Challenge Details

To engage the VUAA regional chapters in order to leverage their financial support of Villanova.  This is part of a larger strategy to increase the overall alumni participation. 

The Chapter Challenge Program was rolled out in February 2010 – since its creation, the alumni participation percentage has increased from 19% to 24%.  While this is an impressive feat, we are striving for more – the goal is to reach 25%!

All members of each alumni chapter are encouraged to make a gift to Villanova before the end of the fiscal year (May 31, 2014).  Your gift can be designated to the Annual Fund, Athletics, or the College or Department of your choice.

You will be directly supporting current Villanova students who rely on alumni donations for scholarship and financial aid support. 

You can help your chapter secure a special event grant from VU in the amount of $250, $500 or $1,000 depending on the success of your chapter. 

Chapter Challenge FAQ:

Q:  How is Chapter Challenge participation calculated?

A:  Calculate percentage of participation from each of the chapter areas based on the zip codes the alumni office uses to determine chapter membership.

Q:  Do I have to give a gift to a specific area of Villanova for it to be counted as part of the Chapter Challenge?

A:  Gifts to ALL areas of the University are counted toward the Chapter Challenge. You can support the Annual Fund, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, Villanova School of Business, College of Nursing, the Villanova Athletics Fund, the Annual Fund Scholarship Fund, etc.   

Q:  Do I need to use a chapter challenge pledge card in order for my gift to be considered part of the Chapter Challenge? 

A:  No, if you make a gift through any Villanova direct mail appeal, over the phone through our student phonathon program, or on the University’s website it will be counted as part of the Chapter Challenge.

Q:  Is there a minimum donation required for the Chapter Challenge?

A:  The focus of the Chapter Challenge is increasing alumni participation so there is not a minimum donation.  All gifts (even $10) are counted toward the Chapter Challenge


What’s in it for your chapter?

Chapters exceeding the national alumni participation percentage:

· Receive a Special Event Grant of $250 to sponsor a chapter alumni engagement event.

Chapter with largest percentage increase in giving (from FY13 to FY14)

· Receive a Special Event Grant of $500 to sponsor a chapter alumni engagement event.

Chapter with the overall highest participation rate  (The Grand Prize)     

· Receive a Special Event Grant of $1,000 to sponsor a chapter alumni engagement event.

· Recognition at the VUAA Volunteer Leaders Conference awards ceremony

· Chapter name engraved on the Chapter Challenge Cup

· Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, University President, will attend a chapter event