Senior Class Gift


We're thrilled to announce that the Senior Class of 2017 set a new University record, exceeding our goal to reach 63% participation!

  • More than 950 seniors have made a gift to one of 51 unique areas of Villanova.
  • More than $132,700 raised through these gifts and the Giucno Family Match
62% V-Meter

Thank you to everyone who supported the Senior Class Gift! We hope you will continue your tradition of philanthropy as our newest class of alumni, as well!



Why support the Senior Class Gift Program?

  • It Has Impacted You: The Senior Class Gift touches every area of campus. No matter your major or extracurricular activities, your time at Villanova was made better by previous seniors' gifts.

  • You Can Make a Difference: By making your gift, you have the special opportunity to ensure that future students can create their own unique Villanova experiences, just like you did.

  • You Can Show Your School Pride: Your participation shows your confidence in Villanova's mission and the education you received, setting a powerful example for underclassmen.
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The Giunco Family Match

We are excited to announce the Giunco Family Match! The Giuncos have generously pledged to donate $100 in honor of each senior who makes a gift of any size to any area of Villanova.

62% participation goal = 930 seniors

930 senior donors =
$93,000 in additional funds for the University

About the Giunco Family

Janet and John ’74 VSB Giunco
John Giunco Jr. ’12 COE

As members of the alumni community, the Giuncos have found multiple ways to stay involved at Villanova. In addition to supporting the University through their talents—John Sr. serves on the Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate Advisory Council—they also make annual gifts to support the Villanova experience as members of the President’s Club and Villanova Loyalty Society.

The Giuncos want to work together with you—the Class of 2017—to make a mark on Villanova’s future during your senior year.

"We are all very fortune to be associated with Villanova. The University prepares each of us for the future through a high-value education and a strong foundation of Augustinian values. But the greatest gift is the sense of community Villanova creates—among its students, alumni, parents and friends.

Now it is our duty and privilege to support the University however we can—including getting others involved. That is why Janet, John Jr. and I decided to sponsor this year’s Senior Class Gift Challenge. Through the Giunco Family Match, we hope that the Class of 2017 will be inspired to give back to this beloved institution and make it even better for the next generation of Villanovans.” —John Giunco ’74 VSB

You can make your Senior Class Gift using whichever of the below methods is easiest for you!

  • Online, any day and any time
  • In person during one of our SAA or SCG events
  • By phone at 1-800-486-5244 (M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST)


SCG Incentives

Senior Class Gift Incentives

To show our appreciation for your support, you will receive the following benefits for making a gift at a certain level, including all preceding incentives.


Why I Support the Senior Class Gift

Jacalyn Reed '15

"I was motivated to donate to Senior Class Gift because I wanted to give back to the university that has given me so much. As a young adult, it was important for me to find a philanthropic cause that I was passionate about, and one that I could support. The Senior Class Gift program was a great way for me to begin my own philanthropy by giving back to an area on campus."
- Jacalyn Reed '15

Elliot Williams '16

"I believe that the generous donations made by the students and alumni of Villanova truly benefit the entire student body. As a junior, I've seen so many positive changes happen because of these donations, and I wanted to help facilitate even more improvements on campus. Through Senior Class Gift Committee, I've gained another perspective of Villanova, and appreciate this community even more."

- Elliot Williams ‘16

Senior Class Gift Committee

The Senior Class Gift is a sub-committee of Villanova's Advancement Ambassadors Program. Committee members are dedicated leaders who believe in the power of Villanovans helping Villanovans. This group of students will be around campus and at events encouraging the Class of 2017 to reach 62% Senior Class Gift participation, so look for them during the year!


2017 Senior Class Gift Committee Members

Ronnie Abbazio Matthew Gownley
Tope Abu Maura Gownley
Priscilla Acquaah Austin Hake
Carolyn Beranek Katie Keating
Dan Bernardi Claire Kimilu
Marion Brady Jill Labetti
Leo Brenninkmeyer Christian Mattutat
Ryan Brunnock Suzanne McCarthy
Brendan Carchidi Emerald McGrath 
JP Carey Aida Mohajeri
Joe Casini Katherine Murphy
Cate Chambers Anne O’Toole
Jenny Chen Vincent Raspa
Katherine Cimei Robert Roenitz
Kyle Collins Hillary Shah
Josh Denny  Shantel Silva
Colleen Donnelly Patrick Sullivan
Elizabeth Eby Mallory Tadley
Colleen Farrell Lucas Trim 
Imani Flowers Breanna Vitolo
Katrina Garzon Eli Volk
Meagan Ginder Jack Yarnall


2017 Honor Roll of Donors

Updated 5/26/17

Accetta, William G Leibiger, Thomas M.
Adams, Jay Leighow, Scott M
Ahearne, Marion C. Leites, Jillian A.
Ahern, Brendan J Lentz, Patrick T.
Ahn, Michelle S Leonard, Christie G.
Ahsan, Faraz S. Leonard, Mary Margaret
Aileo, Nicholas M. Leonard, Nicholas C.
Albanese, Rachel A. Li, Jasmine
Aldieri, Eric N Liou, Andrew
Alfieri, Grace E. Lipovsky, Marianne K.
AlHalabi, Serene S. Lithen, Peter T.
Alldian, David P Liva, Claire T.
Allen, Maisie Lloyd, Nora K
Almerini, Jason E Loeser, Laura Marie
Alward, Kayla L. Loffredo, Allison M.
Alzate, Gerard Pereyra Longfritz, Anne
Anderson, Annabel J. Longo, Kyle A.
Angersbach, Jessica L. Lopez, Madeline M
Antaki, Kathleen V Lord, Colleen E
Antonio, Gabriella N. Lotterer, Emily W.
Appleton, Megan C. Lownsbery, Erin L.
Armstrong, Elizabeth P Lowrie, Robert P.
Armstrong, Philip M. Luidens, Cassidy L
Arning, Gregory J. Lutz, Anna L.
Attwood, Alexis R. Lynch, Kasey E.
Austin-Carter, Brian K. Lynch, Sarah
Autieri, Danielle E. Lynch, Teresa R.
Azanow, Katherine L Lynn, Marybeth C.
Baker, Annina M. Ma, Billy L
Baker, Harry S. Mabery, Alison J
Balceniuk, Rachel Marie MacDonald, Neil P
Ball, Scott P. MacDonald, Todd R.
Bannister, Brynn E. MacFarlane, Neil S
Barnes, Kaylie M. Machi, Steven A
Barnett, Darby R. Mackell, Kelcy L.
Barra, Christopher P Maffei, Christopher
Barrett, Ryan M Maguire, Abigail G
Bates, Sarah L. Mahan, Meaghan M
Batsides, Alexa Maher, Daniel W.
Baudinet, Michael C. Maher, John R.
Bauman, Daniel Maino, Gregory J.
Beddow, Kyle G Malloy, Rachel E
Beirne, Christopher T. Malone, Kelsey A.
Belack, Andrew Marco Maltese, Christina V.
Bellomo, Eric L. Malyutina, Yevgeniya
Berendt, Michaela E. Maner, Tasneem M.
Berlin, Lauren Mangiafico, Jessica M.
Berman, Gabriella E. Manheimer, Elizabeth R.
Bernardi, Daniel J. Manion, Caroline R.
Bernasconi, Elisabeth M. Maniscalco, Gabrielle L.
Bernstein, Valerie E Marcigliano, Arianna
Berrang, Mitchell A Markowski, Cameron
Berry, Michael J Marmora, Christopher P.
Betz, Christopher R. Marone, Anthony R
Biase, Marta C. Marshall, Emily P
Birch, Alexander J. Martin, Meghan F.
Bissonette, Danielle L Martinelli, Sally A
Blaisdell, Madeline M Marzo, Caroline A
Blakeley, Georgina H. Massillon, Arielle J
Boardman, Alison N. Massimino, Grace E.
Boccia, Michael V Massina, Anthony J.
Bodie, Stephanie Mathers, Cara A
Boedicker, Luke R. Mattutat, Christian J.
Bohny, Elizabeth R. Max, Emma R
Bouchard, Kelly A. May, Donovan
Bouffard, Marie G. Mayo, Emily A.
Bowen, Aaron G McAloon, Kelly M.
Bowers, Mark A. McCabe, Joseph E
Boyce, Kathleen L McCann, Brendan T
Boyd, Allison M. McCann, Claire M.
Bozich, Luke McCarthy, Caroline G.
Bradley, Lauren M. McCarthy, Jessica L
Brady, Marion E McCarthy, John P.
Brady, Taylor N. McCarthy, Kieran James
Branigan, Gregory L. McCarthy, Michael F.
Breault, Mark K McClelland, Colleen K
Brennan, John T. McCloy, Kiera A.
Brenner, Christopher J. McCormick, Timothy P.
Brenninkmeyer, Leo D McCourt, Dillon D
Brew, Thomas D McCoy, Casey P.
Bridge, Megan L. McDonald, John S.
Briker, Anna L McEleney, Thomas J.
Briker, Sara McGarvey, Margaret C.
Briscoe, Emma G McGeary, Maria A
Brodin, Alexandra Cait McGrath, Emerald M.
Brophy, Christopher X. McGuinness, Conor J
Brown, Bowen E McHugh, Chloe B.
Brown, Kelsey E McKeever, Peter C.
Broyles, Kelsey A McKernan, Sean G.
Brunnock, Ryan McLellan, Katherine M
Buccellato, Brooke E. McMahon, Mollie F.
Buchan, Bradley W. McMullan, Annie S
Buckley, Aidan McMullen, Delaney
Bunton, Josephine A McNabb, Lea C
Burke, John M. McNamara, Andrew J
Butchko, Christine A. McNamara, Devin M.
Byars, Eleanor M. McNamara, Paige T
Byrnett, Julia M McPhillips, Denis S.
Caffrey, Patrick T Medeiros, Elise D.
Calangelo, Christa R. Megan, Benjamin A.
Camilleri, Joseph Mehta, Nimesha B
Campbell, Eric W. Meissner, Laura E
Campbell, James F. Melbert, Elizabeth C.
Campbell, Laura P. Melino, Ryan
Cangialosi, Elizabeth A. Merckling, Matthew J
Cappadocia, Jacqueline A. Mereminskaya, Anna M.
Car, Stephanie A. Mericle, Kristen E.
Carbajal, Grace C. Merkle, Erin S.
Carbone, Joanna Merlo, Natalie P.
Cardelfe, Anna D. Merrick, Brendan
Carey, Anna L Messinger, Madeleine M
Carey, James P. Meyers, Alex M.
Carney, Sean D Michaud, Emily
Carroll, Alexandra L Migliarino, Victoria M
Carroll, Devon S Mihal, Andrew T.
Carter, Katelyn M. Milano, Stephanie A.
Casey, Kimberlee M. Milbocker, Katrina A
Casini, Joseph T. Miller, Megan T.
Caucino, Joseph Alexander Mills, Margaret K.
Caufield, Kerry C. Millstein, Haley N.
Cavanaugh, Margaret C. Mink, Patrick W.
Cecchi, Jeannette M Miranda, Luis A.
Ceccon, Nicolette L Mitchell, Maurice L
Chambers, Catherine R. Mitchell, Myles A
Charla, Joseph N Mitz, Erik L.
Chen, Andrew Mohajeri, Aida
Chen, Angela Mohr, Rachael I.
Chen, Jenny Molstad, Michael P.
Chen, Stephen Monagle, Mary M
Cheng, Kira Mongelli, Daniel M.
Chirico, Giavanna G Mongillo, Bailey C.
Cho, Hyun-Kyoung Montoya, Nicki R
Chodhari, Priyanka R. Moore, Alexandra C
Christie, Jennifer L. Moore, Mark A.
Chueh, Brian Moorhead, Matthew J
Cimei, Katherine M. Moran, Kelly N.
Ciminello, Gianna Moran, Stephanie
Cino, Gregory M. Morgan, Larissa C
Cioffi, Katherine R Moritz, Christopher
Cirillo, Kelly E. Morrissette, Courtney E.
Clancy, Michael P. Morrissey, Allyce N
Clark, Carolynn E. Morro, Anita R.
Clark, Chelsey M. Moulton, Daniel Z.
Clark, Julia E Mouradian, Gabriella G.
Clark, Travis J. Mowbray, Kristin M.
Clark, Tyler D. Moxley, Ellen M.
Clemente, Thomas G. Moyano, Kathryn A
Clerico, Hannah G Muccifori, Thomas M.
Cocchi, Francesca N Mukhi, Pravesh N.
Cody, Amanda J. Mulry, Brendan M
Coghill, Jillian G. Murphy, Ryan E
Coleman, Margaret A. Murphy, Ryan P.
Cona, Courtney P Murphy, Teresa M.
Connolly, Leah R. Myers, Shannon M
Conrad, Megan P. Mysogland, Erin K.
Considine, Catherine O Nahl, Alexandra
Contreras, Edna N Nair, Malavika
Cooper, Isabelle M. Nandrajog, Naveen P.
Cooper, Kayla C Nashed, Christina
Coppola, Kristan M. Naslonski, Kurtis B.
Corbusier, Kevin J. Neely, Christopher
Cornetta, Luke A Nelson, Alexandra G
Corradi, Alfred S Nelson, Isabel A
Corte-Real, Miguel Nelson, Mikaela E
Cosgrove, Timothy Nemphos, Brittany N
Costanza, Michelle R. Newell, Andrew J
Coyne, Ryan J. Newhall, David J
Crafts, Griffin L Nguyen, Linda L
Crispin, Karlie E Nirappel, James T
Crunkleton, Olivia N. Noll, Stephen T.
Crutchfield, Claire S. Noyes, Bradley P.
Cuccinelli, Connor J. Nwokocha, Chinasa
Cueva, Elisabeth N. O'Connor, Sarah J
Cullinan, Brian W. O'Connor, Shannon M.
Cullinan, Meghan E O'Day, David
Cullman, Merritt K O'Donnell, James F.
Curley, Daniel J O'Donnell, Timothy O.
Cyrs, Kayla J. O'Gorman, John S.
Czech, Sydney N. O'Halloran, Claire E.
D'Amelio, Alexandra R. O'Hara, James D
D'Amico, Dana M O'Hora, Kathleen P
D'Arcangelo, Claire C. O'Leary, Katherine G.
D'Arcangelo, Megan M. O'Neill, Allison H.
Das, Millan O'Neill, Jacqueline
Dave, Kinjal P. O'Neill, Kelly G.
Davis, Courtney L. Orellana, Josue A
Davis, Mariah N Ostick, Denis D.
Davis, Trevor W. O'Toole, Anne Delia
Dayton, Paige V. Oxenreiter, Oliver J.
DeAngelis, Sarah E. Paglia, Maureen R
Deatrick, Christopher K. Paige, Bailey A.
DeFilippis, Connor B Palazzolo, Thomas C.
Delancy, Matthew M. Pallitto, Kristianna R.
DelGatto, Gabrielle Nicole Palmer, Elena A.
Dell'Orto, Christina M. Panek, Kayla M.
DeLuca, Catherine M Paparo, Regina C
DeNicola, Lucia Pappas, Sophia C
Denning, Jacqueline M. Paradiso, Gabriella H.
DeNova, Thomas A. Pascoe, Sawyer J.
DePaolis, Alec M Peckham, Margaret A.
DeRogatis, Jayne N. Peled, Matthew J
Desforge, Matthew J. Pelkey, Anthony M.
DeVito, Lauren M. Pellecchia, Meghan A.
DiCroce, Ariana N. Pellicano, Nicole M.
DiFilippo, Kaileigh P. Peralta, Maria C.
Dillard, Jordan D Perrino, Isabella R.
DiMaio, Breanna N. Perrotti, Stephen
Dimitry, Alexandra N. Perry, Olivia R
DiRusso, Christian J. Pester, Kamrin T.
Dittmer, Katherine M Peterman, Julia C.
Diuro, Kyle D Peterson, Erin J.
DiValerio, John Peterson, Matthew T.
Dixon, Christopher D Petrarca, Nicholas A.
Dodson, Kimberly Petrie, Matthew E
Dolan, Caroline R. Pharel, Marissa
Dolan, Kathleen T Phillips, Timothy H
Donahue, Joseph Timothy Pieper, Stephanie A.
Donatelli, Mark R Pikus, Natalie A.
D'Onofrio, Sara Nicole Pinchock, Abigail M.
Donovan, Morgan E. Piorkowski, Benjamin J
Dougherty, Maura E Pisarra, Angela J.
Dowdle, Nicholas W. Piscina, Juliana R.
Dragon, John T. Pizzi, Sophia B.
Duffner, Emily Renee Pizzutti, Jonathan D
Dufort, Mary K. Platt, Mary Alice
Duggan, Stephanie M Plucienik, Matthew R
Dunigan, Ryan M. Polkow, Michael C.
Earley, Meredith Poon, Ashley Y
Eason, Deirdre E. Potter, Olivia M
Ebrahimi, Mina Prephan, Andrew S.
Edrington, Grant W. Press, James D
Edwards, Noelle A. Prokop, Peter J
Edwards, Stephanie M Prosperi, Gian M.
Effenberger, Caitlin T. Prybylski, Molly C.
Egbe, Teniola I. Pryor, Jonathan
Elder, Alexandra L Quaranta, Arthur A.
Eliason, Sara E Quatrella, Daniel D.
Ellis, Jenna A. Quigley, Daniel P.
Eltz, Olivia Marie Rakoff, Nicole S.
English, Kara D Ramsey, Molly M.
Enright, Megan E. Ranieri, Nicolina R.
Evans, Alexandra C. Raspa, Vincent
Evans, G. Andrew Ratajczak, Alexander J.
Evans, Mackenzie Ratto, Anna E.
Eyring, Audrey F Read, Stephanie A
Fabregat, Estefania Rees, Michael J.
Fahan, Peter N. Reese, Mollie K
Fairfield, Michael J. Reiss, Katelynn M.
Falcone, Anthony J Reitz, Alanna E.
Fallon, Shannon S Renda, Valerie E.
Fallows, Brenna D Renneisen, Thomas S.
Farmakis, Ryder L. Repetto, Erica L.
Farmer, Joseph D Retamar, Alexander J.
Farrell, Colleen M. Reyna, Dalia
Farrell, Thomas J Reynolds, Darryl N.
Fazzolari, Domenico A. Richardson, Kristian A
Felderman, Samuel H. Rickley, Stephen Niewenhous
Feller, Laine E Riesterer, Alexander J.
Fendrich, Nicole M. Riggione, Francesca R.
Ferraro, Brianna N. Rigley, Alexandra M.
Ferraro, Erin C. Riley, Mary A.
Ferrigno, Julia N. Ritchie, Jessica J.
Ficarra, John T. Rivera, Rachel A.
Fidanza, Gavin R Rizzo, Christopher M
Finelli, Gina N Rizzuto, Fay R.
Firmin, Abigail M. Robbins, Katherine R.
Fish, Dana Roberts, Blake Patrick
Fisher, Alexander Robinson, Ryan P.
Fisher, Kathleen E. Rodgers, Samantha H
Fishkin, Bryan M Rodriguez, Michael F.
Fitzpatrick, Colleen M Rodts, Harrison B.
Fitzsimmons, Megan E. Roenitz, Robert J.
Flaherty, Clare F. Rojo, Diego T
Flaherty, Molly C Roller, Elizabeth C
Flippen, Brittany A. Ronan, Catherine A.
Flowers, Imani C. Ronan, Nicholas M.
Flynn, Lawrence E Roncace, Emma C.
Fogarty, Mally J. Rosario, Janine S
Foley, Caroline Chen Baiyan Rubino, Nicholas C.
Foley, Katherine J Rudy, David J.
Foley, Megan M Ruppen, Stephanie M.
Ford, David R. Russo, Alexandra C.
Foresti, Kristin A. Rutter, Dennis J.
Fortin, Ethan H. Ruyack, Amanda K.
Fortunato, Andrew N. Ryan, Jennifer N
Foster, Chelsey N. Ryan, Kelly A.
Foster, Dylan J. Saba, Andrew C.
Francis, Shiza Sahakian, Teny T.
Freitag, Sarah A. Saile, James J.
Freudenberg, Katharine Mary Sakhuja, Brian E.
Fuccillo, Cara N. Saldutti, Thomas E.
Fulginiti, Genna F. Salisbury, Nicole A.
Funabashi, Kathleen A. Sanchez, Stephanie C.
Furnary, Jake T. Santovasi, Matthew M
Furrey, Juliann M. Sardo, Christopher J.
Fusco, Celia A. Saulino, Patrick A
Gallagher, Brian A. Savage, Matthew C
Gallagher, Elizabeth A. Scafura, Lia E
Gallagher, Kara R. Scalia, Christopher H.
Gallo, Taylor A. Scarff, Annamarie M.
Garcia, Abbel Scarfogliero, Samantha A.
Garcia, Christopher G. Scavo, Alexander S.
Garger, Samantha M. Sce, Amanda
Gavin, Mary Catherine Schafer, Samantha M.
Gelder, Bradley T. Schafer, Samuel A
Genoy, James P. Schelzi, Michael J.
George, Michael V. Schlake, Zachary M.
Georges, Elena D. Schlegel, Lucy
Gerardi, Janelle K Schmidt, Nicholas G.
Gerlach, Helen E Schmitz, Victoria A.
Gerrity, Sheila M Schneider, Ryan W.
Ghicondey, Brittany D. Schulz, David C.
Giacchi, Nicola M. Schweiger, Anastasia Rose C.
Giaimo, Caroline N Schweizer, Robert D
Gibbons, John Carl Sedgwick, Ann M
Gibney, Samantha M. Sens-Castet, Danielle N
Gill, Margaret S. Serhus, Erika P.
Gillen, Megan E Service, Christina N
Gillespie, Alexandra I Seyfried, Ashley
Gillespie, Shane H. Shah, Hillary
Gilman, Kellie Shah, Mihir H.
Ginder, Megan E. Shah, Payal
Gingras, Melissa A Shea, Brendan T.
Gioioso, Stephanie G. Shea, Elizabeth L.
Giorgetti, Alexa M. Shea, Keri E
Glowala, Jakub Sheerin, Erin C.
Gobran, Catherine Shelton, Amber
Gockel, Steven C. Shepherd, Clayton T.
Goethals, Ryan C. Shields, Patrick E.
Golabek, Karolina B Shiley, Madeline E.
Gonzalez, Alexandra N. Shin, David S
Good, Madelyn M. Siah, David
Goonan, Thomas K. Silkman, Kathleen A.
Gorman, Shannen M. Silva, Jose I.
Gouveia, Devyn N Sims, Alexandra J
Govantes, Jonathan E. Sinesi, Peter S.
Gowland, Katherine E Sinicropi, Kathryn A.
Gownley, Matthew Skaf, Rebecca S
Grabenstatter, John C Smith, Devin F.
Graffeo, Andrew G. Smith, Rachel L.
Grasso, Matthew Smith, Ryan A
Green, Jennifer L Smith, Shalyssa M.
Green, Tessa N. Smith, Zachery D.
Griffin, Ellen M Snyder, Mary C.
Grumka, Katherine P So, Kevin D
Guglielmi, Jaclyn Sobieski, Alexandra R
Guzman, Kevin Sojati, Jorna
Gyurina, John J. Soltesz, Kip W.
Hadjitheodosiou, Haralambos T. Sorge, Robert J.
Hahn, Marjorie M. Specht, Haley A.
Haldeman, Thomas Spencer, Katherine K.
Hamilton, Caroline J Spivey, Ryan M.
Hango, Katie L Spurlock, Taylor R.
Hanson, Kelsey N. St Louis, Sarah Q.
Hanuschek, Carolyn A. Stankosh, Ian R
Hardy, Patrick S Stavris, Yeoryios T.
Harrington, Robert E. Steccato, Joseph P.
Harris, Mary R. Stepanek, Kaitlyn M.
Hart, Joshua Stephan, Fallon S.
Harte, Robert E Stepniewski, Marissa H.
Hasnain, Arafat Stewart, Grace G.
Haufler, Kristin M Stinson, Daniel F
Hazel, Megan E. Stock, Andrew J
Heidemann, Kurt A Stone, Alyssa L.
Helmick, Mackenzie R. Strait, Erin A.
Henck, Victoria M Stromberg, Mary K.
Henninger, Alexandra L Sturgis, Morgan R.
Henry, Sean M. Suizzo, Elizabeth A
Herberg, Dana M. Sullivan, Caroline E
Hernandez, Horacio Sullivan, Daniel R.
Higginson, William R Sullivan, Leah C
Hilferty, John C Sullivan, Patrick C.
Hillard, Ellari L. Sullivan, Patrick R.
Hilyard, Michael K. Sullivan, Samantha L.
Hines, Deaysha R. Sullivan, Timothy S
Hirsch, Ellen J. Sunkaraneni, Sumedh
Hodes, Grace Sutherland-Foggio, James R.
Hogan, Abigail C. Sweeney, Christopher J.
Hoorfar, Mona K. Swetman, Brenna E.
Hopkins, Alyson M Swift, Michael A.
Hoppel, Caitlin A Szczygiel, Brooke A.
Horner, Grace H Tack, Erin L.
Horner, Raymond C. Tadley, Mallory M.
Hornyak, Catherine E. Tanella, Annalyn G.
Howard, Joshua Teixeira, Zachary A.
Hsu, Christopher D Tenuta, Emily R
Huang, Ada Z Terzakis, Kristina E.
Hughes, Robert S Tettonis, Vasili M.
Hunt, Ronan J. Thompson, Stephanie A
Huntley, Collier M. Thompson, Theresa L
Hurley, Richelle J Tich, Julia I.
Huston, Brendan E. Tittle, Elizabeth L.
Im, Gabi V Tobin, Christina M.
Ingram, Morgan P. Toohey, Julia K.
Innocenti, Christopher Tordella, Joseph R.
Izzo, Luke T Towers, Katherine M.
Jackson, Casey A Treganowan, Kathleen M
Jacobi, Marilyn A. Tribulski, Emily A.
James, Jacqueline A. Trieu, Huong
Janny, Matthew D Triggiano, Antonio B.
Javed, Fizza F. Trim, Lucas J.
Jaworski, Jordan L Trimble, Liam T.
Jenkins, Kristopher F. Trinh, Jordan D.
Jensen, Tyler C. Tropeano, Samantha L
Jinks, Stephanie M. Trosset, Matthew T.
Jlopleh, John W. Truong, Jasmine H.
Johnson, Anne Turelli, Tyler N.
Johnson, Kara M. Tyler, Kelsey M.
Johnson, Kelsey K. Tyson, Christal A.
Johnson, Nicole E. Udicious, Sean P.
Johnston, Drake Unanue, Christine E
Johnstone, Madeleine P Urtso, Elizabeth K
Jones, Elizabeth K. Vandervoorn, Nicholas C.
Jones, Jennifer N. Vanzelli, Julia A
Joumas, Meghan T. Vaughn, Casey J
Judge, Christopher W Vecchione, Margaret A.
Julian, Christina M Ventura, Nicole M.
Juncos, Marina S. Venvertloh, Emily M
Jury, Francesca A. Vilotti, Joseph C
Kafka, Kathryn C Vincent, Anne K.
Kajer, Nicholas W. Viola, Catherine A.
Kalinka, Tyler J Violi, Rachaela N.
Kane, Elizabeth M. Vitolo, Breanna M.
Kapoor, Aleesha Vivekanandarajah, Gajananan
Kelly, James P Volk, Elias E.
Kelly, Jessica T. Voss, Cameron H.
Kelly, Sean T. Vu, Theodore Q.
Kerlin, Matthew T. Wagner, Paul W.
Kerwin, Joseph R. Waldo, Victoria V.
Kim, David J Walker, Gerard T
Kim, Nicole Wallace, Patrick R.
Kimilu, Claire K. Waller, Kaitlin C.
Kirchgraber, James B. Walsh, Meghan K
Kirk, Katherine R. Wan, Bozhang
Kleinsmith, Ian P. Ward, Heather
Kloss, Lauren E Waterfield, Michael J.
Knatz, Robert Way, Isabella F
Koeck, Kolby R Weber, Daniel M
Koehr, Erik J Welch, Sarah M.
Kramer, Kevin D. Wenger, Patrick J.
Kraus, John C. Wentworth, Alec P
Krautman, Gillian M. Wetzler, Tara
Kreitman, Gavin J. White, Mary Jane
Kurlander, Victoria G. Wild, Austin J
Kurt, Evan M Williams, Julie A.
La Sala, Matthew C. Williams, Natanae K
Labetti, Jillian Marie Williamson, Sabina D
Lagdameo, Sophia Anne A. Wilson, Abigail A.
Lake, Anna R. Wilson, Emily E
Lam, Brittany A Winslow, Peter A.
Lam, Wendy Wintringham, Alexander M.
Lamb, Morgan H. Woloshen, Emily
Lamb, Sarah Wong, Jonathan
Lambert, Jennifer Wortman, Anna R.
Lamy, Shannon A. Wu, Emily I
Land, Matthew T. Wu, Henry
Lang, Lucas R Wu, James L.
Larm, Jason M. Wu, Kent K.
Lathrop, Cody D Wu, Yifan
Lavelle, Colleen A. Xue, Dulcie Y.
Lavelle, Maura M. Yachnik, Denise C.
Lebby, Alicia J Yang, Xiaoyi
LeBlanc, John A. Yanoff, Alexandra O.
Lee, Aari Yoo, Byong Hoon
Lee, Edward Yoon, Joseph D.
Lee, Hannah Yoon, Seon Y.
Lee, John K. Yoquinto, William V
Lee, Julianna A. Yost, Colleen C.
Lee, Michael M Young, Raven M
Lee, Royce M Zabloudil, Matthew R
Lee, Yena Zaccaro, Zachary A.
Leefmans, Ian E Zarenkiewicz, Matthew J
Lees, Courtney Zavawski, Hunter Morgan
Lehman, Brittany E. Zoccoli, Nicholas V.

Spring 2017 Events

  • Senior Picnic: May 16, Noon to 4 p.m. at the Oreo
    Stop by our table to sign the Class of 2017 banner, make your gift or just say hi!
  • SCG Donor Recognition Reception: May 16, 4:30 - 5 p.m. outside Connelly
    Seniors who make a gift of $20.17 or more are invited to a casual reception with Father Peter Donohue. Enjoy food, drinks and fun while reliving the memories that make your time at Villanova so special.


Jeanette Anthony '14
Assistant Director of
Student Philanthropy and 
Young Alumni Giving