Career Connections Advisor Program

Career Connections

Villanova Career Connections is a resource to help Villanova students and alumni gain insight into particular careers and industries through online networking with other Villanovans.

What is a Career Advisor?
Career Advisors take an active role in the future success of fellow Villanovans by sharing their professional knowledge and experience with current students and graduates.

What is expected of Career Advisors?
Career Advisors provide information and advice based on their professional experience and knowledge of industries. They are not in the program to make job offers. Instead, they volunteer to assist the career exploration process by offering guidance, ideas, and additional contacts for both students and fellow alumni.

Search for a Career Advisor

Students and alumni looking to explore potential career paths should visit the Career Center website for further information and guidelines on how to best utilize the NovaNetwork Online and Career Connections.

Become a Career Advisor

  • Log in to NovaNetwork Online (to create a new account, click here)
  • Click on "Career Connections" in the left-hand menu
  • Click on "Create your Advisor Profile"
  • Provide personal and professional information as well as contact and networking preferences.