
Goss, John A. Side, Samantha A.
Gosselin, Scott . Siegeltuch, Kathryn T.
Gourdeau, Jack . Silva, Anthony M.
Goyal, Saloni . Simmons, Megan J.
Gozdan, Katherine A. Sklar, Erica S.
Graf, Laura E. Smaltz, Christa .
Graham, Kyle W. Smillie, Heather .
Grant, Devan R. Smith, Murphy J.
Green, Kevin M. Smith, Patrick D.
Greenberg, Alexander . Smith, Taylor P.
Greene, Shakyra N. Smyth, Victoria M.
Gregor, Kelly . Solak, Alexandra M.
Gregory, Matthew H. Sopher, Matthew S.
Gribb, Jacob P. Sortisio, Nicolette M.
Grieco, Dana I. Sottosanti, Julia G.
Griff, Tierney P. Souffrant, Kerby S.
Grim, Tracy L. Sousa Pitti, Diego E.
Grinsell, Cassidy M. Soussou, Elpitha L.
Grippaldi, Jessica L. Sparacino, Daniel M.
Grosjean, Taylor M. Spellane, Kathryn A.
Gross, Shannon M. Spence, Lauren P.
Gruenewald, Morgan A. Spichiger, Kirsten M.
Grupen, Nicholas A. Spirk, Steven F.
Guerrero, Leslie . Spitzer, Alyssa R.
Gulyas, Kevin T. Sprague, Shannon M.
Gutierrez, Lorenzo . Sprenkle, Cameron .
Habig, Catherine A. Sprotte, Kelly A.
Hagan, Kendall A. Staib, Thomas J.
Hager, Francis S. Stamatov, Gregory J.
Hajavi, Yalda . Stankiewicz, Sarah J.
Hajjar, Joseph V. Stanley, Caroline D.
Hall, Kelsey E. Stanziale, Christopher J.
Hamilton, Mary K. Staub, Caroline R.
Hamilton, Olivia S. Stefanides, Kristian E.
Hammel, Theodore F. Steinberg, Jake C.
Hammerle, Nicholas F. Steining, Margaret M.
Hanagan, Matthew C. Stieber, Kimber L.
Handal, Megan E. Stivale, Samantha E.
Hanley, Kaila M. Stoll, Eric W.
Hanley, Sarah E. Stott, Kelly E.
Hannon, Erin M. Stouffer, Christopher A.
Hansen, Kathleen L. Strid, Ryan C.
Hardie, Fiona E. Sturm, Chandler E.
Harper, Michael S. Su, Veerawin .
Harrs, Emma L. Suarez, Vanessa A.
Hartner, Isabel H. Sula, Jenna I.
Hartnett, Sean M. Sullivan, Jacqueline M.
Hasen, Edward W. Sullivan, Mathieu H.
Hatch, Emily J. Sullivan, Patrick M.
Hause, Connor J. Sumfleth, Kristina E.
Hayden, Theresa A. Sunderland, Cole S.
Hayes, Megan E. Sutherland, Caroline C.
Heasty, Shannon K. Sweet, Bridget R.
Heeg, Rebecca L. Swiatek, Jani L.
Heintzelman, Clare F. Sykes, Joseph B.
Hejna, Amanda R. Syslo, Michael J.
Heller, Abigail . Tadley, Katharine M.
Helmig, Megan E. Tan, Alexander T.
Henderson, Chelsey R. Tan, Boratha .
Henderson, William A. Tanico, Lily C.
Henry, Connor W. Tapke, Jordan P.
Hernandez, Alexandra M. Tarangioli, Jessica E.
Hernandez, Edward J. Tattory, Michael R.
Herrigel, Michael J. Tavoletti, Jason D.
Heupler, John T. Taylor, Emma M.
Hickey, Colleen . Tchobanov, Nikolai I.
Hill, Christopher L. Testa, Samantha L.
Hillebrecht, Thomas J. Textores, Natalie M.
Hinson, Matthew S. Thesing, Gregory A.
Ho, Jason . Thet, Khaing Zin .
Hoffman, Benedict C. Thomas, Robert D.
Holliday, Oliver . Thompson, Ana M.
Holman, Jacob D. Thompson, Kristin A.
Holmes, Elizabeth K. Toolajian, Dylan .
Holte, Cynthia M. Topper, Colleen M.
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Hutchinson, Kaitlin M. Venturino, Denis .
Hwang, Daniel D. Verdino, Bradley J.
Iacovella, Joseph D. Vergilio, Christian .
Ianni, Anthony J. Vettom, Shawn T.
Iervolino, Thomas P. Vidal, Renee C.
Inguanti, Michael J. Villano, Brad J.
Inkster, Cori S. Villas, Myra A.
Innamorato, Paige I. Villegas, Nicole I.
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Inserra, Jacqueline A. Viscardi, Anthony .
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Knouse, Melissa C. Zvosec, Emily A.
Knowles, John R. Zylla, Alice H.
Kohler, Kelly M.  

Have a great summer! Check back for Fall 2016 events soon! 


Jeanette Anthony '14
Assistant Director of
Student Philanthropy and 
Young Alumni Giving