N.O.V.A. Dinners

dinner with alumni

N.O.V.A. Dinners (Network of Villanova Alumni) offers a unique networking experience for current students. These small dinner parties give you the opportunity to enjoy a free, delicious meal while socializing and connecting with alumni and students around the dinner table.

Local Villanova alumni host students (5-12 guests) in their homes or at local restaurants for an evening of good food and great conversation. We hope that the students draw inspiration from the professional, educational, philanthropic, and personal accomplishments of our alumni and faculty throughout the course of the meal.

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Student Testimonials

“N.O.V.A. Dinners was an amazing experience that allowed me to learn more about what career paths are available to me. I highly recommend it for students of any year or any major.”

“The N.O.V.A. Dinner was great insight into what it’s like to be a passionate and committed alum of Villanova. It was a true testament to the sense of community that you gain at Villanova and continue to gain with other Villanovans after graduating.”

“The experience of sitting down with a Villanova alumnus and having the opportunity to share stories is incredible. It is an eye-opening opportunity allowing individuals to gain insight into both potential futures and a Villanova University of the past.”

"I could not have been happier with my N.O.V.A. Dinners experience and would recommend it to anyone as an invaluable networking opportunity."

“I can’t wait to be an alum and host students in my home!”


Host Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoyed the students and the conversation. I had a tough day at the office and once the students arrived, I was immediately reenergized. I’d recommend this event to all alumni."

"I loved spending time with these amazing students. It was very enjoyable & rewarding for me. It think we all benefited from the experience. What a great opportunity for all of us to network- personally & professionally."

"We were happy to take a leadership role and open our home to students and alumni friends for dinner and interaction. It’s ‘giving back’ on another level. Plus, we felt we had advice to offer.”

Contact Us

The Student Alumni Association is sponsored by the Office of University Advancement and the Villanova University Alumni Association.

Email: villanovasaa@gmail.com
Office Location: Garey Hall, Alumni Center
Staff Adviser: Lael Hoegen, Assistant Director, Student & Young Alumni Engagement


Michaela Sclafani '15 

Stephanie Pastena '16
VP Administration

Anthony Perrella '16
VP Communication

Alexa Serrano '16
VP Membership

Re'Anne Kleinbard '16
VP Alumni and Campus Relations

  • Chris Abood '16
  • Eric Benitez '15
  • Sabrina Bernadel '16
  • Bridget Black '16
  • Christian Bruni '15
  • Kelly Byrne '15
  • Maggie Coleman '17
  • Andrea Conte '15
  • Stephanie D'Eramo '15
  • Rachel Diehl '16
  • Danielle Duval '16
  • Sam Felderman '17
  • Nicole Gambino '16
  • Joe Genovese '16
  • Brittany Ghicondey '16
  • Fred Hicks '16
  • Ashley Howard '16
  • Jordan Jaworski '17
  • Abigail Kacergis '15
  • Alexandra Kinnally '15
  • Meaghan Lynch '16
  • Sarah Milligan '15
  • Mary Monagle '17
  • Emily Ocwieja '17
  • Melissa Pfeifer '15
  • Jordan Putt '16
  • Hanna Quinn '16
  • Carmen Reynolds '16
  • Danielle Sclafani '17
  • Amit Shah '16
  • Marootian Shant '16
  • Brenna Swetman '17
  • Jessica Tarangioli '16
  • Stephanie Uibel '15
  • Amanda Walsh '15
  • Justin Wickersham '15
  • George Zimmer '15