Reunion Gifts in Honor or in Memory

Full Name Class Year Gift in Honor of
Mr. Joseph M. Anthony
2002 Class of 2002
Ms. Katie J. Atkinson
2002 Dr. Carol Weingarten
Dr. Mary B. Barry
1977 Dr. William Barry '50
Mr. Charles Brockman  
1957 John Padova
Mr. Charles Brockman
1957 Dr. Conrad Urban
Ms. Mary Ellen Cull   
1987 Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD
Ms. Mary Ellen Cull 
1987 Dr. Helen Lafferty
Mrs. Maria T. Diessner-Pilipski
1967 Rev. Michael Gallagher, OSA
Mrs. Maria T. Diessner-Pilipski
1967 Rev. Richard Appicci, OSA
Mr. Peter G. Federico
1962 Dr. Ben Paparella
Mr. Robert A. Greenstein
1962 John McLain
Ms. Alison B. Johnston
1992 Mr. George W. Piper
1967 Brother Jack Stagliano
Ms. Elizabeth Langran
1992 Dr. Robert Langran
Daniel and Eileen Mahady
1987 Rev. John P. Stack, OSA
Mr. William K. Seppi
1997 Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD
Christopher and Vanessa Spagnuola
1992 Jeannette Gallo
Christopher and Vanessa Spagnuola
1992 Robert and Maureen Winter
Thomas C. Stackhouse 1987 Al Clay
Thomas C. Stackhouse 1987 Wes Schwartz
Mr. Brian Whipple
2002 Michael James Bucher
Mr. Blair A. McBirney
2007 McBirney Family
Mr. Chester J. Zegler 
1957 Chester & Stephanie Zegler
Mr. John J. Holland 1952 Gatti Family
Mr. John J. Holland 1952 Margiotti Family
Kimberly R. Palladino 1997 Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD
Full Name Class Year Gift in Memory of
Raymond J. Acciavatti
2007 William Biagio Lista
William J. Brown
1957 Paul Clarkson
William J. Brown 1957 Richard Duprey
Joseph J. Gilboy  
1952 Rev. Edward J. Quinn OSA, MA
Joseph A. Girone 1962 John McClain
G. E. Hartwell
1962 Robert J. Welsh, OSA
Theodore Lewandowski
1967 Jean Lewandowski
Chris Lewis
1992 Rick Lewis
Warren J. McDermott 
1952 Mr. Charles Root '52
Mary E. McGinnis-Haley
1962 Paul V. McGinnis '61
James M. McMonagle 
1962 John A. Weed '62
Robert A. Queen 
1962 Fr. Whitney
Elizabeth S. Sanford   
1987 George P. Serena
Thomas F. Wall
1962 Rev. Thomas C. Kenny
William and Kathleen Weber  
1977 Rev. James Warne
Ms. Sheila K. Buerkle, MBA  
1972 Michael J.Kelly
Ms. Josephine M. Morello
1962 Rev. Louis Rongione, OSA
Mr. Kaitlin L. Kunsman
2007 Gerard Morecraft
Philip Brennan 1952 Matthew Brennan
Philip Brennan 1952 Thomas Brennan
John J. Holland 1952 Rev. Joseph C. Bartley OSA
Henry F. Whalen 1957 Oliver Ludwig
Guy R. Guarch 1962 Herbert Fiss
Robert O. Larkin 1962 Anne Larkin Doherty
Joseph A. Massey 1962 Father John Driscoll OSA
Joseph M. Volpe 1972 Thomas J. Schmucker '72 and Noreen Heiss Schmucker '72
Brian and Lindsey Hoelzle 2002 Laura Geller
Rosa M. Gatti 1972 Rev. Edward McCarthy, OSA
Sigmund J. Kardas 1962 Dr. Teng Chen Yen
Philip J. Murray 1952 Martha M. Murray
Patricia L. Reilly 1987 Kay Liptack
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