Travel Opportunities


The Villanova University Alumni Association Travel Program is a benefit for the University's extended family of alumni, parents and friends.  Our tour providers are among the best in the world and understand all that goes into planning a first class travel experience.

Our Services

  • Unique Villanova activities and experiences
  • Personalized customer service through the VUAA's travel coordinator
    Pat Gillin, 1-800-VILLANOVA (800-845-5266)
  • First-class travel agencies
  • The opportunity to travel with people who share your common interests

If you're looking for a deeper, more immediate acquaintance with our world - and congenial company throughout - please join us for an exciting discovery of some of the world's most fascinating people and places.

Upcoming Trips

June 18 - 26, 2014
Dalmatian Coast
Winter 2015:
Panama Canal & Costa Rica (M.S. Serenissima)
June 20 - 30, 2014
Great Journey
September 1 - 9, 2014
Paris to Provence
Spring 2015:
Waterways of Holland/Belgium
Town & Country– Oxford/Cotswolds
European Coastal Civilizations
September 4 - 16, 2014
Symphony Blue Danube
September 19 - 27, 2014
Islands & Rivieras
Summer 2015:
Alaska’s Glaciers and the Inside Passage
Great Journey through Europe
Coastal Life – Odyssey of Ancient Civilizations
January 26 - February 5, 2015
Amazon Discovery Expedition
January 27 - February 4, 2015
Panama Canal and Coast Rica
February 6 - 14, 2015
Wonders of the Galapagos Islands
February 22 - March 7, 2015
Gauchos, Tangos & Tapas - Luxury South American Curise
Fall 2015:
Trade Routes of Coastal Iberia
Symphony on the Blue Danube
Village Life – Dordogne
March 2 - 12, 2015
Tanzania Safari
April 23 - May 1, 2015
European Coastal Civilizations
August 19 - 27, 2015
Baltic Marvels


Pictured (from left to right) is Dr. Richard Faro (CLAS, BS 1968) and his wife Eileen, Joe Lucas (VSB, BS 1980) and his wife Dr. Mary Lee Fugina, and Joe Croteau (VSB, 2011 MS) and his wife Marcia. They took part in the Alumni Travel Expedition to Antarctica January 20-30, 2013 and were among the Gentoo penguins at Neko Harbour on the Antarctic Continent. 

For more information about travel programs contact Pat Gillin.

Travel Testimonials:

"Villanova travel is a unique opportunity to meet and travel with fellow Villanovans building lifelong friendships.   

When the Villanova community travels together, FUN happens and memories are made."

Patti '77 & David May ’75

"Two of the nursing faculty had recommended that I consider VU alumni trips and I'm so glad that they did.  I just returned from the Australia/New Zealand trip offered by VU Alumni through Gohagan. What a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!

I can't say enough about the experiences that we had. Great weather, a super tour manager and guides, and the people we met on the trip were incredible from colleges and universities all across the country.  I was even able to get tickets while I was in Sydney to see La Boheme and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef was amazing.

I would definitely recommend these trips to anyone in the future and can't wait to take another one.

Thanks for your part in this experience."

Dr. Susan C. Slaninka RN, EdD  ‘69
Adjunct Professor of Nursing at Villanova University