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Since its founding in 1875, the Alumni Association of Villanova University has fostered an ongoing relationship between Villanova and its alumni. Villanova University, through its Office of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association, provides ongoing services to its graduates and offers a variety of programs for alumni on campus. Chartered chapters of the Alumni Association develop regional programming for alumni and maintain a high degree of visibility for Villanova in their respective communities.

  • Founded: June 29, 1875
  • Organization: 15-member elected Board of Directors
  • Chapters: More than 60 groups active world-wide
  • Structure:  The Alumni Association is guided by an elected 15 member Board of Directors. Alumni office staff and budget are provided by Villanova University.
  • Administration: Staffing, technical and budget services are provided through the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Membership:  All Villanova alumni are considered members. No dues are assessed for membership.

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image of Villanova alumni with child

"V" for Villanova, "V" for Victory
"B" for Blue and "W" for White

For the Blue and the White we will fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight for Villanova, Fight for Victory

1. For we're out to win the fray;
    Villanova leads the way,
    With a capital "V" for Victory.

2. For we're out to beat the foe
    Show the en-e-my we know
    how to win with a "V" for Victory.

Vill-a-no-va, V-I-L-L-A-N-O-V-A
for Vic-tor-y, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y
It's a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye,
and a "V" for a V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

* fight_song_sheetmusic.pdf
Villanova Fight Song Sheet Music
* fightsong.mp3
Villanova Fight Song MP3
image of alumni

By Al Dubin and Joseph Burke 

When the twilight shadows gather
Out upon the Campus green,
When the blue and purple night
Comes stealing on the scene
Loyal heirs of Villanova
Sing a hymn of praise
To our dear old ALMA MATER
And our College days.

Villanova, Villanova
When we leave your shelt'ring walls,
We shall leave an echo ringing
Through your treasured halls
We will leave an echo ringing
In the silent night
While our memories are singing
Of the Blue and White

When the last big game is over
And the last roll call is heard
When the oldest pedagogue
Has had the final word
We shall come to ALMA MATER
In our dreams again
With prayer for Villanova
And a sweet amen.

* almamater_sheetmusic_updated_2011.pdf
Alma Mater Sheet Music
* almamaterband.mp3
VU Band's Alma Mater MP3
* almamatersingers.mp3
VU Singer's Alma Mater MP3