Student Alumni Association (SAA)


Students Today. Alumni Forever.

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an organization run by students, for students. Our mission is to foster meaningful relations between students & alumni, promote school spirit & traditions, and strengthen life-long loyalty to Villanova.

Who We Are

The Student Alumni Association is a select group of undergraduate students on campus that are dedicated to serving Villanova alumni and students. In addition to planning signature programs and events, SAA members attend local and regional alumni functions, promote Villanova's long-standing traditions and educate their peers about the value of philanthropy. Members are also given the unique opportunity to network with peer organizations at regional and national CASE ASAP conferences.

Leadership, dedication, and most of all PRIDE in Villanova University are some of the many outstanding qualities we look for in our members. Members demonstrate enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity, leadership, and loyalty to the university.

If you enjoy meeting new people, building professional connections and want to develop your leadership skills, we encourage you to apply to SAA.

Members of the Student Alumni Association plan and execute signature programs and events throughout the year. ALL Villanova students are invited to participate in these programs:

  • Class Banners: Incoming students sign their official class banner during New Student Orientation. The banner is then hung at various events celebrating their class when they are students and then when alumni.
  • Homecoming Week: SAA sponsors a week of events and activities that allows current students to show their school pride in advance of Homecoming weekend. The goal of Spirit Week is to boost school spirit and encourage students to support the Villanova community in a variety of ways.
  • NOVA Dinners: Villanova alumni host students in their homes or at local restaurants for an evening of good food and great conversation around the dinner table. Students will draw inspiration form the professional, educational, philanthropic, and personal accomplishments of our alumni throughout the course of the meal. 
  • I Love Villanova Day: Villanova University joins nearly 100 educational institutions across the globe to participate in the annual Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day organized by CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs (CASE ASAP). The day is designed to increase student understanding of philanthropy and grow engagement on campus.
  • Reunion Crew: As "Alumni in Training," the Reunion Crew (comprised of current Villanova students) facilitates the success of Reunion Weekend by creating a welcoming atmosphere for returning alumni, and offering support throughout the weekend.

The SAA Board of Directors is the governing body of SAA and is chaired by the SAA president. The president is selected each spring through an interview process and selects the remainder of the board of directors, who serve their terms the following academic year. The board is made up of the president and six executive directors. Each executive director chairs a committee.

Spirit Committee: The Villanova Spirit committee seeks to engage the entire Villanova community—students, alumni, friends and families to ignite a passion for our university and traditions. Homecoming week and I Love Villanova Day are two events that show just how much we love Villanova. As a member of the Spirit committee, you will have the opportunity to plan the awesome events, but also utilize your enthusiasm and energy to bring together the committee.

Networking Committee: The networking committee aims to help the Students become aware and take advantage of the most important resources in front of them—the alumni. This committee helps students meet Alumni through a Fall semester and Spring semester event on campus. The committee will research successful events to plan  one that will be impactful for our community .This is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills and develop close relationships with our alumni.

Graduate Relations Committee: The Graduate Relations Committee is responsible for implementing programming to help graduates with their transition from students to alumni. The committee will design a series of events to prepare the soon to be graduates for life after college and how they can stay connected to the University.

Business Development Committee: Business Development is a great committee for those who work well on a team, love creative and enjoy strategy.  This committee thinks about SAA as business. SAA is always looking for ways to develop and plan for external and internal success. The Business Development committee is responsible for exploring and proposing long term value for SAA.

Leadership Development Committee: The Leadership Development Committee is to keep the SAA members happy and enhance the professional and leadership development of the committee. The committee will have the members grow in different areas including public speaking, professional development and personal growth.  The committee will also find unique ways to make SAA as cohesive and knowledge in our history.

Public Relations Committee: SAA is diverse and prestigious organization committed to fostering and creating long-lasting relationships. The Public Relations Committee will work alongside  each event and committee to increase awareness of SAA to students and alumni. You will have the opportunity to develop your marketing and strategic thinking skills. You will promote SAA as a whole to share with the Villanova University Community.

SAA Applications for the 2015-2016 academic year are closed.  




Contact Us

The Student Alumni Association is sponsored by the Office of University Advancement and the Villanova University Alumni Association.

Office Location: Garey Hall, Alumni Center
Staff Adviser: Lael Hoegen, Assistant Director, Student & Young Alumni Engagement


Michaela Sclafani '15 

Stephanie Pastena '16
VP Administration

Anthony Perrella '16
VP Communication

Alexa Serrano '16
VP Membership

Re'Anne Kleinbard '16
VP Alumni and Campus Relations

  • Chris Abood '16
  • Eric Benitez '15
  • Sabrina Bernadel '16
  • Bridget Black '16
  • Christian Bruni '15
  • Kelly Byrne '15
  • Maggie Coleman '17
  • Andrea Conte '15
  • Stephanie D'Eramo '15
  • Rachel Diehl '16
  • Danielle Duval '16
  • Sam Felderman '17
  • Nicole Gambino '16
  • Joe Genovese '16
  • Brittany Ghicondey '16
  • Fred Hicks '16
  • Ashley Howard '16
  • Jordan Jaworski '17
  • Abigail Kacergis '15
  • Alexandra Kinnally '15
  • Meaghan Lynch '16
  • Sarah Milligan '15
  • Mary Monagle '17
  • Emily Ocwieja '17
  • Melissa Pfeifer '15
  • Jordan Putt '16
  • Hanna Quinn '16
  • Carmen Reynolds '16
  • Danielle Sclafani '17
  • Amit Shah '16
  • Marootian Shant '16
  • Brenna Swetman '17
  • Jessica Tarangioli '16
  • Stephanie Uibel '15
  • Amanda Walsh '15
  • Justin Wickersham '15
  • George Zimmer '15